Judicial Watch Files 4th FOIA Lawsuit Relating to Government Funding of the Soros Political Machine

Legal Ethics and ReformJudicial Watch now has four FOIA lawsuits relating to the Obama administration’s funding for Soros’ Open Society Foundations operations 


(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits against the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) for records relating to their funding of the political activities of the Soros Open Society Foundations of Romania (Judicial Watch v. U.S. State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development (No. 1:18-cv-00667)) and the Soros Open Society Foundations of Colombia (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:18-cv-00668)).

The Soros Open Society Foundations of Romania lawsuit was filed after State and USAID failed to substantively respond to an October 16, 2017, FOIA request seeking among other records:

• All records relating to any contracts, grants or other allocations/disbursements of funds by the State Department to the Open Society Foundation – Romania and/or its personnel and/or any OSFR subsidiary or affiliate.

• All assessments, evaluations, reports or similar records relating to the work of Open Society Foundation – Romania and/or its subsidiaries or affiliated organizations.

The Soros Open Society Foundations of Colombia lawsuit was filed after State failed to respond to an October 23, 2017, FOIA request seeking among other records:

• All records regarding any contracts, grants or other allocations/disbursements of funds by the State Department to the Open Society Foundation – Colombia and/or any OSF subsidiaries/affiliates, and/or OSF personnel operating in Colombia, as well as the following entities: Fundacion Ideas para la Paz; La Silla Vacia; DeJusticia; Corporacion Nuevo Arco Iris; Paz y Reconciliacion; Global Drug Policy Program; and news portal Las Dos Orillas.

• All records of communication, whether by e-mails, text messages, or instant chats, between any officials, employees or representatives of the State Department in Colombia, including Ambassador Kevin Whitaker and any officials, employees or representatives of the Open Society Foundation, its subsidiaries/affiliates, and/or those entities identified in the first bullet.

See also: Shilling for Soros: Washington Posts’ Omission of Facts in Defense of a Narrative

As in other parts of the world, a number of Soros-funded entities and projects in Romania are also funded by the United States Government. The Romanian Center for Independent Journalism, which is supported by the Open Society Institute in New York, recently received $17,000 from the State Department.

In February 2017, Laura Silber of Open Society Foundations reportedly condemned “illiberal governments” in the Balkans, such as Macedonia, Albania and Romania, for working against the Soros NGOs. In Romania, in March 2017, the leader of the governing party reportedly charged that the Soros foundations “that he has funded since 1990 have financed evil.”

Soros’ NGOs in Colombia are reportedly receiving millions from USAID:

Verdad Abierta, a web-based portal created by Teresa Ronderos, director of the Open Society Program on Independent Journalism, boasts on its website that it receives support from USAID. Abierta has helped rewrite Colombia’s history, elevating terrorists to the same level as the legitimate police and military forces, and rebranding decades of massacres, kidnappings, child soldiering, and drug trafficking by a criminal syndicate as simply “50 years of armed conflict.”

Fundacion Ideas para la Paz, once led by peace negotiator Sergio Jaramillo, now a member of the oversight “junta,” is funded by the Open Society Foundations and has received more than $200,000 in U.S. tax dollars.

The left-wing news portal La Silla Vacia, another Open Society initiative, also boasts of being a USAID grantee. Its columnist, Rodrigo Uprimny, whose NGO DeJusticia also partners with USAID and Open Society, is considered one of the architects of the peace deal.

Former National Liberation Army terrorist Leon Valencia—Open Society collaborator and grantee—has received at least $1,000,000 in USAID funding through his NGOs Corporacion Nuevo Arco Iris and Paz y Reconciliacion, and left-wing news portal Las Dos Orillas, which he co-founded.

In 2016, Soros’ Open Society Foundations gave more than $3.3 million to organizations operating in Colombia. Several of those organizations have also been financially supported by the United States government, having received more than $5 million from the Department of State, USAID, and the Inter-American Foundation (a federal agency) in recent years. One of the Soros-funded entities, an LGBT advocacy organization, was also selected by the Inter-American Foundation as a partner organization in its Colombia peace project initiative.

“It is time for Americans to be allowed to see State Department documentation regarding the public funding of Soros’ Open Society Foundations,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The billionaire George Soros needs zero assistance from taxpayers to promote his far-left agenda abroad.”

Judicial Watch now has four FOIA lawsuits relating to the Obama administration’s funding for Soros’ operations. Judicial Watch is pursuing information about Soros’ activities in Macedonia and Albania, as well. The former Prime Minister of Macedonia Nikola Gruevski reportedly called for a “de-Sorosization” of society. In February 2017, Judicial Watch reported that the U.S. government has quietly spent millions of taxpayer dollars to destabilize the democratically elected, center-right government in Macedonia in collusion with George Soros.

In a March 2017, letter to Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson, six U.S. Senators (Sens. Lee (R-UT), Inhofe (R-OK), Tillis (R-NC), Cruz (R-TX), Perdue (R-GA) and Cassidy (R-LA)) called on the secretary to investigate the relations between USAID and the Soros Foundations and how U.S. tax dollars are being used by the State Department and the USAID to support left-of-center political groups who seek to impose left-leaning policies in countries such as Macedonia and Albania.

Ivanka Trump’s use of “Sojourners” to Describe Four Great Lives Says a lot

As black history month dawned on Feb.1st, Ivanka tweeted “we celebrate heroes like Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who were sojourners for freedom – and we resolve to continue to bring greater equality, dignity, and opportunity to all Americans, regardless of race or background”


She has received a lot of negative feedback for her use of the word “sojourners”.

Ivanka Trump’s Black History Month Tweet Sparks Outrage – Huff Po

Melania and Ivanka Trump Slammed for Black History Month Tweets … – People Mag

For people who have no sense of religion or an afterlife, the word would perhaps be offensive; however, for a person of faith, all human life is just a transition to a permanent existence in an after life. From this perspective, the term sojourn is the perfect way to describe life on this earth.

Since all three of the heroes, she mentioned, were believers and they are now probably happily enjoying heaven in the presence of their maker, I’m certain these three heroes would agree with Ivanka’s use of the term “sojourners” to describe life on earth. ……. (prepared by Hugh Murray on 2/4/2018)

Saul Alinsky Would Be Proud, and So Would Satan, Part II

Ben Franklin A Republic if you can keep itDan Wolf | Virginia Christian Alliance

This article continues the discussion started in Part I, using the areas of education, poverty, and healthcare as examples. More detail on the first two topics can be found in Collectivism and Charity: The Great Deception.

Platform Principles

Responding to all the items within the Democratic platform would create a very long article. Fortunately that’s not needed. Just a few principles underlie their plan and include;

  • More spending fixes the problem
  • Creating laws and regulations to ‘level the playing field’
  • Government management increases efficiency
  • Providing ‘free’ resources is necessary and responsible governance

Each principle has been used with education, poverty, and/or healthcare. More spending is the most obvious, and nothing is too big to promise—including ‘improving’ Social Security. The Obama administration racked up $10 trillion in new debt all on their lonesome, doubling the debt of all previous president’s combined. Additionally, the recent Democratic budget called for $10 trillion in new taxes, without any apparent spending reduction. Deficits don’t matter, but only with Democratic spending.

Laws and regulations are used to both level the playing field and at the same time remove barriers to competition. Underlying this principle is the notion the economy must be managed and only the government elite can do it. In other words, you are not capable of making your own decisions. We will provide you security, it will just cost you some freedom. This notion is the opposite of our purpose.

Nothing is ever free, it may merely not cost you. This is an outgrowth of the first point on spending. Whenever something has been provided for ‘free,’ someone else paid the bill. This creates a perverse incentive at odds with personal responsibility. The bottom line is that these are echoes of the same old tired lines used by the serpent in the Garden of Eden. They have never worked and will never work, because they are lies.


Simply put, education is a disaster. We’ve tried to spend our way to excellence, using money as fertilizer hoping something good will grow. We now spend in excess of $149,000 per student for a 13-year public school education. An increase of almost 200% from the $50,000 figure in 1970, before the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) was created. During this time the teaching staff ratio decreased from 60% to 50%, while test scores relative to other countries fell. Further, for much of this time graduation rates decreased and only in the last 15 years or so have they come back to their pre-DOE level. And it only took spending trillions of dollars to achieve. Excellent!

As for college, since the federal government took control of student loans college cost increases have outpaced those of healthcare, and we now have over $1 trillion in student debt. The graph below shows public education staffing growth.

Figure 1: Growth in Public Education Staffing[2]

But it doesn’t stop there. Our education process now substitutes technology use for some education, using educational games. Some students use this technology to access pornography, and it’s a growing problem schools don’t want to talk about. It’s not the technology itself that is bad, but the way it is used. Couple the gaming and pornography access with society’s growing dependency on social media, and you provide a basis for addiction development. This addiction corrupts human relationships. It provides bread and circuses. While the technology presents an opportunity for great good, it also poses a risk for great evil if not done properly.

