Why I Came Out as Creator of The New Right Movement

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I’m Ryan Ashe, creator of the political movement The New Right of New Right

I’m Ryan Ashe, creator of the political movement The New Right of New Right Network. Online, I’m known by my moniker, rsashe1980, where I’m quite infamous for my enthusiastic and unashamed support of President Trump. I started The New Right back in May of 2016, and I’ve decided to come forward publicly because it’s important for any organization to have a face at the forefront. It began with a site I was involved with called The_Donald. The_Donald quickly became a cultural phenomenon. I had the fortune of working with members of Trump’s campaign staff and the honor of hosting Mr. Trump, himself. In the year leading up to the election, we became the internet’s primo source for Donald Trump news and content, accumulating millions of page hits and hundreds of thousands of subscribers.


As our hero says, “If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.” I knew in my heart that we would win the election, so I started thinking beyond it. It’s another tactic that would earn Trump’s approval. I was thinking past the sale. The_Donald had a tightly focused mission. It was an engine built to propel Donald Trump into the White House. And after he got there? What would it do?

Trump Think Big

I realized that we had to build something broader. In my mind, I pictured an umbrella. Perhaps it was Donald holding that umbrella, but it would be the politicians and candidates supporting an America First agenda that would stand beneath it. We needed something that Trump supporters, the American people, workers and their families, could all gather around. As with all things, it needed a name.

Donald Trump represented a change in politics that maybe had never been seen in this generation. People were dissatisfied with the way their country was being run. Even longtime republicans were tired of the old GOP. It felt like both democrat and republican leadership was more of the same. Donald Trump was the only one who brought something different to the debate. And that was it. He was something new. He wasn’t a politician that could have been stamped out of a mold, shined and polished with a suit identical to the one on the left or the right. He was The New Right, a page turned in the history book of politics.

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On May 8th, 2016, I created a page for The New Right movement. It was envisioned as the post-election landing site for Trump’s ideals. The New Right offered a path for alienated Americans. It let those who were sick of Washington elitists find representation that embodied their own beliefs. It attracted both classic conservatives and democrats that had become disillusioned with their own party. It drew independents who could never call themselves partisans. Most of all, due to its online presence, it appealed to millennials. The digital discourse spanned every platform where younger generations shared their thoughts and ideas. What we saw was a surge in conservative values among younger, first-time voters. Republican principles spread like fire through college campuses which used to be overwhelmingly liberal.

Millennials recognized more than anyone the perils this country faced. This was the generation raised on the internet, where no authority reigned supreme. These were kids who, in a world of web pranks and Rick-Roll videos, had learned incredulity through thousands of hours of independent research, critical thought, and challenging opinions. Hillary Clinton’s billion dollar campaign was totally ineffectual at influencing these voters. Mainstream media’s talking heads, endless advertisements, celebrity endorsements, they were all useless at swaying an audience that was plugged in and informed. Neil Gaiman @neilhimself called TV an altar in 2001’s American Gods, but less than two decades later, The New Right helped elect a man into the Oval Office with online influence.

So why come forward? The movement grew to prominence on the internet, made up of a bunch of anonymous users with goofy handles and thousands of social media followers, so why not stay there? Trust me, I thought about it. I’ve received more death threats and harassment than any average person — all because I campaigned for the man who eventually became president of the United States. After witnessing the violent fervor the news cycles have whipped up, I have no doubt that some of the threats are sincere.

The name was there, but as I stated, a name needs a face. Without something solid, a name wafts on the winds of the political climate, which today roars like a late summer storm. A name can warp, permute, transcend. It can be stolen and it can be attacked. As a formless entity, a name has no meaning because it can mean anything. I have seen the left conflate The New Right with alt-right, a radical group that represents none of Trump’s platforms. They tried to say that the honest men and women of this country are villains. I have seen imitators reach out with their beggar’s purse. They tried to take advantage of the working class just as the politicians of yesteryear. I am coming forward to set the record straight as to what The New Right is and what it represents.

The New Right has one core tenant that binds every member: America is the greatest country in the world. We believe in Trump’s America First policy. We want to lead the world in education, healthcare, manufacturing. We want to lead the world in technology, engineering, science. We want to be the wealthiest. We want to be the strongest. We want to be the best. The New Right believes that a rising tide lifts all ships, and we want to Make America Great Again for everybody, no matter their political leanings, religion, race, or gender. Americans enjoy individual freedoms like no one else on the planet. The New Right fights to keep it that way. Control of this country will return to the people, to us all. We are the future of America. We are The New Right.

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