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Bruce Deitrick Price

Bruce Deitrick Price’s education site is (His four new novels are presented on his literary site


Education: If You Can’t Read This, Thank A Public School

Private school kids can read. Classical academy kids can read. Montessori school kids can read. Homeschooled kids can read. Spot the pattern? It’s only kids in public schools...

Obama and Reverse Racism

 Obama plays the race card more than he plays golf.   A month ago former Mayor Rudy Giuliani dared to say that Obama doesn’t really love this...

Education: Suppose Al Capone Lives in Your City

So, Al Capone lives in your city. Do you talk about it? Do you mention that this Mafia guy got his mansion by breaking the...

Dumbing Down America: How Would You Do It?

Suppose someone wanted to dumb down a country. How would they accomplish this? In fact, no research is required. We don't need to speculate about what the...