To be sure, school administrators take steps to prevent access to pornographic sites. But once a student is addicted, and it is an addiction, the urge is strong and they will work to find ways to satisfy it. Our young are being harmed and losing their way. It is not right. They are our children. For those interested in learning more about this topic, I recommend Brad Huddleston’s book Digital Cocaine.[3]


Another win for big government. There is much ado about inequality, and the need for so many justices—social, economic, environmental, climate, reproductive, racial, criminal, and restorative. Justice is important and mentioned 28 times in the Democratic platform. But there is only one true justice—God’s. The justices Democrats mention are all mans. What’s wrong with that picture? We can look to poverty policy as a case in point.

Although well intentioned, poverty policy created many negative unintended consequences. When man turns away from God, God leaves man to his own devices—and their consequences. We still have God’s grace when making bad decisions, but don’t realize its benefits until we align our will with His.

The War on Poverty began in 1964. Since then we have spent over $22 trillion on programs fighting poverty, and now spend about $1 trillion each year. After all that, our poverty level remains at about 15%. There has been no change while mean assistance spending doubled from $8,000 to $16,000. Those receiving assistance have increase over the last 15 years from about 75 million to close in on 150 million—over 1/3 of our population. Today only about 66% of assistance spending goes to those below the poverty line.

Another Addiction

The above are signs of another addiction. More bread and circuses. We no longer understand what being poor means. Material poverty is only one type, but we no longer even understand that. We’ve gotten lost with our success.

A 2007 study of America’s poor[4] indicated;

  • 43% owned their own home, only 6% of poor households were overcrowded
  • About 75% owned at least one car
  • 80% had air conditioning
  • 97% had a color television

It is certainly not an extravagant lifestyle, nor is it intended to be. But the poor in America generally live better than the middle class in many other countries—including Europe.

Finally, look at average income changes. Since the war on poverty began the average income for those in the middle (third quintile) have grown about 40%, while growth for the poorest group (first quintile) has only grown about 7%. One result of poverty policy is the gap between the poor and everyone else has increased. Take away a person’s incentive to provide for himself and his family, and you make him a slave. One final point about government effectiveness, private charities on average provide $ .75 in services for each dollar they receive (versus government’s $ .30). If the $22 trillion in government expenditures had instead been given to private charities, just the difference in spending efficiency alone would have been enough to eliminate much of the income gap just noted.

The following graph illustrates these effects. The solid lines represent annual income by quintile (20%). The dotted lines government assistance spending’s impact on the indicated quintile, and the dashed lines the effects of that assistance spending if done by the average private charity.

Figure 2:Mean Family Income, with Adjustments for Assistance Spending by Quintile, 1966-2013[5]


A trifecta in governing effectiveness. What are the odds? Unfortunately, this is about as close to a sure thing as one can get. We can start with the legislation being advanced by lies; lies that those who spoke them knew were lies. We can move on to the billions spent for a web site that didn’t work and was unsecure. From there we can go to the health insurance premium increases, in some cases over 100% per year accompanied by deductible increases. While insurance costs increased, choices often decreased and in some states the government run marketplaces went bankrupt.

Obamacare was never about healthcare. It was about insurance. Putting a party between you and your healthcare provider. What are some effects for hospitals and other providers? Virginia has over 100 hospitals. Most privately run hospitals have a religious basis; a mission including looking after those who need healthcare but cannot afford it.

One change here is the move away from payment for services to value based patient satisfaction. At the same time patients are led to believe there will be no pain after a procedure. These changes contribute to increased unreimbursed healthcare costs—revenue decreases.

New Obamacare requirements are estimated to cost Virginia hospitals about $1.5 billion annually. Increases that must be absorbed by the service provider. When revenues decline and costs increase, margins are reduced. In 2015 about one fourth of Virginia’s acute care hospitals had negative operating margins, and in rural areas over forty percent ran in the red.

These conditions cannot continue indefinitely. Eventually healthcare providers will need to refuse to perform certain services, focus only on areas where a positive operating margin can be achieved, close their doors, or obtain government funding to ‘make up’ the deficit. Big government at its finest, first create a problem with new legislation and then come to the rescue with more government to manage the consequences.

More information on healthcare can be found in the following articles, Addiction and Mental Health and Refugees.

Concluding Remarks

The strife and division growing within our society is evidence we are on the wrong track. We often select weak leaders, ones generally making big promises but whose actions serve themselves. But these leaders only reflect the people’s values electing them. Are we still willing to serve or want to be served?

One of the things I admire about President Trump is, despite whatever flaws he may have, he appears to truly be trying to change things for the better. He cares, and is attempting to again give us the opportunity to help ourselves. That is the only way we are ever truly free, but it requires faith and self-sacrifice. One way we see we are on the wrong path is our government’s attempts to undermine President Trump’s agenda, thereby retaining their power and cronyism.

While writing this article, Donna Brazile’s new book was released. The DNC’s and Clintons actions in the last election are appalling, but should surprise no one. After all, Hillary Clinton lauded a man in her thesis who in turn lauded Satan. How appropriate, and how sad. Somewhat unexpected is that Ms. Brazile even spoke at all, but why did it take a year after the election to happen?


[1] Wolf, Dan, Collectivism and Charity, living rightly publications, 2016.


[2] Burke, Lindsey, How Escalating Education Spending is Killing Crucial Reforms, The Heritage Foundation, October, 2010, http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2012/10/how-escalating-education-spending-is-killing-crucial-reform

[3] Huddleston, Brad, Digital Cocaine, Christian Art Publishers, 2015.

[4] Rector, Robert, How Poor are America’s Poor? Examining the “Plague” of Poverty in America, Heritage Foundation, 8/27/2007. http://www.heritage.org/poverty-and-inequality/report/how-poor-are-americas-poor-examining-the-plague-poverty-america. Accessed November, 2017.

[5] Wolf, Dan, Collectivism and Charity, p. 183, living rightly publications, 2016.


Saul Alinsky Would Be Proud, and So Would Satan, Part I

Ben Franklin A Republic if you can keep itDan Wolf | Virginia Christian Alliance

Living in the Land of Lies discussed some progressive principles, how they impact society and differ from our founding ideas. Progressive ideas are not limited to any particular political party. This article draws from the 2016 Democratic Party Platform, a platform steeped in progressive ideas representing man’s enlightenment of himself. Man turned toward man, or man and man alone.

At its heart, the Democratic platform presents government solutions to all our current problems. Actions requiring government expenditures and intervention. The words invest, investing, and investment occur over 60 times in just 50 pages. Some of their stated ends I agree with, but it’s not just the ends alone that matter. The means used to achieve them are at least as important—and overlooked.

This article refutes the economic and moral bases underlying the Democratic platform. The Democrats approach fails in both cases. The next article examines three specific policy areas from their platform.

The Economic Argument

Like everything else, government is not free. Whenever a new government solution is created, a whole host of new activities are required to support it. These include;

  • Application processing
  • Application approval
  • Fund disbursements
  • Overseeing solution compliance
  • Program audits
  • Investigating out of compliance instances
  • Enforcement actions when non-compliance is found
  • Solution management
  • Solution support functions, such as IT and Operations

Each new regulation or law requires hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of new federal employees for support. Not one of these new positions creates any economic value, and probably takes away from it. In general, government is a fiscally irresponsible problem solving approach. It is estimated the federal government provides about $ .30 in services for each tax dollar it receives.[1] A private charity performing at this level would likely be prosecuted for fraud or malfeasance. From a Biblical view it is bad stewardship, and man was charged with stewarding God’s creation.

But It’s Not Just About Government

The good news doesn’t end there. Additional expenses are not only incurred by government whenever one of their solutions is implemented, but each and every organization subject to the new requirements also incurs additional costs for;

  • Applications
  • Expenditures
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Audit
  • Management
  • Support functions

None of these new program related activities add value to the economy either. These new functions produce nothing. Instead they increase costs and reduce profitability if the increases cannot be passed on to those using the goods or services. Even if the cost increases are passed on, they take disposable income that would have been used to make other purchases. The only party winning under this approach is government itself. Everyone else loses, except the few well connected elite.

The Moral Argument

It is now time for the moral argument. God is good. If He weren’t, you probably wouldn’t be here because neither you nor your ancestors would have been created. You would not have been granted the gift of existence.

Someone good must be virtuous—righteous or morally upright. Justice is the virtue of giving each their due. An example. A worker earns their wages and should be paid what they have earned. It is morally right. Doing the moral thing is good. Therefore a moral being must give someone what they have earned, what they are due. As God is not only good, but the source of good, He must also be morality’s source. As God is creation’s Creator, He is also its Governor. In Jonathan Edwards’ words;

[T]he Creator of the world is doubtless also the Governor of it. He that had power to give being to the world, and set all the parts of it in order, has doubtless power to dispose of the world, to continue the order he has constituted, or to alter it.[2]

God’s governance is the only absolute power. This governance requires communication. As Governor, God’s law is one means of communicating His commands to His creation. This is referred to as the law of Nature’s God contained within scripture. As Creator, His law is supreme. Man’s disobedience is therefore rebellion, a rebellion that is the closest man can come to committing a capital crime against God. If God is just, man must be punished for that rebellion. There is no balance as envisioned by pagan thought, no mixing between good works and bad works. Virtue is not a balance. There are only fully virtue and vice. Our individual choices make the difference.

