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This is part of the list of Islamic terror attacks maintained by

During this time period, there were 166 Islamic attacks in 26 countries, in which 1070 people were killed and 1034 injured.


(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted).

2017.05.27AfghanistanKhost186A Shahid suicide car bomber slaughters eighteen at a public bus station.
2017.05.26EgyptMinya2923Christians on their way to a monastery make easy pickings for Islamic gunmen, who massacre twenty-eight – including ten children.
2017.05.24SomaliaBari512Five people are exterminated by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2017.05.24IndonesiaJakarta310Two suicide bombers detonate outside a bus terminal, killing three guards.
2017.05.24IraqMosul230An ISIS booby-trap takes out a family of twenty-three taking shelter. The victims include pregnant women and children.
2017.05.24PhilippinesMarawi90Nine Christians are captured by Islamic militants and shot to death.
2017.05.22EnglandManchester22119Children are among twenty-two young people blown up at a concert by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2017.05.21IraqMosul64A half-dozen Iraqis are disassembled by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2017.05.21IraqNajjar30A Fedayeen suicide car bomber takes out three others.
2017.05.21IraqMosul89Two separate ISIS suicide blasts leave eight others dead.
2017.05.21AfghanistanShah Joi2010At least twenty local cops lose their lives to a series of Taliban ambushes.
2017.05.21SyriaTal Touqan1424An ISIS suicide bomber blows up fourteen rival Islamists at a meeting place.
2017.05.21SyriaDeir Ezzor1563Children are among fifteen civilians picked apart by Islamic State shrapnel.
2017.05.20AfghanistanGardez331Five suicide bombers storm a bank, killing three inside.
2017.05.20AfghanistanKohat40Four police officers are machine-gunned point-blank in their vehicle by Jamaat-ul-Ahrar.
2017.05.20IraqHawija40Four civilians are brutally executed by caliphate members.
2017.05.20IndiaNowgam20Two border guards are murderd by Islamic terrorists.
2017.05.20PakistanKarachi20Two locals are shot to death by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.
2017.05.20SyriaJazrat al-Boushams190Two children and two woman are among nineteen Shiites executed in their village by the Islamic State.
2017.05.20AfghanistanKabul21Islamists storm a humanitarian group’s guest house, behead the guard and murder a German woman.
2017.05.20NigeriaDalori42Four displaced persons are beheaded by Boko Haram Islamists.
2017.05.20NigeriaMussa740Islamic terrorists open fire on villagers, killing at least seven.
2017.05.20PakistanKohistan20A young couple is hacked to death on suspicion of sexual activity.
2017.05.19USATampa, FL20A recent convert shoots two people to death for disrespecting Islam.
2017.05.19IraqBaghdad1925Two suicide blasts leave nineteen Iraqis dead.
2017.05.19IraqSadra3032Thirty pilgrims on a bus are pulled into parts by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2017.05.19IraqRumaila32A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates at an oil field, killing three guards.
2017.05.19LibyaSuluq611Six people are blown up by Muslim terrorists while leaving a rival mosque.
2017.05.19NigeriaMaiduguri04Three male suicide bombers attack a female hostel.
2017.05.19SyriaZuwyinah220A suicide bomber plows into a formerly liberated town, massacring twenty-two others.
2017.05.19SyriaMaskanah10A man is tortured and beheaded for being an ‘infidel’.
2017.05.19AfghanistanMohammad Agha113Five children and five women are among a family of eleven blown into shreds by Sunni bombers while traveling to a wedding.
2017.05.18AfghanistanMarko Bazar50A religious extremist in uniform poisons and then shoots five colleagues…
2017.05.18IraqKirkuk215An ISIS attack on Kurds leaves two dead.
2017.05.18SyriaDeir ez-Zor33Three residents are pulled into pieces by ISIS shrapnel
2017.05.18AfghanistanHerat12Islamists fire on a bus, killing one occupant.
2017.05.18IndiaGadoora10Islamic militants murder a 45-year-old man.
2017.05.18SyriaSalamiyeh520A horrible assault by the Islamic State on several Shiite towns leaves over fifty dead, including women and children who were de-limbed and beheaded.
2017.05.18IraqMarir58A wave of Islamic State suicide bombers take out five Iraqis.
