Celebrate Earth Day, Celebrate Lenin’s Birthday

Earth Day was created on April 22, 1970 on the 100th anniversary of Vladimir Illich Ulianov’s (aka Lenin) birthday. And you know who created it? You guessed right!! 

A Demotraitor (aka “DemocRat”), of course.  It was created by an exquisitely-dressed leftist by the name of Gaylord Nelson, a “progressive” Demotraitor U.S. Senator for Connecticut.·

Most non-leftist Americans –ignorant as American generally are in terms of history mainly due to the way the Left has corrupted, degraded, corroded and prostituted K-12 government-controlled education– haven’t caught it yet. (Do your job, pass this around!!!)·


The same way, most non-leftist Americans didn’t grasp Obama’s true nature as the consummate hardcore-Left ideologue and operative he is…until it was too late. Here we are, in a nail-hanger, facing all the destruction that such malevolent miscreant, Obama, has inflicted on America…thanks to the vote of millions of ignoramuses, and leftists of course. 

(NOTE: Try to put your hands on the phone interviews Neal Cavuto had yesterday and today with Las Vegas billionaire Steve Wynn…who voted for and donated to Obama. There Wynn was, moaning, whining and bickering about his creation, well partially –very significantly– his creation. The Heritage Foundation or another similar think-tank should prepare a crash course on leftist ideology for all those tycoons that are geniuses, probably, at creating and amassing billions, but who are crass ignorami in terms of history and leftist ideology. They could attend that crash course via the Internet or other forms of tele-video.)    

Even some “conservative” pundits don’t know about the leftist scheme that Earth Day comes from, even at this time, even at this dreadful age when a Marxist-Leninist is squatting on White House premises. (Read J.B. Williams’ DC Knows that Obama is Ineligible for Office) 

And you’ll see in two days the exuberant celebrations of Lenin Day under the guise of Earth day by the Obama regime, along with the DemoRat Party and the rest of the hardcore Left, which includes the “mainstream” media (have you noticed how rabidly those leftist hacks posing as anchors defend Obama’s not showing his birth certificate when interviewing Donald Trumperot?), entertainment, academia, organized labor, the intelligentsia and many other hardcore-Left fronts. 

It will be a huge feast that even some non-leftists will join.  

Some non-leftists may know, but probably prefer to ignore it; for example, in just two days, as he did a year ago on Lenin Day (i.e., Earth Day), you will hear again Michael “Mike” Huckabee (aka Mike Huckafraud) –that other cheapo RINO conman from Arkansas, the land of that other epitomic conman, Slick Willie– so elated, so enraptured blathering so joyful on radio about Earth Day! You’ll see.  

Fools, crass fools are those non-leftists that will jump into the Lenin Day celebration bandwagon; they don’t know history, even contemporary history…much to the doom of America. Only fools don’t learn from history. And this includes conservative pundits, both grassroots-conservative pundits and elitist/establishment ones. 

And prominent non-leftist politicians that should be in the know, such as Mike Huckafraud, either conveniently or cowardly hide the true origin of Earth Day: Lenin Day. 

And there he is, Huckafraud, pursuing the Presidency… 

Well, after Carter, Clinton and presumptive-usurper Obama, even Huckafraud could make it to the White House…that, if you let him with your vote. 

Ah!…what a masterful ruse the hardcore Left played on clueless non-leftist Americans, due much to the dereliction of non-leftist pundits and politicians. 

Earth Day is Lenin Day, Lenin Day masked as Earth Day; what a stroke of malevolent genius!!!  

See, the Left is hopelessly addicted to symbolism; thus they artfully associated the ostensible environmentalist’s salvation of Earth to the birth of their great iconic mentor, Vladimir Illich Ulianov, aka Lenin, the other “savior” of Earth. 

And non-leftist cretins and demagogues –like Huckafraud– will dance at the tune that the Left plays for them on Lenin Day…probably without noticing the whole thing…or maybe “reaching out to our friends across the aisle”, i.e., ingratiating themselves with the DemocRats, which can be put in other words as kowtowing to the hardcore Left  . 

The not-so-subliminal deceiving message is “Environmentalists are going to save humanity, as Lenin will too”. 

You very well know that most of environmentalism is aimed at suffocating free enterprise and bring free-entrepreneurism societies down to the floor, so that “…the Phoenix Bird of socialism shall emerge from the smoldering ashes of capitalism…triumphant, forever triumphant.” as iconic-Marxist Rosa Luxemburg used to babble. 

Symbolism, symbolism, the Left adores it and pays great attention to it, to subliminally etch its brand and message on everything leftist. 

For example, I selected October 15, 1979 as the day of the coup d’etat to overthrow the feudalistic ruler of El Salvador…inspired by October 15, 1917, exactly the day in 1917 when Trotsky and other Russian revolutionaries assembled in a cellar in Saint Petersburg to hatch the plot by which they were going to herald, with big bangs, the beginning of the great red Russian Revolution.

 According to Trotsky’s plot, on the night of the 6th of November, 1917, the sailors of the Russian Navy cruiser Aurora and infantry soldiers in the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg (late renamed Leningrad, and now back, St. Petersburg), were going to fire cannon-fodder shots to signal the beginning of the armed uprising. And that’s how, indeed, the beginning of the Revolution was announced.  

As another example of hardcore-Left symbolism, “progressive” Demotraitor Senator Gaylord Nelson chose Lenin’s 100th birthday as Earth Day. 

If his intentions had been noble and constructive, Nelson could have chosen a noble holiday to pair it with Earth Day. 

Why didn’t he chose Benjamin Franklin’s birthday? Why not Lincoln’s? Or Andrew Jackson’s? Or Polk’s, the creator of the Democrat –now the Demotraitor– party? Or even his?  

No, it had to be Lenin, one of the main saint patrons of the kernel of the Demotraitor Party of nowadays. 

Happy Earth Day!        Happy Lenin Day!!! 

Thank the Demotraitors…and ignorant/ingratiating Repugnicans that allowed it…as well as the conservative pundits of the time.   

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