The Difference Between Pagan and Christian Morality

Christianity provides a unique solution to the pagan paradox noted above. “Paganism declared that virtue was a balance. Christianity declared it was in a conflict; the collision of two passions apparently opposite.”[3] Conflict within a will to do good or evil, to promote virtue or practice vice. This view is Christianity’s key to ethics. Paganism holds this passion to be a mixture, a blending of white and black into gray. Accepting this pagan view means becoming not too much of anything. One is neither too prideful nor too humble, too boastful nor too meek. However, when one strives to become not too much of anything, they also become not much of anything. We do not fulfill our purpose as we do not utilize the gifts we’ve each received.

What Does This Have To Do with Politics?

Quite simply we belong to Him, and this is true in two ways. The first is through our creation by Him. In this sense of belonging we have no choice. The second is through our obedience to Him as Governor. In this second sense we have a choice, for we were each given the gift of free will. The ability to choose the actions we take. This is freedom, and we cannot fulfill our purpose without it. Through our choices we are “not merely to be his subjects and servants, but to be his children.”[4]

Governance is to have a moral foundation. This requires communication between Creator and created, between Governor and governed, in order to promote His declarations, methods, rules, and enforcements. This understanding is necessary in order for us to choose obedience. This understanding requires revelation. We are not born with it. The only way we learn it is through education, but we’ve shut God out of our government, schools, the public square, and even some of our churches. All in the name of a corrupted idea labeled ‘separation of church and state.’ A perversion of the original idea created by man’s legal mind.

The Biblical View

This morality requires self-sacrifice. Several passages in both the Old and New Testaments point this out. “[S]o we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to exercise them accordingly.”[5] All power comes from God. “For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.”[6] Rulers are not exempt from this “for rulers are servants of God.”[7]

Finally, “You know that those who are recognized as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them; and their great men exercise authority over them. But it is not this way among you, but whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant; and whoever wishes to be first among you shall be slave of all.”[8] There is a distinction between man’s governance and God’s. Man uses his power to be served, God’s exerts His power to serve others.

Moral Leadership

Moral leaders create environments promoting virtue and unity as a people. This virtue and unity produces good, leads to prosperity, and promotes peace. Immoral leaders, on the other hand, promote vice and create division among a people. Vice and division lead to weakness, jealousy, envy, and hate. It promotes strife and discord. It leads to war, either with other nations or civil war within. Look at the last nine years. Which road are we on?

Political parties make little difference. We can look at the irresponsible spending under Bush the younger’s administration. Spending that accelerated under the Obama Administration. Their excuses do not matter, because the problems they cite were in turn caused by poor governance and other weak minded decision making. Division increased under Obama along many fronts. Racial tensions increased, as did differences between genders, sexual orientation, and the divide between those that have and those that do not. We can look at issues such as abortion, gay marriage, gender confusion and many others. These are the result of a society that has lost its way because we no longer teach what is necessary for success. It is evidence we are no longer a single people. Sodom and Gomorrah are here.

There is no freedom without faith, and if our faith wanes so will our freedom. We will not be able to manage self-governance. Instead we will trade our freedom for economic security, a promised security that can never be delivered because it is a false promise. Our security is our responsibility. Giving that responsibility to another is an illusion, one for which we are ultimately held accountable.

The next article examines the areas of education, poverty, and healthcare within the Democratic platform.

Dan Wolf is a researcher, analyst, and author. He has written three books examining the relationship between faith, freedom, virtue, and charity. Together these form the cornerstone of our purpose, and our society’s foundational principles derived from those relationships. Links to his work can be found at the Living Rightly website.


[1] Edwards, James Rolph, The Costs of Public Income Redistribution and Private Charity, p. 3, Journal of Libertarian Studies, Vol. 21, No. 2, Summer, 2007.

[2] Edwards, Jonathan, The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Vol. 2, p. 937, Hendrickson Publishers, 2006.

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National Survey: Americans Agree with Trump on National Anthem


Knee Protest NFL


National Survey: Americans Agree with Trump on National Anthem
64% say NFL players should stand and be respectful

KANSAS CITY, MO – Remington Research Group has conducted a national public opinion survey regarding the NFL. The survey was conducted September 25th and 1,633 respondents participated.

Most Americans, 51%, say they have watched less football this year compared to the past. Of respondents who said they have watched less football this year, 69% cite their reason as players using the NFL as a stage for their political views.

Republicans and Non-Partisans have been cutting back on watching football at a higher rate than Democrats, as 66% of Republicans say they have watched less football this year compared to 33% of Democrats. Among Non-Partisans, 55% reported they have watched less football this year compared to the past.

Almost two-thirds of Americans, 64%, state that NFL players should stand and be respectful during the national anthem while 24% of Americans do not believe players should stand and be respectful during the national anthem.

By party affiliation, 91% of Republicans, 60% of Non-Partisans and 43% of Democrats believe players should stand and be respectful during the national anthem. Among Democrats, 41% do not believe players should stand and be respectful during the national anthem.

Concerning news for the NFL is that 50% of Americans claim they are less likely to watch their favorite team due to the protests during the national anthem. Furthermore, 60% of Americans believe players should find a more appropriate place to protest.

“Americans are very clear on this issue: they do not support political protests during the national anthem,” said Titus Bond, Director of Remington Research Group. “On top of that, due to the protests, Americans are watching less football and that trend will continue as long as the protests do.”

Survey results:

Q1: What is your opinion of Donald Trump?

Favorable: 46%
Unfavorable: 47%
No opinion: 7%

Q2: What is your opinion of Roger Goodell?

Favorable: 12%
Unfavorable: 36%
No opinion: 52%

Q3: What is your opinion of the NFL?

Favorable: 37%
Unfavorable: 46%
No opinion: 17%

Q4: Now, just thinking about this year, have you watched more football or less football compared to previous years?

More football: 19% [GO TO Q6]
Less football: 51% [GO TO Q5]
About the same: 30% [GO TO Q6]

Q5: Why would you say you are watching less football this year?

Players using the NFL as a stage for their political views: 69%
New rules that reduce physical contact: 5%
There are too many games during the week: 6%
Games last too long: 2%
Pace of play is too slow: 2%
Something else: 12%
Unsure: 4%

Q6: Do you think NFL players should stand and be respectful during the national anthem?

Yes: 64%
No: 24%
Unsure: 12%

Q7: Last week, Donald Trump said NFL players should stand and be respectful during the national anthem. Do you think NFL players should stand and be respectful during the national anthem?

Yes: 64%
No: 25%
Unsure: 11%

Q8: On Sunday, a number of NFL players knelt during the national anthem in protest of Donald Trump’s statements, including players from your favorite team. Does this make you more likely or less likely to watch your favorite team’s games in the future?

More likely: 30%
Less likely: 50%
No difference: 20%

Q9: Do you support protesting during the national anthem at the beginning of NFL games, or is there a more appropriate place for players to protest?

Support: 31%
There is a more appropriate place to protest: 60%
Unsure: 9%

Q10: In the future, would you prefer to see more politics, less politics, or the same amount of politics during sporting events?

More politics: 7%
Less politics: 80%
Same amount: 13%

Q11: Do you consider yourself to be a fan of the NFL?

Yes: 70%
No: 30%

FULL REPORT: [PDF] NFL National Public Opinion Survey

An Open Letter To The Liberal Rabbis Who Cancelled Phone Call W/Trump Over Charlottesville

by  | The Lid

Last Wednesday, a coalition of major rabbinical groups announced it will not hold an annual conference call with the president because of how Donald Trump responded to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this month. The rabbinical groups — which include the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the Rabbinical Assembly, the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. The groups represent the Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist movements of Judaism.

“We have concluded that President Trump’s statements during and after the tragic events in Charlottesville are so lacking in moral leadership and empathy for the victims of racial and religious hatred that we cannot organize such a call this year,” the groups wrote in a letter released on Wednesday.

“The President’s words have given succor to those who advocate anti-Semitism, racism, and xenophobia.”

“Responsibility for the violence that occurred in Charlottesville, including the death of Heather Heyer, does not lie with many sides but with one side: the Nazi, alt-right and white supremacists who brought their hate to a peaceful community,” the groups said in their statement Wednesday.

“We pray that President Trump will recognize and remedy the grave error he has made in abetting the voices of hatred,”

Note: The Agudath Harabonim the organization of Orthodox Rabbis did not sign the letter above, nor did they announce a cancellation of the annual phone call.

