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The Abbasid Dynasty – Part III, Jihad and Dhimmitude

Dan Wolf | Virginia Christian Alliance This third article on the Abbasids covers the relationship between jihad and dhimmitude, and the development of Islamic law as related to this topic. This article will examine the following: (1) defining some relevant...

The Abbasid Dynasty – Part II, Islam’s Religious Development

Dan Wolf | Virginia Christian Alliance As mentioned last time, this article focuses on Islam's religious development during the Abbasid period.  Islam’s core beliefs, and the documents reflecting those beliefs, hardened into those we know today during this time. This...

The Abbasid Dynasty – Part I, History

Dan Wolf | Virginia Christian Alliance The Abbasid Dynasty lasted from 750 until 1258. It was during this period that many of Islam’s structures began to solidify. The Qur’an, hadith, traditions (sunna), and schools of legal jurisprudence (Shri’a) all formed...

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