2017.05.18IraqTuz Khormato911Nine people at a market are sent to Allah by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2017.05.18IraqAbu Ghraib28Jihadis set off a bomb at a popular market, killing two patrons.
2017.05.18IraqBaghdad15Suspected ISIS bomb a store, killing one passerby.
2017.05.18ItalyMilan03A militant Muslim stabs three people at a train station.
2017.05.17IraqMosul160Sixteen civilians are executed for attempting to flee the caliphate.
2017.05.17IraqMosul20An ISIS bomb planted in a family home disintegrates two occupants.
2017.05.17AfghanistanJalalabad616Five employees and a guard are murdered during a suicide assault on a TV station by Religion of Peace proponents.
2017.05.17SomaliaWadajir30An Islamist car bomb takes out three sappers.
2017.05.17IraqRawa40Four civilians are brutally shot to death by Islamic State members.
2017.05.16AfghanistanDar-e-Tapa22Two children are reduced to pulp by a Taliban IED.
2017.05.16AfghanistanKandahar110Fundamentalists kill one civilian with a planted bomb.
2017.05.16IraqMadaen12A bomb blast at a grocery store leaves one dead.
2017.05.16IraqRutba23Islamic militants open fire on a group of border guards, killing two.
2017.05.16NigeriaKonduga26Three female suicide bombers kill two sleeping brothers at a refugee camp.
2017.05.16KenyaLiboi40Four are left dead after a family vehicle hits an al-Shabaab IED.
2017.05.16Saudi Arabiaal-Masoura15Suspected Shiite radicals take out a local cop with an RPG.
2017.05.16AfghanistanAsad Abad20The Taliban fire a rocket into a market, killing two patrons.
2017.05.16AfghanistanLaghman23Two woman are killed and three children wounded by Sunni shrapnel aerating their home.
2017.05.15NigeriaTaraba120At least a dozen people are massacred by Muslim terrorists in attacks on five communities.
2017.05.15SomaliaQasahdhere07Islamists detonate a bomb at a restaurant.
2017.05.15IraqHaditha24Two innocents are blown up in their own home by suicide bombers.
2017.05.15IranAhvaz24Sunni ‘separatists’ murder two local cops.
2017.05.15SyriaRukban612At least six refugees are blown apart by two bombs planted at their camp,
2017.05.15SyriaDeir Ezzor114One person is killed by a well-placed ISIS shell into a neighborhood.
2017.05.15SyriaDaraa20Two Syrians are beheaded by Jaish Khalid ibn al-Walid
2017.05.15KenyaOmar Jillo10Islamists burst into a family home and kill the father.
2017.05.14IraqMaliya70Seven civilians are vaporized by a Sunni rocket.
2017.05.14MaliAguelhok20A young couple is put in the ground and stoned for having unmarried sex.
2017.05.14SyriaMayadin20A man and woman are stoned to death for adultery.
2017.05.14IraqShaanoun80Eight victims of a suspected ISIS execution are found in a mass grave, including five women.
2017.05.14IraqBaghdad48Two Mujahideen blasts claim four lives.
2017.05.14PakistanWalicheena20A politician and his driver are riddled with bullets by Islamic extremists.
2017.05.14AfghanistanZazi Aryub42Two civilians and two border guards are leveled by a fundamentalist bomb blast.
2017.05.14EgyptSheikh Zuweid38Three Egyptians are killed in two attacks by Islamic militants.
2017.05.14AfghanistanMehtralam60Six children between the ages of 6 and 12 are disassembled by Sunni shrapnel.
2017.05.13NigeriaMaiduguri11Three suicide bombers detonate at a university, killing a security guard.
2017.05.13AfghanistanKabul30Suspected Taliban murder two women and a small child with a sticky bomb.
2017.05.13IraqMosul93Suicide bombers murder nine Iraqis.
2017.05.13SyriaBokamal20A child is among two people executed by the Islamic State.
2017.05.13NigeriaAmarwa110At least eleven villagers are shot and hacked to death by Islamists.
2017.05.12Saudi ArabiaAwamiya20A 2-year-old child is among two innocents cut down by Shiite gunmen.
2017.05.12ChadKaiga90At least nine others are killed during a surprise Boko Haram attack.
2017.05.12PakistanMastung2737A massive suicide bomb blast snares over two dozen souls.
2017.05.12KenyaNyeri20Two laborers are murdered by al-Shabaab…
2017.05.11IraqSalahuddin30A young family of three is obliterated in their own home by Islamic shrapnel.
