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Assassinating the Democratic Process

Editors Note:Frank's editorial is worthy, and he has a critical observation, and also remember that Pakistan has NUKES.  "The epicenter in the global war against Islamofascist aggression is now situated in Pakistan and specifically in the tribal areas of Pakistan on the Pakistan-Afghan border. - ...

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Our World: From Basra to Bethlehem to Beit El

Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post, December 17th, 2007
Sunday the British military in Iraq transferred security authority over Basra to the Iraqi Army. Although the transfer took place in an orderly fashion, the British leave behind one of the worst security nightmares in that troubled land.

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Our Rights at Stake in Michael Savage Case

by Cliff Kincaid, editor of Accuracy in Media
Radio personality Michael Savage wrote a book on why liberalism is a mental disorder. That helps explain why he is under attack by radical Muslims, who are fellow travelers with the liberals in trying to dismantle American defenses against terrorists and ...

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Why Is There No Honest Discourse About Terrorism's Roots?

Frank Salvato,  December 14, 2007 from The New Media Journal

We hear a lot about the subject of terrorism today. This has been the case for mainstream America – and the world – since the horrific attacks of September 11th, 2001. Each night on the news, as if by the networks’ design, there are the ...

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Horror Under the Hijab

Friday, December 14, 2007 by Stephen Brown, Front Page Magazine

A Canadian Muslim teenager was murdered this week for trying to establish her own identity by moving out of her family home and for reportedly defying her father’s command to cover her head. Meanwhile, Canada’s largest daily newspaper, ...

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Amazing Story of the Second Amendment

When I read stories like this, I wonder what the crime rate would be if responsible law abiding Americans really began to serve their communities.  Carrying a concealed handgun for defensive purposes,  with a government issued permit would make our communities safer.  This is a right given to us by ...

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Our World: Condi's African holiday

from Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post concerning the Global Jihad and the Horn of Africa:

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice introduced a new venue for her superficial and destructive stewardship of US foreign policy during her lightning visit to the Horn of Africa last Wednesday.

The ...

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Column One: The abandonment of the Jews

by Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post, Dec 7th 2007
The US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran's nuclear intentions is the political version of a tactical nuclear strike on efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear bombs.
The NIE begins with the sensationalist opening line: "We judge with ...

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Immigration Issue Reveals Arrogance of the "Ruling Class"

By Christopher Adamo - Dec 6, 2007

Intermixed with Hillary Clinton’s many disparate stances on illegal immigration are the occasional, very revealing statements that say far more about her character in general than about her transient and flexible beliefs. In one recent statement, she expressed ...

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