Conservative Politicians Hall of Shame

Right Side News thanks the Madison Project for shedding some real light on conservative performance by providing this list of what some may generally termed as RINOs, and a more appropriate name is the Hall of Shame. This list includes my own representative, Eric Cantor, who I personally did not vote for in the recent primary here in Chesterfield County, Virginia, as he is not a conservative.

Hall of ShameNO_MORE_RINOs

Hall of Shame members who’s conservative ratings are the worst of the worst, radically underperforming the conservative expectations of their districts. Unfortunately for them, the words of Abraham Lincoln ring clear:

“You may fool all of the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

The American people are waking up…and it does not bode well for our Hall of Shame members. Despite being elected by extremely conservative states or districts, these elected representatives are not helping to restore and strengthen our constitutional Republic. They muddle the conservative message by supporting their own forms of stimulus, bailouts, and corporate welfare. Their liberal records speak volumes…and we are committed to not only exposing their actions but also finding and supporting strong, conservative primary challengers.

Meet the Hall of Shame:

Here is a list of members who’s conservative ratings are dramatically underperforming in strong Republican districts or have scored a failing grade in swing districts. These are our pale-pastel politicians – the ones who blur the distinction between the parties.

Members scoring 20 points or more below their conservative districts (defined as R+7 and above). There are 52 such members!:

Cook PVIMemberStateDistrict2011 Average Legislative ScoreMadison Performance Index (MPI)
R+13Young, DonAKAL37.5-52.5
R+9McKinley, DavidWV139.5-44.5
R+15Emerson, Jo AnnMO846.0-44.0
R+14Alexander, RodneyLA549.0-41.0
R+16Jones, WalterNC350.0-40.0
R+24Lucas, FrankOK351.5-38.5
R+15Whitfield, EdKY151.5-38.5
R+17Simpson, MichaelID252.0-38.0
R+16Rogers, HalKY552.0-38.0
R+12Platts, ToddPA1950.5-38.0
R+14Bonner, JoAL152.5-37.5
R+10Walden, GregOR248.5-37.0
R+17Crenshaw, AnderFL453.5-36.5
R+17Shuster, BillPA954.5-35.5
R+13Hastings, DocWA454.5-35.5
R+26Aderholt, RobertAL455.0-35.0
R+18Cole, TomOK455.0-35.0
R+16Womack, SteveAR355.0-35.0
R+7Frelinghuysen, RodneyNJ1146.0-35.0
R+8Moore, Capito, ShellyWV248.5-34.0
R+10Lewis, JerryCA4152.0-33.5
R+11Fortenberry, JeffNE154.0-33.0
R+15Guthrie, BrettKY258.0-32.0
R+9Thompson, GlennPA552.0-32.0
R+9Rogers, MikeAL552.5-31.5
R+14Smith, LamarTX2159.0-31.0
R+16Roby, MarthaAL260.5-29.5
R+16Granger, KayTX1261.5-28.5
R+20Palazzo, StevenMS462.0-28.0
R+16McCarthy, KevinCA2262.0-28.0
R+15Harper, GreggMS362.0-28.0
R+10Berg, RickNDAL57.5-28.0
R+29Bachus, SpencerAL662.5-27.5
R+8Crawford, RickAR155.5-27.0
R+14Carter, JohnTX3163.5-26.5
R+14Boustany, CharlesLA763.5-26.5
R+9Shimkus, JohnIL1957.5-26.5
R+13Olson, PeteTX2264.0-26.0
R+9Cantor, EricVA758.0-26.0
R+9Noem, KristiSDAL60.0-24.0
R+14Davis, GeoffKY466.5-23.5
R+8Marino, TomPA1059.0-23.5
R+24Smith, AdrianNE367.0-23.0
R+13Culberson, JohnTX767.0-23.0
R+10Cassidy, BillLA663.0-22.5
R+18Coble, HowardNC668.0-22.0
R+9Luetkemeyer, BlaineMO962.5-21.5
R+7Rehberg, DennyMTAL59.5-21.5
R+13Nunes, DevinCA2169.0-21.0
R+21Hall, RalphTX469.5-20.5
R+21Roe, PhilTN169.5-20.5
R+13Black, DianeTN670.0-20.0

Members from swing or lean Republican districts who scored a failing grade on the legislative scorecards. There are 42 such members.

Cook PVIMemberStateDistrict2011 Average Legislative Score
D+3Cravaack, ChipMN859.5
R+3Hayworth, NanNY1959.0
R+1Young, BillFL1058.5
D+1Tiberi, PatrickOH1258.5
R+1Kinzinger, AdamIL1158.0
EvenBeutler, Jaime HerreraWA358.0
D+3Duffy, SeanWI758.0
R+6Calvert, KenCA4457.0
R+6Lungren, DanielCA356.0
EvenLatham, TomIA456.0
R+2Wolf, FrankVA1055.5
R+3Camp, DaveMI454.5
R+3Dreier, DavidCA2654.5
R+3Bilbray, BrianCA5054.5
R+3Kelly, MikePA354.5
D+3Schilling, BobbyIL1754.5
R+6McKeon, BuckCA2553.0
D+2Heck, JoeNV353.0

Lance, Leonard

EvenUpton, FredMI652.0
D+3Bass, CharlieNH251.0
D+4Barletta, LouPA1150.5
R+6Schock, AaronIL1850.0
D+4Gerlach, JimPA650.0
D+2Dent, CharlesPA1549.0
R+4King, PeterNY347.5
R+1Biggert, JudyIL1347.5
D+2Fitzpatrick, MikePA847.5
R+5Rivera, DavidFL2547.0
R+2Gibson, ChrisNY2046.5
R+1Runyan, JohnNJ346.0
R+4Grimm, MichaelNY1345.5
D+3Meehan, PatPA745.5
R+5Diaz-Balart, MarioFL2144.5
D+6Dold, RobertIL1044.5
R+3Ros-Lehtinen, IllenaFL1844.0
R+2Hanna, RichardNY2444.0
D+3Reichert, DavidWA842.0
R+3Latourette, StevenOH1440.5
R+6Smith, ChrisNJ439.5
D+1Lobiondo, FrankNJ237.0