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Why Does “Political Correctness” Speech Code Control Discourse

Brazil's newly inaugurated President said on Tuesday his election had freed the country from "socialism and political correctness" "This is the beginning of Brazil's liberation from socialism, political correctness and a...

How Mitt Romney is Plotting His Revenge on Trump

The new leader of the anti-Trump resistance in the Senate, Mitt Romney, will take the oath of office January 3. The former Massachusetts Governor and failed GOP presidential candidate represents what could be called the reemergent Rockefeller wing of...

Pope Offers The Masses The Opium Of Marxism

<! neck that bore the hammer and sickle.” Communism has murdered well over one hundred million people in the last century alone. Many, many of those were Christians. As Ann Barnhardt put it, “Our Blessed Lord and Savior shown crucified on...

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