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The Clinton Cartel Finding Themselves on the Receiving End of Their Own Witch Hunt

The CLINTON CARTEL "This Ain't a Hill Worthy of Dying On" -James Comey  translation (Oh LORDY, gee whiz, I'm glad I bailed!) Everyone, grab your "VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY" hat and let's take a journey to the center of it all.... Putin is...

Charles Ortel: A Gentleman and a Scholar

Charles Ortel should be a household name. He's a true patriot in the digital era.His research and website can be found here: Charles Ortel Catch his latest video below!

The Clinton Email Scandal: It’s the Cover-Up That Is Getting Her

Frank Salvato A recent exposé by FOX News Channel’s Bret Baier and his Special Report team, exposed and chronicled a damning timeline and some internal practices that prove the Clintons – both Bill and Hillary – did, in fact, have...