I address the letter below to the Rabbinical Assembly because it is an organization of the Rabbis of Conservative Judaism–the Jewish movement where I pray.


Dear Rabbis:

I defer to your wisdom when it comes to issues of Torah and Jewish law, but as someone who studies politics for a living, it is too easy to see through the Rabbinical Assembly’s latest action and letter to President Trump.

Your overtly political and public response to President Trump’s Charlottesville words makes me ashamed to be a Conservative Jew.  In the eight years before Trump took office, America had the most anti-Semitic President since FDR, but the Rabbis of the Conservative Movement was silent, most probably because like Reform Jewry, Conservative Judaism tends to worship the Golden Calf of liberal politics. The letter and action made in your names shows your Antisemitism to be of the Johnny-come-lately variety. You are trashing Trump for political purposes only.

I am not saying that parts of what the President said weren’t stupid and insensitive. But your letter even identified the wrong part of what he said as bad.  When the POTUS said there was good on both sides he was wrong.  There are good people who believe Confederate statues should stay, however, they weren’t in Charlottesville. NO ONE, not one person who decided to march alongside people who were carrying the swastika and Hitler’s Nazi flag could EVER be considered “good.”

But your objection to Trump talking about violence on both sides is very wrong. In fact, many of the videos on YouTube suggest that it was ANTIFA that started the violence:

What is also upsetting is that while the Rabbinical Assembly never cared about anti-Semitism spewing forth from the White House before a week ago Tuesday.

There was nothing from the Rabbis of the Rabbinical Assembly when Obama surrounded himself with anti-Semites such as Chas Freemen, Zbigniew Brzezinski, or General McPeak who all spread the anti-Semitic stereotype that Jews control the U.S. Government, or that he used Al Sharpton (who incited two different anti-Semitic pogroms in NY City)  as an unofficial advisor.  You said nothing when Obama gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to anti-Semites such as  Bishop Tutu who said, “Jews Think They Own God” and to Mary Robinson who ran the Anti-Semitic Darfur conference on Human Rights, Toni Morrison who resurrected the Anti-Semitic Blood liable to against Israeli Jews, and Rev. Joseph Lowery who preached the anti-Semitic canard that the “powerful Jewish lobby.” It didn’t seem to matter to the Rabbis of Conservative Judaism when Barack Obama said he supported the anti-Semitic Occupy Wall Street movement.

Maybe the Rabbinical Assembly lost its internet access because the didn’t object when in a straight cash deal the Presbyterian Church sold land they owned in Jerusalem to Israeli Jews and Obama objected. The American president declared in so many words that Jerusalem should be Judenrein.

When Muslim terrorists attacked the Kosher Supermarket in Paris as Jews on a Friday as Jews were making their purchases for Shabbos Dinner, White House Spox Josh Earnest, and State Department Spox Jen Psaki each refused to recognize that it was an attack on Jews, prompting AP’s great State Department correspondent Matt Lee to ask Psaki, “Yeah, but if a guy goes into a kosher market and starts shooting it up, you don’t – he’s not looking for Buddhists is he?” Maybe the Rabbinical Assembly thought the WERE looking for Buddhists because there was no publicly issued, angry letter to the President.

During the discussions about the Iran deal members the Rabbinical Assembly sat on their hands when President Obama was accused of Antisemitism in a meeting with Jewish Leaders. The silent when William Daroff Senior Vice President for Public Policy & Director of the Washington office of The Jewish Federations of North America tweeted during a conference call with Obama about the Iran deal:

During that same call, Lee Rosenberg of AIPAC questioned the President’s statement comparing people who object to the Iran deal with those who supported the invasion of Iraq. He pointed out that many anti-Semites falsely claim the Jews pushed Bush into invading Iraq. Obama believed that canard to be true. He explained that Netanyahu supported the Iraq invasion (true).

It didn’t matter to Obama or the Rabbinical Assembly that Netanyahu wasn’t the premier at the time — he was a private citizen. The man who was prime minister, Ariel Sharon, strongly urged Bush not to invade Iraq, arguing correctly that if Saddam were removed, “Iran, a far more dangerous player, will be rid of its principal enemy and free to pursue its ambitions of regional hegemony.” But that didn’t stop Obama from spreading anti-Semitism and the Rabbinical Assembly from ignoring the anti-Jewish hatred of a Democrat.

There is no problem with criticizing President Trump. As I suggested above the president deserves criticism on the one issue outlined above.  And I agree that America expects more from its president and that in this particular case President Trump under-delivered on his promise to be a leader.

But the fact that you worship the Golden Calf of Democratic Party politics, by sermonizing your agreement with their policies, and only criticize Republicans is just plain disgusting.

After Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Jews always ask their friends, “What was your Rabbi’s sermon about.” During the Obama administration, I began to notice a new tradition enacted by many Conservative Rabbis. At least one of their sermons during the High Holidays pushed President Obama’s policies.  For example when President Obama was promoting class war fare between rich and poor, and claiming well-off Americans weren’t paying enough taxes. Conservative Rabbis gave sermons about “fairness” and how everyone in America had to do their part. If Conservative Rabbis spoke about giving more charity, you would be echoing a major theme of all Jewish holidays, tzedaka. However, to most observers I spoke to the sermons were about economics and redistribution of wealth-type doing their part.

In 2009 many Rabbis spoke of the need for Obamacare, 2010 saw Rabbis explaining that  Obama didn’t really hate Israel.  Each year in many (but not all) Synagogues across this country the President’s policies received a positive word in sermons across America.

The fact that the Rabbinical Assembly was overly critical of a Republican president while ignoring the real anti-Semitic acts of a liberal Democratic one and worship the golden calf of Democratic Party politics by endorsing that Democratic President’s progressive policies from the pulpit, is proof that your motives in sending a letter to this president are purely political.

Perhaps the worst move of the Rabbinical Assembly is your refusal to even talk to President Trump just before the “Yamim Noraim” (the High Holidays). By canceling the phone call, you destroyed a teaching opportunity. You denied the President an opportunity to hear how his words were hurtful,  and possibly to recognize his “Chet” (sin) and do ‘T’shuvah” (repent), which is something that Conservative Rabbis taught me was wrong. As the word Rabbi itself means teacher, it is clear that the Rabbinical Assembly action is not befitting of a Rabbi/teacher.

When the unfair one-sided political positions of the Rabbinical Assembly filters down to individual congregations, more and more Jews will recognize the “ruse” of Torah learning dressed as politics from the pulpit. Some Rabbis like mine, for example, work hard to make people feel comfortable despite the political differences. However, others in my large “network” of Jewish readers and Jewish friends feel isolated because of the pulpit politics pushed by the Rabbinical Assembly. If you haven’t seen it yet you will soon notice that many in your congregations will stop coming to services, or will look for non-political synagogues because of the politics pushed by the Rabbinical Assembly simply makes them feel unwelcome. And that is the biggest “shanda”(scandal) of all.

One more thing.  Before you complain that this post is a “shanda fur die goyim,” (an embarrassment in front of the non-Jews)  understand that the letter you sent was delightfully announced and posted by every anti-Trump website and media vehicle across the world whether they were Jewish in nature or not.


President Trump’s Only Failure

I call on President Trump to activate the national guard of states where Antifa threatens the First Amendment rights of American. And if the governor of the state refuses to cooperate, send in the Army, the Marines, the SEALs.

William Hennessy | Hennessy’s View

You know this blog rarely criticizes President Trump. There’s a simple reason for that. That reason is the thousands of fraudulent journalists who create and repeat lies about President Trump every day. Like Jake “The Fake” Tapper. Those fake journalists don’t need my help.

You also know that I have criticized President Bush, Republican candidates for president, and many, many other Republicans and conservatives. I just adopted a simple rule last year: until the fake news media treats President Trump honestly and fairly, I won’t criticize my president.

Until now. Now, I’m suspending my policy for a moment.

I’ve had enough of President Trump’s inaction. Inaction in the face of injustice. Inaction on a basic duty of the president. Inaction that’s inexcusable.

President Trump has done nothing to protect American from the Antifa terrorist group. 

Over the weekend, Antifa terrorists stalked, beat, and assaulted peace activists. Antifa terrorists attacked without interference from police at any level. 

It looked like this.

Antifa Trump

The police actually arrested some of the victims. Probably for their own protection.

President Trump failed to protect American citizens from domestic terrorists, 

Some people support Antifa terrorism. Those who support Antifa cite the terrorists’ professed hatred of Nazis.

I hate Nazis, too. You do, too, I imagine. I don’t know anyone who likes Nazis. My dad and my uncles fought Nazis in World War II.

The problem is, Antifa has given itself the power to decide who’s a Nazi.

To Antifa, I’m a Nazi. You’re a Nazi. Priests and ministers, rabbis, and veterans are Nazis in the eyes of Antifa terrorists. Everybody who’s not Antifa is a Nazi to Antifa.

