Guccifer 2.0’s Chats with BBC Reporter Newly Discovered

Mike Wendling of BBC News released a chat between him and Guccifer 2.0 in January 2017 that didn’t obtain much coverage. The chat has also not been archived or analyzed on, the Guccifer 2.0 research project. Here it is:

AP News recently cited this aforementioned BBC article and the DM attached above in its recent report from November 2017. That report noted that Guccifer 2.0 in the DM was thrilled that WikiLeaks had finally followed through, quoting Guccifer 2.0 as saying that “Together with Assange we’ll make america great again.”

The AP News article also notably made the following claim: “But there were signs of dishonesty from the start. The first document Guccifer 2.0 published on June 15 came not from the DNC as advertised but from Podesta’s inbox , according to a former DNC official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press.

The official said the word “CONFIDENTIAL” was not in the original document .

Guccifer 2.0 had airbrushed it to catch reporters’ attention.” can respond to the new point about the first document and whether they believe it to be true or not. Keep reading RightSideNews for the latest updates.

Florida Journalist Has More DMs with Guccifer 2.0

Aaron Nevins Chat, from the New York Times.

Aaron Nevins recently divulged DMs with Guccifer 2.0 that do not appear on the Guccifer 2.0 research page, or in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article that first outed Nevins in May 2017 as the owner of Nevins runs the gossip site HelloFLA! and participated in an interview on the Viceland show CYBERWAR.

Nevins is videotaped sharing his DM messages with the host of the program on Season 2, Episode 2 of the program, entitled Who Hacked the DNC. While this alternative link does not have the resolution to show every word of the chat, the actual program in High Definition shows the unpublished chat, and is available on cable television still. The images that appears on the broadcast has a timestamp of 2:09 AM, even though the interview takes place during the day on a beach. However, a chat with identical words was published by the New York Times on December 13, 2016, also with the time stamp of 2:09 AM. It is likely then that Nevins did not actually login to his Twitter to present the show’s host his messages, and instead showed the aforementioned images, some of which were released by the Times.

The chat that Nevins presents simply features Nevins offering a Dropbox for Guccifer 2 to drop his files into. Guccifer 2.0 took 14 minutes, between 8/22/16 at 2:25pm and 8/22/16 at 2:39, to upload an as yet unknown amount of files, which would also fit into 6 emails of unknown size. Unlike the WSJ and archive, the chat also features timestamps, that correspond to a Monday, August 22nd afternoon.

The Nevins chat was also the target of Hannibal Moot of BullTruth Magazine, which noted the supposed anomalies of the WSJ published Nevins chat, in the same way he attacked Robbin Young’s DMs. Clearly now that Nevins has gone on record to show his chats on camera, and now that those chats clearly have timestamps unlike the ones released by the WSJ, some say it is clear that the BullTruth report contained more bull than truth. There is no word on whether BullTruth will publish a retraction.

In May 2017, the Wall Street Journal released several images of Nevins’ chats, like here, here and here. These were later republished by here.

HelloFLA is a site that considers itselfthe most sensational source for political gossip, rumors and news from insiders of the nation’s most infamous state!” Nevins has been labelled by the mainstream media as a “GOP operative” yet he does not appear to label himself such. Nevins publishes the website with the pseudonym Mark Miewurd (mark my word).

Newly Discovered Guccifer 2 Chat Shows He Was Wikileaks’ Source

An Associated Press (AP) journalist has released a chat with Guccifer 2.0. 

Raphael Satter released a previously unpublished chat he had with Guccifer 2.0, where Guccifer 2.0 stated, in reply to a question about why Guccifer 2.0 is sending documents directly to a journalist instead of waiting for Wikileaks to publish them, that “I don’t know when or if they gonna publish them.” According to Satter, “@raffiwriter argues @Guccifer _2’s handlers were impatient with @Wikileaks as summer wore on. My 8/22 convo with G2 seems to support that.”  

Satter is referencing an article in the New Yorker magazine by journalist Raffi Khatchadourian, which was reviewed extensively by RightSideNews in the article, Did Wikileaks Directly Receive Information from Guccifer 2.0? The New Yorker article lists three important interactions that display Guccifer 2.0 being impatient with Wikileaks, including:

1) On June 17th, the editor of the Smoking Gun asked Guccifer 2.0 if Assange would publish the same material it was then doling out. “I gave WikiLeaks the greater part of the files, but saved some for myself,” it replied. “Don’t worry everything you receive is exclusive.” The claim at that time was true.

2) In early July, Guccifer 2.0 told a Washington journalist that WikiLeaks was “playing for time.” An article by Joe Uchill from July 13 quotes Guccifer 2.0: “The press [is] gradually forget[ing] about me, [W]ikileaks is playing for time and [I] have some more docs.”)

3) On July 17, Assange “originally planned” to publish the files, but did not. Instead, Guccifer 2.0 leaked a batch of documents to Uchill on that very day.

4) On July 22nd, Wikileaks published the documents, and on that same day Guccifer 2.0 wrote, “At last!”

5) On August 22nd, exactly one month later, Guccifer 2.0 in his chat with the AP’s Raphael Satter expresses impatience with Wikileaks’ release of files.

According to Uchill’s July 22 article, “The [Wikileaks] site does not specifically address who leaked the documents, but hacker Guccifer 2.0 who recently breached the DNC servers confirmed via electronic message that the emails came from that hack.”

