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    Did Wikileaks directly receive information from Guccifer 2.0?

    Regarding the DNC’s secrets being spilled in the last election, the question is, as the American Thinker’s Mike Razar has put it, whether Wikileaks “received the information from the Russian government or from some non-Russian hacker source or even an inside leak rather than a hacker.” The question has become, did Guccifer 2.0 directly leak information to Wikileaks? […] More

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    Hillary Coughing During Speeches Again

    Clinton predicts impeachment for Trump during commencement speech at Wellesley but fails to mention her husbands impeachment and also has another bout of coughing so bad she needs to take a moment to gather herself while the crowd laughs (EVEN AFTER ALL THIS REST??). Read more from Daily Mail Also: Hacking Hillary: A complete timeline of 2016 […] More

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    Hillary Clinton’s Lies Are Starting to Catch Up with Her

    Roger Aronoff | AIM The mainstream media appear eager to distract from the substantive issues raised by the email scandals continuing to plague Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. One example is the media’s focus on the timeline surrounding a Select Committee on Benghazi subpoena for her emails, and when those emails were deleted. As I recently argued, the media […] More

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