Trump Thumbs UpTrump Thumbs Up Donald Trump gets it. He really gets it.[/caption] Hannah Szenes Many of you have seen this video clip of Donald Trump’s recitation of the poem “The Snake”(clip below). He is referring to the importation of refugees from Syria and other Muslim countries into the US as refugees. This poem is actually the lyrics to a song recorded by Al Wilson and released in 1968 by the same name – “The Snake”.

Al Wilson – The snake
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Caution: Recognizing this song will result in you dating yourselves as someone who had attained a sufficient level of consciousness to actually remember the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War. To everyone else, it’s a great song, so listen to it anyway. Back to the subject at hand…

Donald Trump gets it. He really gets it.

Americans have a habit of assuming that everyone else in the world thinks the way we do. That everyone else shares the same values that we do. They don’t.
FNN: Donald Trump Reads "Snake" Poem To Syrian Refugees
Watch this video on YouTube.
It used to be that those coming to America came to be Americans. They came because they wanted what we wanted and because they aspired to be like us. Nowadays, many come to America to continue being what and who they were there and are either unwilling or unable to change their beliefs and behaviors. They aspire to nothing more than to continue to be Congolese in Arkansas and Somalis in Amarillo. For some strange reason, Americans assume that if a refugee population crosses a body of water large enough on their way to America, that all their backward, medieval and misogynistic tendencies will be magically washed away. They don’t. It’s all quite simple, really. And Trump understands this and is the only one willing to say it. Our intellectual exercises and politically correct leaders hell bent on diversity and cultural enrichment make us forget the simple nature of things and people. We are so hungry for the truth. And Trump says out loud what we are all thinking but are afraid to say aloud for fear of being branded a racist or a xenophobe or whatever. Scorpions sting. Wolves hunt in packs. Snakes bite. And anyone who invites them into their home is a fool.]]>