And fake news people likeChris Cuomo like Antifa terrorists deciding who’s a Nazi. Cuomo would probably encourage Antifa to kill those Nazis, even they’re not really Nazis. Cuomo likes vigilantes and domestic terrorists.

Why hasn’t President Trump acted to protect peace activists trying to hold a peace rally? A peace rally that was interrupted by Antifa terrorists? And, not just peace activists. Americans have a right to hold war rallies if they do it peaceably. The nature of the rally doesn’t matter. Rallies are guaranteed. “Congress shall make no law . . . ” and all that. Remember? The First Amendment calls is the right to peaceably assemble.

You can’t make America great again while tolerating Antifa terrorism.

I call on President Trump to activate the national guard of states where Antifa threatens the First Amendment rights of American. And if the governor of the state refuses to cooperate, send in the Army, the Marines, the SEALs.

Whatever it takes to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It’s President Trump’s job to do it now.

How the Statue Wars Will End

911 Saw Statue

Article by William Hennessy

You probably believe the narrative. Because that narrative is strong right now. It has become common knowledge. Common knowledge in the formal, game theory sense of the word.

In game theory, common knowledge is something everyone knows everyone knows. And everyone know everyone knows. And everyone knows how everyone else will behave because of that knowledge.

Common knowledge doesn’t have to be true. In a common knowledge game, truth doesn’t matter. All that matters is conformity. Behaving or speaking in opposition to common knowledge does no good. Because the culture will punish you for speaking the truth if the truth counters common knowledge.

People who point out the truth during a common knowledge game get punished.  For example, people who ate whole eggs during the cholesterol common knowledge game were punished. People who ate high fat, low carbohydrate diets during the fat-is-bad common knowledge game were punished. Punished by family. Punished by friends. Punished by doctors. Punished by strangers in hotel restaurants.

People who go along with common knowledge games usually suffer in the end. Like people who ate high carbohydrate diets and got fatter and fatter. But those who behaved according to the common knowledge weren’t punished. They were praised. For confirming.

You get the idea.

[If you want to know more about common knowledge, read this.]

There’s a common knowledge game at play right now. A common knowledge game built on a lie.

The thing everybody knows everybody knows goes something like this: anti-slavery people want to tear down statues that remind them of Confederacy. Or of slavery. Or of any bad time in history.

That’s the thing everybody knows everybody knows. More accurately, everybody knows everybody will behave as if it were true. Even if no one actually believes it, nobody wants to face the punishment for pointing out that the common knowledge it a lie. Few want to defend statues against living, breathing humans. If you try to defend any statue, you’ll be called a fascist by Jake Tapper and Don Lemon.

Phoenix Trump Nazi Billboard Funded with Taxpayer DollarsPhoenix Trump Nazi Billboard Funded with Taxpayer Dollars
A controversial billboard depicting President Donald Trump as a Nazi was funded with taxpayer dollars and was commissioned by an “arts advocate” paid by a U.S. city to “diminish barriers,” records obtained by Judicial Watch reveal.


Who wants to be called a Nazi? 

Donald Trump is being punished for pointing out the lies and hypocrisy from people who want to play the common knowledge game. Last week I pointed out that it takes character to risk your reputation by fighting common knowledge. Some call it foolish to fight common knowledge. I call it character.

Looking at the statue common knowledge game, I see something others don’t. Because I asked some different questions.

  • Why now?
  • Who’s calling the shots?
  • Why did statue removal become an issue now?
  • Has anyone asked?
  • What if sinister forces were behind this statue-removal craze?

Last Monday, Trump asked if we’d have tear down statues of Washington and Jefferson next.

The common knowledge answer: “yes.” Because no one wants to counter the common knowledge game.

If my hunch is right, it won’t stop there. At some point, someone will start negotiating. That’s what happens. People negotiate.

At some point, someone will want to remove statues of even abolitionists and anti-segregationists. Statues of Mother Teresa. Statues of saints. The Gateway Pundit found

a Catholic church in California that has removed statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Because of the common knowledge game.

Statue Wars
Statue of Jesus ruled “offensive” and removed by Catholic church. via Gateway Pundit

If my hunch is right about who’s behind the anti-statue craze, those statues will come down, too. All of them. Jefferson. Jesus. Washington. Martin Luther King. Rocky Balboa. They’ll all come down.

There is no war on the Confederacy. That was over in 1865.

There is a war on statues, as ridiculous as that sounds. A war on all statues.

The anti-statue warriors aren’t fighting against slavery. They’re fighting against statues. They will push until someone pushes back. Until someone suggests eliminating all statues everywhere. Maybe even statues of dogs and horses.

Why, you are asking, would anyone be anti-statue? Who would want to live in a world devoid of statues?

You think I’ve lost mind.

But I remember reading somewhere that Patton thought it was strange. Strange that statues were prohibited in Islamic countries. Strange that a religion would prohibit statues.

So I looked it up. According to People of Our Everyday Life:

The Quran is Islam’s holy text, and its pages prohibit “makers of figures” from creating statues because of the belief that only Allah can create new beings. Quranic teaching holds that any home with statues inside would never be visited by the angels, and that promotion of idol worship is punishable on the Day of Judgment.

Crazes like the current anti-statue craze don’t come from nothing. They come from something. Someone. Someone pushes these crazes. And it’s probably radical Islamists. Just like ISIS is doing in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS just released a new video of destroying statues.

Some people say Islam does not prohibit statues, only the worshipping of statues. But That’s not what the radical Islamists believe. Radical Islamists destroy statues. Radical Islamists destroy statues in Syria and Iraq. And in the United States.

I’m not saying everyone who destroys a statue is a radical Islamist. I’m saying the anti-statue craze is inspired by radical Islamists.

Most people who get behind the craze have no idea the real reason for the craze. They think they’re being anti-slavery. But they’re actually being anti-statue. They’re actually being anti-Western Civilization.

I could be wrong, and I hope I am. Maybe I am wrong. We’ll find out.

We’ll find out when the bargaining begins. When some levelheaded Senator suggests we just destroy all public statues. Destroy all the statues so no one can be offended.

See Also: The New Nazis published 03/22/2012


I didn’t know my video would trigger the Left like this (or maybe I did)


Video Supporting Keeping Confederate Statues Makes Minions of Satan Go Berserk

by Mychal Massie on 8-22-17


Friday past I posted a VideoRant to my YouTube Video Channel, titled: “Why We Should Keep Confederate Statues.” My reasoning I set forth was cogent and concise.


The common sense manner in which I addressed the subject isn’t a dialogue pernicious marplots in receipt of George Soros funding want their historically illiterate minions to engage in.


There is without question a baneful cabal of stupidity embodied in what heretofore would have been viewed as “lower life forms” reminiscent of Neanderthal man, i.e., “protruding supra-orbital ridges, small craniums, 1,300 cc brains” who spray spittle as they stutter along in crude mono-syllabic grunts recognized in public school classrooms and the ghetto as patterns of speech, albeit massively underdeveloped.


While many of the comments reflected reasoned concern, there were many who offered nothing but vituperative ad hominem outbursts. What makes their kind more appalling is that they are wholly unconcerned how common said attacks make them. There can be no reasoning with these types because they are bereft of the ability to do same.


The full extent of their ability to engage in cogent discourse is reduced to abject ignorance, name-calling, and attempted insults. Following is a small sampling of my point:

• Mychal Massie I am fully aware of the exploits of that homosexual Abraham Lincoln, his only reason to bring in slavery was to crush the South, the original war was about money business where was the railroad going to terminate in the South or the North the majority of the slaveholders where khazarian Zionist convert Jews, they changed their name to blend in, who are the true followers since 1666 and Beyond of sabbatai sebi their “Messiah” of the 13th tribe, synagogue of Satan they use European Americans as their front, they came here to my land with Columbus and raped, pillaged , enslaved and made a $ as per usual they, the Euros, accepted it because they benefited from it also went alongside it Hook Line & Sinker and and we’re also “financially sodomized” by the whole concept of War which was created to divide the Euros as Zionist conquered their banking system and profited of their spilling of each other’s blood. To this day!!! You need to TRULY WTFU – Big Al
• COO-N/Cracker loving slavery ASS hole protecting n hugging his massa selling his own sorry ass soul to get his massa to pat him on da head. It still won’t get him in da house. – Big Al
• Mychal Massie sorry blindly loyal satanic minion son of Cain my soul is not for sale I hope you got a good price for yours – Big Al
• Star Dust shut the f**k up white trash – Brandy H
• Kennedy.binni.belinda Binni you are truly an ASS believing owning others is acceptable at any point in time. Or stealing land and to also enslave or the running off indigenous original people from their own land to suit your delusional beliefs of manifest destiny must be the Zionist khazarian bloodline that you still possess regardless of your last name all your first DNA will prove who you really are demons in the flesh – Big Al
• Lee Weber, your b***** logic is delusional the whole premise of superiority is to feel greater than another every symbol that stands for in loss of a war shows that they/your kind have an overriding delusional belief that even if you lost the f**** War your kind still have the right to s*** on others like my people who were here before all you f*** heads even came here of the people you call Noble Savages when you are the actual Savage projecting your delusions again based upon your demonic beliefs go to hell and meet your mother father – Bg Al
• Liam Baynon come get me don’t mistake me for your daddy you should have had a condom on you waste of a f*** — Bg Al
• Cipher Oceanus Stfu the Republican is new the Kkk – Brandy H
• I love history, and I think it is a mistake to try to sanitize it. The problems we should be working on are in the present. Real changes in policy need to happen to make changes. This is purely self-destructive symbolism, like all riots. We need to stop passing laws that result in the disproportionate incarceration of black people for participating in militias. They’re only called gangs in the ghettos. I love all of America, and I’m proud of all our people of every color and walk of life. – Pam Miles
• coon – aadsfdfhg gcftfuyf
• Who is this sellout coon? – philpott kentucky
• Notice this black dude doesn’t speak out about the removal of black iconic figures and defacement of our monuments. Hypocrite! – Magic City Lotto
• This black dude dumb as hell! – Magic City Lotto
• House negro. – Seven W
• Bring down all the Confederate statue in American cities and pimp slap this Confederate loyal slave when you see him walking in public street. – Avram Ruben