2017.05.11IraqBaghdad24Jihadi bombers vaporize two civilians.
2017.05.11AfghanistanAdraskan70Two women and three children are among a family of seven exterminated by Taliban bombers.
2017.05.11IraqSallamiya640Sixty-four bodies wash up on the shore after snipers open fire on familes crossing a river to escape the caliphate.
2017.05.10EgyptRafah132Islamic extremists machine-gun thirteen tribesmen point-blank.
2017.05.10BangladeshBenipur11A firefighter is killed by a suicide bomber.
2017.05.10IraqAbu Ghraib10A civilian is dismantled by Mujahid shrapnel.
2017.05.10NigeriaBuruku40Militant Muslims slaughter four more villagers.
2017.05.10YemenDuaan16An al-Qaeda suicide bomber kills one other person at a checkpoint.
2017.05.10IndiaKulgaon10Hizbul Mujahideen kidnap a 22-year-old man from a wedding and brutally execute him.
2017.05.10AfghanistanSpin Boldak23A bomb planted by Sharia activists leaves two dead.
2017.05.09AfghanistanKandahar10A cleric is cut down by Religion of Peace rivals.
2017.05.09AfghanistanArghandab10A civilian succumbs to Taliban shrapnel.
2017.05.09IraqHawija400Forty people are executed by the Islamic State.
2017.05.09AfghanistanParwan90At least eight children and a teacher are sent straight to Allah by a bomb planted in their seminary classroom.
2017.05.09SyriaRaqqa10A Russian captive is beheaded by Islamic State members.
2017.05.09ThailandPattani162Children are among the casualties of two Muslim bomb blasts at a shopping center.
2017.05.09SomaliaGoofgaduud170An al-Shabaab attack leaves at least seventeen dead.
2017.05.09IraqMosul58Five people are killed in a series of ISIS attacks.
2017.05.08EgyptNasr City30Suspected fundamentalists open fire on police in a drive-by, killing three.
2017.05.08SomaliaMogadishu825Islamists stage a suicide bombing and a shooting attack on an Italian coffee café, killing eight patrons.
2017.05.08BangladeshMymensingh10An Ahmadi imam is hacked to death in his own mosque by three seminary students.
2017.05.08PakistanKarachi10A girl is murdered by her father and brother for unIslamic activity.
2017.05.07IraqKirkuk23Two Iraqis are cut down by an Islamic State suicide bomber.
2017.05.07IraqMosul49Four innocents are blown to bits when ISIS members fire a rocket into a grocery store.
2017.05.07IraqWadi Akkab90Nine Iraqis are laid out by four Fedayeen suicide bombers.
2017.05.07NigeriaLogo156Fifteen villagers are massacred by Fulani terrorists.
2017.05.07MaliAlmoustrat77At least seven others are killed in a suicide bombing and rocket attack.
2017.05.06EgyptRafah30A father and two sons are found beheaded a few days after being kidnapped by the Islamic State.
2017.05.06AfghanistanQala-e Zal40At least four others are left dead after a massive Taliban attack.
2017.05.06IraqAbu Ghraib23A Mujahideen bomb blast cuts down two civilians.
2017.05.06Egyptal-Arish10A Coptic minority is shot to death by radical Muslims at a barber shop.
2017.05.06IndiaKulgam40Three civilians and a cop are laid out by an Islamist drive-by.
2017.05.05ChadKaiga928Nine border guards are slain by Boko Haram.
2017.05.05ChechnyaGrozny10Authorities learn of a 17-year-old pushed off a 9th floor balcony by an uncle for being gay.
2017.05.05PakistanRawalpindi10A teenage girl is shot to death by her family for turning down a marriage proposal.
2017.05.05IraqHaditha58Eight Iraqis are sent to Allah by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2017.05.04NigeriaKonduga56Two Shahid suicide bombers murder five others, including a young girl.
2017.05.04PakistanHub10A 10-year-old boy is killed when a mob attempts to lynch a Hindu man for blasphemy.
2017.05.04IndiaKellora12A civilian succumbs to Islamist gunfire.
2017.05.04IsraelLakiya10A young woman is honor killed by her conservative family.
2017.05.03NigeriaMaiduguri30Boko Haram strap bombs onto three teenage girls.
