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Update on Pending Anti-Gun Legislation in the Golden State

Last week, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed Assembly Bill 962 out of committee. The bill will now move to the Senate floor for a vote very soon. No action has been taken on Senate Bill 585, which is still pending a vote by the full Assembly.

Sponsored by Assembly Member Kevin De Leon ...

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Hyperinflationary Great Depression Coming And How To Survive

Hyperinflationary Great Depression (2008)

In the United States, the printing presses have not been revved up heavily, yet, but the commitments are in place, as seen in the annual GAAP-based deficit running on average more than $4.0 trillion per year. That amount is far beyond the ability of the ...

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End The Fed

End The Fed

Most Americans haven't thought much about the strange entity that controls the nation's money. They simply accept it as though it has always been there, which is far from the case. Visitors to Washington can see the Fed's palatial headquarters in Washington, D.C., which opened its doors in 1937. ...

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Obama’s Tripling of the National Debt in Pictures

Obama’s Tripling of the National Debt in Pictures

This Tuesday the White House released their Mid-Session Review admitting they made a $2 trillion miscalculation in the size of the federal deficit that President Barack Obama's borrow and spend policies would inflict on our nation. Heritage senior policy analyst Brian Riedl details the carnage:

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Welcome ToThe 'Help Not Wanted' Economy

Welcome ToThe 'Help Not Wanted' Economy

"Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."     - Frederic Bastiat

Things are still really bad out there. Where I live in Illinois, the local paper has few advertisements for jobs. And around town, there are few "help wanted" signs ...

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Economics of Oblivion

Albert Jay Nock believed Gresham's Law operated in ideas as surely as in economics, with error displacing reason from men's minds as inexorably as bad money drives good money from men's markets. Nock's theory seems fast on the way to proof a posteriori,especially in our colleges and universities ...

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Other Peoples Money

The debate over ObamaCare has also once again raised the debate over socialism in America. Its proponents argue that their plans are a social safety net that will coexist with the free market, that unfortunately is wrong, because socialist systems are parasitic on the free ...

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Obama Down, Economy Up

 The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal have a common ownership and share a nearly identical conservative philosophy, but the similarities stop there.  The Journal has, over time, expanded beyond its financial news coverage franchise into more general interest reporting, while the Posthas ...

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Obama and The Economy

Obama and The Economy

Travel with me back to yesteryear, the early days of the Reagan administration, when taxes were being cut and spending increases were being curbed (actual spending cuts were few), and when journalists were losing their heads about the supposedly catastrophic state of the economy.

The prevailing ...

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