These are just a few of the hundreds of comments the Video received. My reason for posting this small sampling is to show how abnormal and intellectually genocidal these types are. I have never in my life witnessed ignorance on such a scale.


Review my VideoRant and then reread the small sampling of comments I’ve shared and try to envision any scenario in which these kinds of people can engage in constructive dialogue.


These are the people the neo-Leninists are using as ground troops in their war for the soul of America. And it is the job of public schools, so-called academic institutions, the media, politicians, and television to work diligently to produce regimens of same.


You cannot make nice-nice with nor reason with “stupid.” We can only overcome “stupid” by creating a zeitgeist in which “stupid” is no longer viewed as a desirable trait.


Which means it is up to you and I to stop whining and wringing our hands and realize that we must equip ourselves with truth and a ferocity that refuses to knuckle under to the minions of darkness and their progeny.


Dinesh D’souza On “the Big Lie About Charlottesville” — Glazov Gang

From the Virginia Christian Alliance:

“D’Souza correctly sees the resistance to Trump as a grave threat designed to undo America’s constitutional system and to institute a progressive conformity of thought and action throughout the country.”

This is a direct affront to Christians and the moral fabric of our country and impacts Godly relationships, civility, stokes racism, violence and elevates vulgar and obsene behavior between American citizens.  Militant leftist groups, godless in nature, are rising up across the nation and this interview is a must see for all concerned Americans.  Jamie Glazov interviews Dinsesh D’souza on the BIG LIE ABOUT CHARLOTTESVILLE.   The mainstream media is reporting only one side of the story and that has critical flaws and as President Trump as stated, they are FAKE NEWS and this interview proves it.

Dinesh D’Souza predicted the destruction of our national monuments in his 2014 film America. Now in The Big Lie, he shows how we can defeat the fascism of the Left and stop them from tearing down America.

Dinesh D’Souza joined The Glazov Gang with Jamie Glazov to discuss what progressives and their friends in the media are covering up about the unrest in Charlottesville and around the country this week. What is the Left’s “big lie?”

Watch this Video: September 23, 2017 Doomsday or End Time Prophecy Come True?

September 23 2017

by Jeff Bayard, Contributor

Title after title and after title and all over YouTube and on prophecy sites this big date of September 23, 2017 abounds with Revelation 12:1 tied to it:

Titles like:

Death planet Nibiru is going to hit Earth on September 23, killing us all, author claims (read)


  • After the Revelation 12 Sign (Sept 23)..Brace yourself for the Next 7 Years (Daniels 70th week)
  • God Denies The September 23 2017 Luciferian Timeline- The Organic Gospel has been Reinstated
  • GODS FINAL WARNINGS BEGIN??? SOLAR ECLIPSE 2017 is Biblical Warning!!
  • The September 23 2017 Counterfeit Second Coming Extraterrestrial Agenda

So began my day this morning at 4:55 a.m, I went to my routine workout and my first exercise is the eliptical for 20 minutes of cardio before strength training routines.  Warming up is fundamental to a good intense workout.  The TV news screens were all mainstream news thumping Trump, so I went to my smart phone, ear buds and YouTube.  Normally I would have picked the next Old Testament book from a great series from Proclaim His Word (here if interested).

But, one caught my interest titled “Get Ready The Revelation 12 Sign 23rd of September 2017” and was 18 minutes long…Perfect!  Now, stay with me on this please…I don’t get hung up in doomsday predictions and all that, but bible prophecy is incredibly important and we should be watchful and informed.  One of my favorite sources outside the bible is Jan Markell’s Olive Tree Ministries, where she states:

“We are to watch and pray for the Lord’s return. We will help you do so by keeping our eyes on the signs of the times and reporting them to you. Jesus chastised the Pharisees for not knowing the signs of the times in His day. So He wants to us know the signs today, for they instill in us hope for the future and encourage us to evangelize the lost while there is still time.”

The video began with Revelation Chapter 12, verse one:

And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed in the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.

Watch this, it is fascinating but is it for real?

Personally, I believe Christians should always be ready for the Lord’s return or for a disaster or for whatever happens on any particular day, hour or right now.  After you watch this, I have included more content below, and urge you to read on.

My first question when watching this is straight forward.   Why would this be hidden from most of the people on earth, even though it is in plain site?   Some say that watching the stars and how things happen in the heavens is “astrology” and forbidden.  But is it really?   Did God put the stars and planets in the heavens for mere decoration or do they have significance?

I urge our readers to listen to Dr. James Kennedy’s short sermon on the importance of the heavenly signs.

“The heavens declare the glory of God, says the Psalmist. There exists in the writings of virtually all civilized nations a description of the major stars in the heavens ¬something which might be called the “constellations of the zodiac” or the “signs of the zodiac,” of which there are twelve.

If you go back in time to Rome, or beyond that to Greece, or before that to Egypt, or to Persia, or Assyria, or Babylonia—regardless of how far back you go, there is a remarkable phenomenon: All nations had the same twelve signs, representing the same twelve things, placed in the same order.

Archaeologists, historians and antiquarians have searched the dustiest libraries, uncovered the oldest tablets, ciphered the most difficult hieroglyphics, and have failed to discover how it is that in nations all over the world the same signs exist.

Dr. Kennedy explains that the real meaning of the Zodiac was to reveal God’s plan of salvation in Christ. Meanwhile, he also denounces using horoscopes. The stars point to the Creator.”

Others disagree that Sept 23rd or reading the stars in the sky have bible prophecy significance at all

One such person is, J. L. Robb and here is a snippet with a link to the full article

September 23, 2017- Doomsday 
In Defense of the Faith 
Thursday, June 15, 2017 
J.L. Robb 

Here we go again.

If you have yet to hear the rumors of what is happening this date, get ready. It is our latest “sign in the heavens” phenom and may be bigger than the Blood Moons bust.

A nice lady in New Jersey who proofs my books sent me a link to the September 23 story, asking if I knew anything about it and what did I think?

I had seen a few articles pop up on the internet about this date but paid little attention. By the time I went through the Jupiter Effect in the ‘80s, the Harold Camping prophecies of The End on May 21, 2011 and then his next prophecy for The End on October 21 when the May 21 date did not work out, I was pretty disappointed in the accuracy. Bible prophecy comes true; man prophecy does not.

Then there was the Blood Moon Tetrad that was surely a sign in the heavens; only the moons were not blood-red but orange and had happened numerous times in the past. Lots of books were written and money made, but it was a stretch.

Those of us with an interest in the prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled sometimes have a tendency to make stuff happen to help the fulfillment along a bit. We have been looking for signs in the sky, hoping to be a part. We should be careful what we hope for.

There are numerous verses in the Bible pertaining to “signs” that God will send mankind in the last days. This should be no surprise since God has often used signs throughout history, but the signs in the last days will be different. There will be no question.  CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE WITH LINKS

Finally, I believe Answers in Genesis has the best layman’s explanation and one I agree with:

What Will Happen on September 23, 2017?

by Dr. Danny R. Faulkner on May 1, 2017

Answer: Probably nothing unusual.

Recently at Answers in Genesis, we have begun to get enquiries about a supposed event of great prophetic significance on September 23 of this year. Many videos on the Internet are promoting this. On this date, the sun will be in the constellation Virgo (the virgin), along with the moon near Virgo’s feet. Additionally, Jupiter will be in Virgo, while the planets Venus, Mars, and Mercury will be above and to the right of Virgo in the constellation Leo. Some people claim that this is a very rare event (allegedly only once in 7,000 years) and that it supposedly is a fulfillment of a sign in Revelation 12. Revelation 12:1–2 (ESV)reads:

And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. She was pregnant and was crying out in birth pains and the agony of giving birth.