The implication of Guccifer 2.0 directly working together with Wikileaks is that Guccifer 2.0 had in his possession the documents that Wikileaks later leaked, which contradicts the narrative put forward on the Guccifer 2.0 research website,, that Guccifer 2.0 was not the source for Wikileaks. Raphael Satter is encouraged to release screenshots of his entire chat with Guccifer 2.0.

BREAKING: New Report Suggests DNC Hacker Was Collecting Opposition Research on Donald Trump

A newly discovered report from the firm that was hired by the DNC to investigate the DNC breach says that the hackers were looking for information that would hurt Donald Trump and other GOP candidates. The report says

“Based on the data exfiltrated from the DNC, one of FANCY BEAR’s goals appears to have been to collect opposition research the DNC’s research staff had gathered on President Elect (then Republican primary candidate) Donald Trump and other Republican (GOP) presidential candidates.” (page 11). 

According to the Crowdstrike, Fancy Bear is the alleged hacking entity that stole data from the DNC and leaked it to Wikileaks. Crowdstrike’s findings have been used by the DNC and the US Intelligence Community to claim that Russian was involved in the election to hurt Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump. The newly revealed information appears to contradict that narrative by showing Fancy Bear was allegedly helping Clinton by hurting Trump and the GOP. 

According to Palo Alto Networks, a spear fishing attack on May 26, 2016 “to a U.S. government entity” was successful, while Crowdstrike says the virus was in the DNC system in April 2016. The attack was allegedly passed on to targets through infected RTF files. Crowdstrike appears to contradict the report of Palo Alto Networks on the timeline of when the DNC was breached.

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Guccifer 2.0’s Darling Robbin Young Continues to Disclose Images of Chats

Robbin Young’s Chat With Guccifer 2.0

Robbin Young has created a new blog and published a new image of her chat with Guccifer 2.0, as released in a recent tweet. While only one new image of her already released chats was just now released, the image adds to the uncropped image that was released on Twitter in May. The images are again an improvement from the chats originally released in early 2017, in that certain anomalies are not present.

The editor of BullTruth Magazine, Hannibal Moot, had taken exception to these anomalously misplaced signs when Robbin Young originally released her chats, pointing to how the “block and garbage symbols” were in the wrong spot. Moot however has acknowledged the argument that the software Young used to release the chat may be to blame, stating “The software itself is what I would consider to be the strongest argument.”

The new image released in June 2017, with a higher resolution than the image released via Twitter in May 2017, contains the date and time that the image was taken (May 29, 2017 at 8:35am). The new image also shows what Operating System was used when taking the screenshot (Windows). In the background, below the Direct Messages, Guccifer 2.0’s second last tweet is visible, which means this screenshot was indeed made after January 12, 2017, the date of Guccifer 2.0 final tweet, which would appear behind the Direct Message screen if it were closed. On the top right corner, Robbin Young’s image is visible, indicating she is logged into her account when accessing these chats.

It would be a beneficial for Young if she published a series of screenshots of her entire chat in chronological order, for the record, and if she invited a journalist or reporter to witness her accessing her chats. The question of why the originally released chat messages contained oddly placed “block and garbage characters” identical to the ones occurring in the Aaron Nevins chat could then finally be made mute.

Guccifer 2.0’s told Robbin Young that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was his whistleblower, stating to her that “his name is Seth, he was my whistleblower” in the Twitter Direct Messages that she has released, as reported by Right Side News.




Wikileaks: Robbin Young Releases Uncropped Images of Her Guccifer 2.0 Chat; Adds Credibility to Guccifer 2.0’s “Seth Rich Was My Whistleblower” Claim

On May 29, Robbin Young released two uncropped images of her chat with Guccifer 2.0, including her first messages with him on August 15 and her discussion with him about Seth Rich on August 25th, 2016. The versions she released are identical to the original version of the chat she released earlier in the year, available on her website, except for some visual differences.

The main visual difference between the messages is that the original message that Robbin Young posted from August 25, where Guccifer 2.0 says “His name is Seth, he was my whistleblower”, had an oddly placed block and garbage symbol, while the recently released version has no such sign. The editor of BullTruth Magazine, Hannibal Moot, had taken exception to these misplaced signs when Robbin Young originally released her chats, pointing to how the “block and garbage symbols” were in the wrong spot. However, Moot has since revised his claims, as Robbin Young had Tweeted out these uncropped screenshots of her chat with Guccifer 2.0. Hoot then explains a theory that the anomalies may be as a result of the software Robbin Young was using to record her chats. He states that “The software itself is what I would consider to be the strongest argument.”

Robbin Young’s recent releases of uncropped images of her chat add to the veracity and authenticity of her claim to have chatted with him, although the most decisive approach would be for her to invite a reporter or journalist to watch her accessing her chats. This approach will prevent the Washington Post from calling Young’s chats “unverified” in one article, and “possibly altered” in another article. Salon referred to it as a “purported direct message conversation.” Even Fox News, in their only televised reference to Robbin Young, stated, “although it’s not clear if the messages are in fact authentic.”  

The content of Robbin Young’s messages can be more greatly explored in the future, including Guccifer 2.0 reference to Seth Rich as his whistleblower. There will also potentially be implications for the Russian hacking narrative. 

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