2017.05.03PakistanRahim Yar Khan10A 63-year-old Ahmadi religious minority is brutally gunned down by Sunni radicals.
2017.05.03IraqAbu Ghraib12A teacher at a secular school is murdered by ISIS.
2017.05.03MaliTimbuktu19One person is killed when “The Group to Support Islam and Muslims” send a rocket into a UN camp.
2017.05.03SomaliaMogadishu10An al-Qaeda linked group shoots a politician to death in his car.
2017.05.03SyriaAzaz44A car bomb outside a rival mosque leaves four dead.
2017.05.03AfghanistanKandahar11Two suicide bombers take out a young child.
2017.05.03IraqMosul112Islamic terrorists fire a missile into a high school, killing one student.
2017.05.03AfghanistanKabul825Eight civilians are torn limb from limb by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2017.05.02IraqMosul11A child is vaporized by an Islamic State projectile.
2017.05.02SyriaRajim Salibi4634A 3-month-old baby is among forty-six refugees proudly massacred by Islamic State suicide bombers.
2017.05.02IraqMosul90A suspected Shiite suicide bomber blows up nine Sunni militants.
2017.05.02IraqAnbar106Islamists with machine-guns slaughter ten Iraqis point-blank.
2017.05.02IraqKirkuk20An oil company executive and his driver are assassinated by sharia advocates.
2017.05.02MaliNampala94A Jihadist attack leaves nine others dead.
2017.05.02IraqSamarra23Two Shiites are blown up by a Sunni suicide bomber.
2017.05.02EgyptYamit13A woman is murdered during a home invasion by Islamic State members.
2017.05.02PakistanNishtar20A married couple is shot to death by conservative Muslims in the name of ‘honor’.
2017.05.01AfghanistanGhormach54Five local cops are murdered by fundamentalists.
2017.05.01AfghanistanChaparhar30A 9-year-old girl is among three civilians who lose their lives during an ISIS attack.
2017.05.01EgyptCairo35Islamic extremists open fire on a group of police, killing three.
2017.05.01IraqRifai50Islamic militants open fire on five young children searching for food, bringing down all five.
2017.05.01IraqMosul40A family of four is exterminated by an ISIS rocket.
2017.05.01IndiaKulgam70Hizbul Mujhadeen slaughter five police and two bank employees.
2017.05.01IndiaPoonch20Pakistani terrorists kill and mutilate two border guards.
2017.04.30IndiaKhanyar15Terrorist throw a grenade into the street, killing a civilian.
2017.04.30AfghanistanMazar-e-Sharif25Taliban bombers pick off a family on their way to a wedding.
2017.04.30SyriaDaraa10An alleged ‘sorcerer’ is beheaded by caliphate members.
2017.04.30IraqMosul460Forty-six civilians are executed by the Islamic State and hung from telephone poles.
2017.04.29IraqJurf al-Sakhar110One other person is killed when a suicide bomber detonates outside a market.
2017.04.29GermanyPrien am Chiemsee10A woman is stabbed to death in front of her two children over her decision to leave Islam for Christianity.
2017.04.29IraqBab al-Toub1420Fourteen Iraqis are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2017.04.29YemenLahij18An al-Qaeda attack leaves one dead.
2017.04.29IraqRifai50Four women and a child are executed for trying to flee the Islamic State.
2017.04.29IraqMosul32Three humanitarian workers are blown to bits by an ISIS rocket while distributing food.
2017.04.28Saudi ArabiaQatif10A 33-year-old man is kidnapped from a café and executed by suspected Shiite radicals.
2017.04.28IraqBaghdad38A suicide bomber detonates in a police station, killing three bystanders.
2017.04.28NigeriaManguzum540Five Nigerians are taken out by a Shahid suicide car bomber.
2017.04.27SomaliaMogadishu10A man is gunned down in front of his home by al-Shabaab.
2017.04.27PakistanFaqirabad20Two people are gunned down at a rival mosque, one of whom was a cleric.
2017.04.27IndiaKupwara30Three security personnel lose their lives to an attack by Jaish-e-Mohammad.
2017.04.27FranceReunion02An Islamic radical shoots two police officers.
2017.04.27IraqMosul35A suicide bomber kills three policemen tricked into trying to help him.
2017.04.27ThailandNarathiwat60Muslim ‘insurgents’ murder six security personnel with a roadside bomb.

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