So we have here a woman (Virgo) in the sky (heaven), along with the sun, and the moon at her feet. What about the 12 stars? Virtually all the websites promoting this prophetic sign state that there are nine stars in Leo, but with the addition of the three planets (which appear as bright stars), there are 12 stars. Since Leo is to the upper right of Virgo’s head, one might see this as a crown of 12 stars, though these 12 stars will be far above Virgo’s head. Many of the videos that discuss this have various embellishments, such as tying this event to the supposed rogue planet Niburu or the tetrad of total lunar eclipses in 2014–2015. I’ve previously written about these other two subjects and found them wanting, so we ought to be wary about this one too. Let us examine the claims.

Examination of the Claims

First, there is nothing particularly unusual about the sun appearing in the constellation Virgo.   CONTINUE to Answers in Genesis


Regardless of what happens on any day, one day will be your last day.  Those who have placed their trust and lives in the hands of Jesus Christ will be saved.  The rest will face horrible judgement.  Let me a question to those of you who are not Christians.

IF Christianity is true, would you become a Christian?  As it is written in Deuteronomy:

Your foot shall slip in due time

To me belongeth vengeance, and recompence; their foot shall slide in duetime: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.


The Humanitarian Hoax of Transgender in the Military Hoax #7


by Linda Goudsmit
July 31, 2017

The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised enemy.

Obama, the humanitarian huckster-in-chief, weakened the United States for eight years presenting his crippling transgender policies as altruistic when in fact they were designed for destruction. His legacy, the Leftist Democratic Party with its “resistance” movement, is the party of the Humanitarian Hoax attempting to destroy American democracy and replace it with socialism.

LGBTQ rights are an anthem for the leftist resistance movement. They publicly rail against Republicans as homophobes, racists, sexists, and misogynists. Their rants are emotionally charged “feel-good” slogans designed to unify their base. Sloganism is a manipulative marketing strategy designed by the advertising industry to hype the products they are trying to sell. The Leftist Democrat Party slogans are hyping transgender inclusion to sell transitioning inclusion in the military – there is a pivotal difference.

Of course transgender individuals are as patriotic as any American. Of course transgender individuals can shoot as straight as any American. Of course transgender soldiers can be as effective as any American soldier. Inclusion of transgender individuals in the military is not a matter of IF transgender individuals should be admitted it is a matter of WHEN they should be admitted.

The time for gender assignment and gender choices is BEFORE entering the military. An individual’s path to maleness or femaleness is a personal private matter and not the military’s concern. Any individual applying for military service must have matching gender, genitalia, and gender identification BEFORE entering the military. Any ambivalence, counseling, transitioning, surgeries, or any ancillary services must be completed before admittance. Let’s examine why.

Inclusion and cohesion are not the same thing.

The mission of the military is unequivocally national defense – the protection of America and the American people. The military is one of the only appropriate collectives in a democracy. The military is a unique culture with unique rules where collective units, not individuals, are prioritized and where the mission supersedes the needs of the individuals who serve. The effectiveness of the military depends on group cohesion and the ability of the group to function effectively as a single unified lethal force under extreme pressure. Anything that threatens group cohesion is contraindicated in the military.

Obama and his Leftist Democratic Legacy Party are deliberately trying to weaken and undermine group cohesion in the American military by disingenuously advocating for transgender inclusion BEFORE gender identity issues are resolved. Ambivalence, counseling, transitioning, surgeries, or any ancillary services during military service are contraindicated. Coed showering with undecided or transitioning individuals is contraindicated in the military. Obama’s directive that our men in uniform prance around in high heels to identify with women and learn how women feel is a stunning example of his sinister intention to destabilize the military. Beyond being the laughingstock of the world Obama is/was intentionally undermining the cohesiveness of the American military and its mission to preserve and protect America.

The Leftist campaign for premature transgender inclusion in the military is designed to create chaos and weaken the military’s readiness and cohesion.

If the American military is weakened and cannot protect American democracy then all the individual rights guaranteed by our Constitution including all the individual rights of the LGBTQ community are sacrificed as well. Deceptive feel-good slogans chanted by noisy politicians do not protect the individual rights of transgender individuals guaranteed by American democracy and our Constitution. It is the US military that preserves, protects, and defends those rights and it is military cohesion that makes it possible.

Destabilizing the military with destructive premature transgender policies is a Humanitarian Hoax presented as altruistic inclusion but designed to destroy the military cohesion necessary to protect and serve.

The Leftist Democratic Party presents itself as America’s advocate but is in fact America’s enemy. WHY?

The goal of the Leftist Democrat Party is to destroy American democracy and replace it with socialism. Transformative social change requires social chaos and Obama’s deceitful domestic policies were all designed to produce chaos. Chaos in the military, racial divisiveness, economic chaos, social chaos at home and chaos among nations who view a chaotic America as an unstable ally. Destabilizing America through social chaos is the structural theory of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” – Obama’s playbook.

Socialism with its complete government control is the prerequisite social structure for the globalist elite to internationalize the socialist countries, internationalize the police force, and impose enforced one-world government. One-world government is the new world order that the globalist elite intend to rule themselves. It is unapologetically described in chilling detail in Lord Bertrand Russell’s 1952 book “The Impact of Science on Society.” One-world government is a binary socio-political system of masters and slaves. There is no social justice in one-world government, there is no income equality in one-world government, there are no Leftists, environmentalists, humanitarian hucksters, transgender advocacy, diversity, or political agitators of any kind in one-world government – only a docile, compliant population of slaves ruled by the globalist elite.

One-world government is the goal and the underlying motive of the campaign to destroy America from within. By destroying the military’s ability to perform its duties Obama’s disingenuous policies in the military destabilize and weaken America domestically and internationally. Our allies no longer trust us and our enemies are emboldened.

American democracy is the single greatest existential threat to one-world government and President Donald Trump is America’s leader. The globalist elite are desperate to stop Trump because if Obama is exposed as a con man it leaves them without their primetime huckster to continue marching America toward anarchy and social chaos with his leftist resistance movement. The globalist elites who fund the leftist humanitarian hucksters are using them as useful idiots to facilitate the great Humanitarian Hoax of Transgender in the Military to create the overwhelming social chaos necessary to internationalize the police force and impose their own special brand of a new world order.

The irony is that Obama and his left-wing liberal lemmings are too arrogant to understand that they are being used as puppets by the globalist elite who have an end game of their own. If the globalist elite are successful in their efforts to weaken America and destroy military cohesiveness through Obama’s deceitful transgender/transitioning inclusion campaign, overthrow the US government of President Donald Trump, and transform America into socialism the next step is globalist conquest and the imposition of one-world government.

After 241 years of American freedom the world will be returned to the dystopian existence of masters and slaves because a willfully blind American public was seduced by the Humanitarian Hoax of Transgender in the Military advanced by leftist humanitarian hucksters promising protection and safety for their victimized community. The Humanitarian Hoax will have succeeded in killing America with “kindness.”







The Merit of the Meritocracy

Merits of Meritocracy

by Linda Goudsmit
July 29, 2017

In a stunning display of reverse discrimination Columbia University’s Teachers College organized a conference exploring the “problem of whiteness” and how to combat whiteness.

300 participants mostly K-12 teachers and principals were “reeducated” in ways to frame being white as the primary social problem to be addressed in elementary schools. Workshops and presentations titled “Whiteness in Schools,” “Three Ways to Face White Privilege in the Classroom,” “Teaching for Social Justice” are representative of the blatant prejudice and reverse discrimination intrinsic in the conference designed to “Reimagine Education.”

Black history exposes how black children were made to feel ashamed of being black. How does making white children feel ashamed of being white remedy the situation? It can’t.

Similarly, at a diversity conference for employees at Jesuit colleges Dr. Kris Sealey, associate professor of philosophy at Fairfield University, spoke about race in the university classroom. She has taught race based courses such as “Black Lives Matter” and “Critical Race Theory.”

“So more and more, the courses that I teach on race have become courses in which I expect my students to engage in the hegemonic power of whiteness.” Really?

Let’s discuss hegemonic theory. Early 19th century Italian political theorist Antonio Gramsci was made famous by his theory of cultural hegemony which posits that the state and ruling class (the bourgeoisie in Italy) use cultural institutions to maintain power in capitalist societies. Hegemony is just another word for dominance. The ruling class uses ideology rather than military force to achieve compliance to its cultural norms. The idea is that the lessons of accepted normative behavior are repeated and reinforced at home, at school, and at worship. The cultural norms become codified into laws which further enforce the cultural norms and thus cultural hegemony rather than force is used to maintain power.

Dr. Sealey and the presenters at Teachers College are criticizing cultural hegemony as the evil method used for maintaining white power while they are hypocritically attempting to reformat American cultural institutions with reverse discrimination to establish cultural hegemony and establish black power. Reverse discrimination is still discrimination and cannot remedy the problem of discrimination it can only exacerbate it.

