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Culture Wars

Feeding Lions by Paul A. Ibbetson

Feeding Lions by  Paul A. Ibbetson

 February 10, 2009
 Right Side News
 Feeding Lionsis a book that comes clean on just why conservatives and liberals can't get in the same room without a fight breaking out. Using a healthy dose of heartland humor, the author takes readers on a journey of discovery that will anger liberals and ...

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Houston, We Have a Problem

February 9, 2009
Nancy Salvato
"64 percent of all students engage in one of three of the most serious cheating behaviors - copying from another student's work, using cheat notes or helping someone else cheat."
I wonder how many people find the above statistic the least bit surprising. More ...

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by Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer
Human Life International

One of my most memorable experiences in Marine Corps boot camp was the lesson of integrity. Certain infractions of the strict code of discipline were considered "integrity violations" such as lying or undermining the chain of command, etc. We ...

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Man was created in God's Image

February 8, 2009
by Marie Jon'
For nearly a century, our public school textbooks have been more than suggesting that humans are related to specific members of the animal kingdom. In fact, Darwinism insists on such teaching.

The untruthfulness of the man-made theory of evolution is astounding. It's ...

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Community Organizing Explained

Community Organizing Explained

February 6, 2009
by Phyllis Schlafly,

Immediately after the Democratic National Convention in Colorado, the Boston Globe published a letterfrom L. David Alinsky. He boasted about how Barack Obama had made extremely effective use of his training in the methods of David's late father, the famous ...

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Obama and CAIR

February 6, 2009
By Brigitte Gabriel
Last week, media reports surfaced that the FBI quietly decided last summer to sever its ties to CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. One week prior, Ingrid Mattson, president of ISNA, the Islamic Society of North America, ...

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ABC's George Stephanopoulos Admits Daily Calls with Rahm Emanuel

February 7, 2009
ABC's George Stephanopoulos Admits Daily Calls with Rahm Emanuel

We've all heard the tiresome refrain innumerable times. 

Namely, the liberal mantra that Fox News is somehow biased, unfair or a mere arm of the alleged "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy."  Never mind, of course, the equally ...

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Obama 'Stimulus Package' Will Exact Major Liberty Costs

February 6, 2009

Understandably, critics of the so-called "stimulus" package have focused on the measure's economic ineffectiveness and its reckless governmentalism.

But there are also significant ‘liberty costs' in the president's proposal, costs we overlook at our peril.


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Radical Rep Hails "Revolutionary" Obama

Radical Rep Hails

February 5, 2009 

By Cliff Kincaid  

Rep. Barbara Lee, who admits in her book that she has been called everything from a radical to an anti-American communist, is very pleased with the record of her friend, President Barack Obama. In fact, she thinks he has been "phenomenal."

At an event ...

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