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September 25, 2015: The UN Launches A ‘New Universal Agenda’ For Humanity

New Universal Agenda Michael Snyder One of the biggest steps toward a one world government that we have ever seen is happening this week, and yet barely anyone is even talking about it.  In fact, it is even being called a...

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Agenda 21 and the impact on personal property rights and land rights content, This page is updated often, last update was July 8th, 2014.  Tom DeWeese has the best resources for equipping citizens like you and I with his free...

Ingram Forecloses on Virginia’s Future

  by Donna Holt, Executive Director, VA Campaign for Liberty Richmond, VA - February 7, 2011   On Friday, Delegate Riley Ingram, Chairman of the House Counties, Cities & Towns Committee, sided with the Home Builders Association to force some typically rural...

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