Reverse racism taken to its extreme will necessarily end in a race war – the white population will not submit without a fight. The social chaos of a race war will not end well for America. The police force will be nationalized and the federal government will declare martial law and all individual freedoms will be suspended.

There is an alternative.

America’s judicial system was created with the dream of blind justice. This meant that the judicial system would focus exclusively on the WHAT of behavior and ignore the WHO. To realize the dream of fairness requires a commitment to the ideal of the meritocracy not a campaign to institutionalize reverse racism. Racism and reverse racism are the opposite of fairness because they focus on the WHO of behavior not on the WHAT of behavior.

Consider the blind auditions for orchestras. They are the fairest system and yield the most talented artists for positions in the orchestra. Musicians sitting behind a screen play for judges – there is only the music – it does not matter if the musician is white, black, hispanic, Asian, old, young, Jewish, Christian, or Muslim. Only the music matters. The competence and achievement of the musician is measured – not the color of his/her skin.

The meritocracy is the structure of fairness that supports the American dream of upward mobility. The meritocracy focuses exclusively on the WHAT of behavior and ignores the WHO.

Fairness is a stabilizing principle. People will stand in line quietly and peacefully for hours until someone cuts the line. The unfairness of someone cutting the line provokes anger that can quickly escalate into violence. Fairness is a principle we need to recommit ourselves to.

So, why is there a movement to completely dismantle the meritocracy rather than a commitment to abide by it to make America truly egalitarian? Why are elementary schools, universities, and black race hucksters attempting to destroy the meritocracy of our educational system and replace it with an institutionalized curriculum that indoctrinates American youth toward reverse racism in schools?

The answer can be found in Shelby Steele’s extraordinary book titled “White Guilt” that explores the emotional power of white guilt being exploited by black political race hustlers in the United States hoping to transform America into socialism. Steel argues that the primary focus of the civil rights movement was the legitimate undertaking to remove racial barriers and achieve equality through equal opportunity. Without racial barriers the black community would become equal and active participants in the American meritocracy and Martin Luther King’s dreams for racial equality would come true. America would finally be color-blind and function like the blind auditions for orchestras.

That was not to be the case. Instead, the counterculture movement of the 60s merged with the civil rights movement and instead of empowering the black community through the avenues of personal responsibility and the meritocracy the black power movement embraced an angry narrative of blame insuring perpetual victimhood for the black community. Rather than creating a climate of equality among races based on equal rights, equal opportunity, and equal protections under the law white guilt was exploited to reverse racial discrimination and blame white privilege for the black community’s condition and an industry for race hustlers was created.

Shelby Steele understands that being a victim is the position of powerlessness – the net effect of the intersectionality of race hustlers, the black power movement, and the counterculture selling permanent victim status has been 50 more years of hardship for the black community. Shelby Steele argues that the black community has exchanged free stuff for their freedom – a very bad trade. A commitment to the meritocracy is the pathway for survival and upward mobility. Competence elevates the black community. An education fostering competence, skills, and achievement is necessary for success not an indoctrination in blame, permanent victimhood, and powerlessness.

Racial harmony requires a commitment to equal opportunity and the meritocracy where all behavior and achievement are judged on competence not who is competing. The meritocracy is the system that can make Martin Luther King’s dreams come true. So, why are radical educators, race hustlers, and their left-wing liberal supporters trying to dismantle it?

The radical educators, race hustlers and Leftist believe that socialism will provide social justice and income equality. The problem with socialism as Margaret Thatcher explained is that “Eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

Socialism is the opposite of the meritocracy. Socialism steals individual freedom. Socialism is the fiction that you can have freedom without responsibility. That is why socialism inevitably fails.

The Humanitarian Hoax of Diversity: Killing America With Kindness – Hoax #6


Linda Goudsmit 7.28.17

The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised enemy.


Obama, the humanitarian huckster-in-chief, weakened the United States for eight years presenting his crippling diversity policies as altruistic when in fact they were designed for destruction. His legacy, the Leftist Democratic Party with its “resistance” movement, is the party of the Humanitarian Hoax attempting to destroy American democracy and replace it with socialism.


Diversity is an anthem for the Leftist Democratic Party. They rail against Republicans as exclusionary racists, sexists, misogynists, homophobic anti-immigration elitists insensitive to diversity. The Left’s deceptive inclusionary message was codified in Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan “Stronger Together.” So let’s examine the subjective reality of the leftist fiction being propagated by these humanitarian hucksters.


The history of diversity began in 1948 when President Truman signed Executive Order 9981 that desegregated the military making it illegal to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, or natural origin. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made discrimination in the workforce illegal and broadened the categories making it illegal to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or natural origin. In the mid to late 20th century diversity was still an issue of appearances. “What race are you? What color are you? What religion are you? Are you male or female? Where were you born?”


Workforce diversity was historically an issue of form not content because our Constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech implies freedom of thought. Diversity of opinion was a moot point. No one asked What do you think? And then came the radical socialist huckster-in-chief Barack Obama.


Presenting himself as the agent of change and protector of all Americans Obama deceptively focused diversity on race, gender, and ethnicity and deliberately ignored thought. Obama publicly spoke of inclusive diversity and privately pressed his left-wing liberal agenda into every sphere of American life. The echo chamber that he and Ben Rhodes created in the White House extended to every mainstream media outlet and entertainment medium. The medium became the message. There is virtually no distinction between Obama’s radical liberal views and what is presented as educational curriculum and entertainment in the United States. Americans are being deceptively propagandized toward collectivism and socialism in the name of diversity.


There is no media diversity when conservative political voices are not hired as political analysts or allowed to speak as guests. There is no entertainment diversity on television or at the movies when conservative script writers, actors, and producers are not hired to present an alternative voice. There is no academic diversity on campus when conservative voices are not hired or allowed to speak as guests.


In a stunning sleight of hand ex-president Barack Obama successfully perpetrated the Humanitarian Hoax of diversity by pressuring conformity and silencing opposing voices. When there is no freedom of speech there is no freedom of thought and there is no real diversity – there is only the appearance of diversity. Thomas Sowell famously remarked,“The next time some academics tell you how important diversity is, ask how many Republicans there are in their sociology department.”


Georgetown University adjunct professor Preston Mitchum recently tweeted,

“Yes, ALL white people are racist. Yes, ALL men are sexist. Yes, ALL cis people are transphobic, we have to unpack that. That’s the work.”

Fomenting racism is a despicable pursuit that should never be tolerated under the guise of academic freedom. Imagine if Georgetown Law hired an adjunct law professor who tweeted that all black people are racists. The outrage from the Left would be deafening. Preston Mitchum is a disgrace and should be fired and never allowed to return to campus. Reverse racism is still racism and the pretense of diversity is not the reality of diversity.


Diversity requires the open and candid exchange of ideas debated on merit. Diversity requires freedom of speech. The Humanitarian Hoax of diversity is designed to dupe the public into accepting diversity as a matter of form and not content. It is a deliberate effort to impose conformity to Leftist group think and weaken America toward collectivism and socialism. The purpose of the Humanitarian Hoax of Diversity is to kill America with “kindness.”


Socialism with its complete government control is the prerequisite social structure for the globalist elite to internationalize the socialist countries, internationalize the police force, and impose enforced one-world government. One-world government is the new world order that the globalist elite intend to rule themselves. It is unapologetically described in chilling detail in Lord Bertrand Russell’s 1952 book “The Impact of Science on Society.”

One-world government is a binary socio-political system of masters and slaves. There is no social justice in one-world government, there is no income equality in one-world government, there are no Leftists, environmentalists, humanitarian hucksters, bullying prevention, diversity, or political agitators of any kind in one-world government – only a docile, compliant population of slaves ruled by the globalist elite.

One-world government is the goal and the underlying motive of the campaign to destroy America from within. American democracy is the single greatest existential threat to one-world government and President Donald Trump is America’s leader. The globalist elite are desperate to stop Trump because if Obama is exposed as a con man it leaves them without their primetime huckster to continue marching America toward anarchy and social chaos with his “resistance” movement. The globalist elites who fund the leftist humanitarian hucksters are using them as useful idiots to facilitate the great Humanitarian Hoax of Diversity to create the overwhelming social chaos necessary to internationalize the police force and impose their own special brand of a new world order.


Obama and his left-wing liberal lemmings are too arrogant to understand that they are being used as puppets by the globalist elite who have an end game of their own. If the globalist elite are successful in their efforts to weaken America and collapse freedom of speech through their deceitful form and no content diversity campaign, overthrow the US government of President Donald Trump, and transform America into socialism the next step is globalist conquest and the imposition of one-world government.


After 241 years of American freedom the world will be returned to the dystopian existence of masters and slaves because a willfully blind American public was seduced by the Humanitarian Hoax of Diversity advanced by leftist humanitarian hucksters promising protection and safety for their victimized selves. The Humanitarian Hoax will have succeeded in killing America with “kindness.”

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