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Israeli Nukes Are Legal And Pro-Peace

Israeli Nukes Are Legal And Pro-Peace

George Jahn of the AP writes,

VIENNA - Israel's secretive nuclear activities may undergo unprecedented scrutiny next month, with a key meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency tentatively set to focus on the topic for the first time, according to documents shared Friday with The ...

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Mousavi, Hero or Villain?

Mousavi, Hero or Villain?

On April 29, 2010, Ms. Shohreh Aghdashloo (Iranian Actress) wrote a short tribute for the 2010 Time 100 praising Mir Hossein Mousavi, Islamic republic's presidential candidate for "bringing hope to all generations of Iranians but especially to our youth."

Either, Ms. Aghdashloo is out of touch with ...

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A Radical Peace Proposal: Israel must win the war against the Palestinians.

One of the most powerful tenets in public relations is the need to "control the narrative."  You must define the terms of the discussion, you must tell the story that helps people understand your perspective and your interests.

Since the Yom Kippur War in 1973---when Israel miraculously crushed ...

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What Do the New Israel-Palestinian Indirect Talks Mean?

The question of the day is whether the Israel-Palestinian Authority (PA) indirect talks will make progress in the "peace process" or result in failure. One wonders at this point how many naive people believe that peace is at hand, and how many misled people think that the lack of peace is Israel's ...

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Day of Jerusalem

Day of Jerusalem

On May 12th of this calendar year, Jews will celebrate Yom Yerushalayim, the day of the liberation of all of Jerusalem from Arab Muslim rule. Yet today on May 2nd of this calendar year, millions of Jews also, many unaware, will celebrate a far older Yom Yerushalayim that took place when the Jewish ...

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Iranian Opposition’s Predicament

Iranian Opposition’s Predicament

Iranian Sycophants are Planting the Seeds of Idolatry today in the Hope of Reaping a Piece of Prosperity Crop Tomorrow

I recall a discussion I had with a friend of mine a while back trying to determine the basis for the general status quo regarding the lack of the unity among Iranian opposition ...

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The 'Jewish Vote' Does Not Exist

The mainstream American Jewish leadership is hopelessly addicted to strategies that doom us to failure.  Strategies that are guided by faulty assumptions and misplaced priorities. 

Lets start with the most prominent. The idea that luring Jewish voters away from Obama can be injurious to the ...

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The Jewish rebellion against Barack Obama

The Jewish rebellion against Barack Obama

Shmuel Rosner asks,

What's with all those new "Jewish ads" against Obama?

I understand the frustration with Obama, but can't quite see the logic behind the ads. It only raises the stakes and makes Obama less prone let Netanyahu off the hook. An American President can't lose an internal battle to a ...

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Will Israel Bomb Iran?

Will Israel Bomb Iran?

Israel Weighs Merits of Solo Attack on Iran ... Officials, Seeing Impending Policy Split With U.S., Debate Prospect of a Military Strike Without Washington's Consent ... The Israeli security establishment is divided over whether it needs Washington's blessing if Israel decides to attack Iran, ...

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