Cliff Kincaid

America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI) President Cliff Kincaid has had a nearly 40-year journalism career that includes serving as a co-host for the debate show “Crossfire” on CNN in the 1980s. He currently appears in a popular film on media bias and anonymous sources that is being shown in the Newseum, the journalism museum in Washington, D.C. Kincaid has written or co-authored more than 20 books and hosts an Internet-based Roku TV channel called America’s Survival TV that is available in more than 60 countries and is also on YouTube. Cliff’s book on Marxist dialectics, The Sword of Revolution, has been translated into Portuguese to reach people in Brazil, where an anti-communist revolution has taken root.


Mueller’s Legal Terrorism

Mueller’s Legal Terrorism Threatens a Free Press by Cliff Kincaid President Trump’s failure to fire Russia-gate prosecutor Robert Mueller has resulted in pro-Trump journalist Jerome Corsi...

How and Why Communist Ideology Kills Video: Drinking the Kool-Aid: How and Why Communist Ideology Kills Daniel Flynn, the author of Cult City, explains the nature of the Democratic Party political machine...

The Obama/Soros Machine Beats Trump

  This election's results are hardly the “great victory” claimed by President Trump. Republicans picked up a few seats in the Senate, only because unpopular Democrats...