Drug and Alcohol Recovery

There are important things to know about drug addiction treatment.  

The first is that addiction is a fundamental and obsessive compulsion disorder. This originates outside of consciousness, or from the unconscious mind. Breaking this compulsive sequence of behaviors is extremely difficult and once started, very difficult to interrupt. Family background and genetics play a significant role.

To complicate matters, addiction is usually accompanied by psychiatric disorders. Ceasing an addiction is rarely successful on the first attempt as relapses are commonplace. The motivation of the addicted individual can play a role, but delaying treatment based on this motivation is not a good choice.

When treating addiction, physicians and therapists need to take a multi-prong and comprehensive approach. These may include combining various rejuvenating approaches, including , family support and therapy, social and legal support, providing accommodations, and prescription drugs.

Treatment can last months or even years, and being persistent and patient, couple with a “never give up” determination can bring wonderful results and quality of life.

Whether drug and alcohol rehabilitation or residential rehab, once entering a recovery program, every day becomes a journey of self-discovery and gaining more and more control over your life.

We have seen excellent results from programs such as the 12-step program, life skills training, individual counseling and many more, depending on the individuals need.