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Congress votes for secure borders for NATO countries

Congress votes for secure borders for NATO countries In what has been called a "strong message" to President Trump, the new socialist-controlled House of Representatives has passed the "NATO Support Act" (H.R. 676) by a vote of 357 to 22....

Poll Shmoll: Build The Wall “Away from the Fog of Controversy”

Anyone remember this CNN Poll? That is one of many but it has to be cited because it was conducted 8 years ago, and supposedly Obamacare's poll numbers have done a complete turnaround. So why Fox, CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, Pew...

Perfect Solution Found? Is THIS the KEY to Solving the Border Crises and Reopening our Government?

This is the solution everyone's talking about. It's a solution that appears perfect and simple. Experts have yet to debunk what many speculate as THE definitive guide to solving the problems our government causes. A wall really wouldn't be needed...

History Repeats Itself As America Sleeps

As a career military officer that has studied and taught military history all of his adult life, this is a familiar and frightening article.

Debate is over! He’s not natural born

Team Obama has done a magnificent job of dividing the opposition and distracting attention away from the greatest Constitutional Crisis in American history by keeping his opponents arguing over the correct definition of Natural Born Citizen as the fraud...

Mexico’s War More Deadly than Iraq

Nov 9, 2008 by Michael Webster According to records kept by El Universal Mexico's largest newspaper they report since 2005, the 24 hours of last Monday alone was the most violent for the year in the country, with 58 murders linked...

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