German TV Bans Own Video

Vlad Tepes An original translation by Nash Montana From Welt.De It is not an April Fool’s day joke: Jan Böhmermann’s taunting poem about the turkish president has been deleted from the media library, because it does not conform to ZDF quality standards. Böhmermann consented to the removal. ZDF has deleted an entire segment, published last Thursday, from Jan Böhmermann’s “Neo Magazine Royale”. The satirist read a taunting poem about the turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and he had created an image which hit below the belt. It all started in response to the German Ambassador’s summon in Ankara because of a satirical film by the show “Extra 3” He explained the difference between permissible satire and prohibited vilifying critique. In order to demonstrate the difference, he read a satirical poem that disparaged Erdogan – not without continuously pointing out that this was not permissible. As ZDF has confirmed the segment had already been aired on ZDFneo. “The parody on “Neo Magazine Royale” from March 31, about the proper handling of the turkish president with satire did not correspond with the standards that ZDF has set for satirical programs”, the station explained. “For this reason, that segment from the show was removed.” ZDF station chief – “there are limits”     [evp_embed_video url=”″]]]>

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