Fayçal Cheffou: Man in the White Hat and Terror Journalist


A few days after last week’s terror attacks in Brussels it emerged that one of the three suspects caught on camera at the airport — “the man in the white coat” or “the man in the hat” — was named Fayçal Cheffou, a champion of Jihad journalism.


Unlike his companions, who detonated their devices and died in the blast, Mr. Cheffou fled the scene and was arrested later.

Fayçal Cheffou is said to be a former freelance journalist who became a mujahid. However, as far as anyone can tell, his sole journalistic contribution is the video report below from 2014, in which he laments the cruel, sadistic treatment of Muslim inmates at an immigrant detention center during the month of their Ramadan fast.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Jihadi journalist report on starving the fasting

Watch this video on YouTube.

Below is a report from The Independent describing Mr. Cheffou’s part in last Tuesday’s massacre and his previous career, such as it was:

Faycal Cheffou: Who is the ‘freelance journalist’ charged with terrorist murders after Isis Brussels attacks?

A man who once claimed to be a freelance journalist has been charged with “terrorist murders” following the Brussels attacks.

There is growing speculation that Fayçal Cheffou could be the fugitive “man in the hat” seen with the two airport bombers on CCTV but prosecutors have not confirmed his exact role.

A statement on Saturday said that he had been charged with “participation in the activities of a terrorist group, terrorist murders and attempted terrorist murders” in connection with the explosions at Brussels Airport and Maelbeek Metro station.

Belgian media report that Mr Cheffou is the man pictured wearing a distinctive white coat and hat alongside suicide bombers Najim Laachraoui and Brahim el-Bakraoui in the departures terminal on Tuesday morning.

The suspected Isis militants died when they detonated the suitcase bombs they were wheeling on luggage trolleys but the third and most powerful device, believed to be the third man’s, was found unexploded after he fled the scene.

Little over an hour later, Khalid el-Bakraoui blew himself up at Maelbeek Metro station.

A taxi driver who drove the trio to the airport identified Cheffou as one of his passengers from photographs, Belgian newspaper Le Soir reported, but prosecutors have not confirmed the claim.

Cheffou was arrested near the federal prosecutor’s office in Brussels on Thursday evening alongside a man and woman who have since been released.

Their relationship and the reason for their presence in the area was unclear.

A search conducted at Cheffou’s home found no weapons or explosives, according to the federal prosecutor’s office.

Little appears to be known about the man, who has no Facebook profile under his name and despite apparently claiming to be a “freelance journalist”, is known for only one report.

In a video uploaded to YouTube two years ago, Cheffou reports from outside an immigration detention centre in the Belgian province of Steenokkerzeel.

With shouting and banging clearly audible from the building in the background, he claims the migrants and asylum seekers are protesting inside because they have not been fed.

Video transcript:

00:04Repression in detention centre 127bis. Humans deprived of food 15.7.2014
00:08We are in front of the centre. If you hear the detainees in revolt, it’s because
00:12they have been mistreated throughout the evening, we hear.
00:16We are in communication with certain persons who are in the centre,
00:20and we will try to find out more.
00:24(not clear)
00:49Hello, yes.
00:53Hello, Faycal Cheffou speaking, I am a journalist. I’m here to find out
00:57a little more. You must contact
01:01tomorrow… ehh… someone in Brussels.
01:05Well okay, I will, but now, I want to know what is happening now.
01:13It is better to come tomorrow. Yes but you can’t
01:17tell us what is happening? No, no, I cannot.
01:21I’m sorry. OK, you don’t have a spokesman?
01:25Good evening. We are in front
01:29of the centre 127bis in Steenokkerzeel. The cries you hear behind me
01:34are cries of the detainees who are dissatisfied because
01:38they are forgotten and they have been refused food. The majority of these people
01:42are fasting, it’s the month of Ramadan.
01:46They are fasting and the prison’s policy is to serve
01:50three meals per day, and after 7pm this stops.
01:54These people only eat starting at 10pm, so they
01:58find themselves without food, completely forgotten by the rest of the world.
02:02I am in front of the prison, and there is nobody, except
02:06me and my camera man. We are all alone,
02:11while there is no politician, no media, nobody.
02:15So the cries of these people —
02:19it’s only a field that can hear these cries. I find this
02:23totally disrespectful of human rights,
02:27and the information we have received is that two people were transported to the hospital.
02:31One or two people are in
02:35a dungeon, simply because they have protested and asked that they be fed.
02:39I am perturbed by the noise and the cries I hear behind me,
02:43because it’s a call for help to the world, but it seems that one forgets
02:47them completely. We just had elections
02:51where the politicians promised us many things, but we cannot find even one
02:55today. I call upon all human beings
02:59who wish to defend human dignity of every
03:04human being. These people are illegal residents in Belgium,
03:08and are completely forgotten because their only crime
03:12is to be without documents.
03:16It’s really…what will we try to do…? We will try
03:20to make contact with a person who is inside. What I can tell you
03:24is that there is repression inside. The prison management refuses
03:28to communicate, refuses any element.
03:32so I will be back in some minutes trying to find out more.
03:36Can you explain what is happening inside?
03:44(broken French) …no giving meals to people…
03:52…no eating… (unclear)
03:56So if I have understood correctly, the prison
04:01refuses to give you food while you are fasting.
04:05(unclear broken French)
04:13…not eating…
04:33We have filmed everything.
04:37we have filmed everything you said; we filmed your cries.
04:49Good, what we will try to do
04:53is to alert a maximum number of people
04:58to your situation. This video, insh’allah, will be on the internet tomorrow.
05:02What message can you give us? And there I will ask for a little silence from everyone
05:06so that we can hear your message. What do you want to say
05:10to the people who listen to you? OK understood.
05:18(note by translator: the rest of the message is unclear)