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“Compelling State Interest”

3 words that destroy Liberty and assure tyranny. All emphasis hereinafter mine. A key component of, for instance, Compelling State Interest to asking for and requiring we provide certain information is assurance these are the “least restrictive” and “neutral” efforts...

Judicial Watch Seeks Accountability for DNC’s Hire of Illegal Alien

Judicial Watch The brazen lawlessness by this administration and its allies on illegal immigration knows no bounds.  I was shocked to read that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) hired an illegal alien to help with its campaigns.  The media played...

No Illegal Alien Left Behind

Kausha Luna, |Center for Immigration Studies Last year, the Obama administration reached a settlement that allows certain former illegal immigrants to return to the U.S. An agency in Mexico announced a campaign over the weekend to ensure that as many...

Trump Was Right

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Immigration Reform News July 8, 2015 and Surge of Illegal Alien Minors

<!hildren arriving at border with non-parent relative are now treated as UACs" and "hen children are apprehended throughout the interior of the United States, they may be treated as UACs even if residing with a relative at the time...

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