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Fitna Isn't Anti-Muslim

April 4, 2008
by Aaron Goldstein
(editors note, links to video resources at end of article)

On March 27th, Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders’ long awaited film about Islamization, Fitna, was released on the Internet despite a concerted effort to prevent its showing.

Fitna was swiftly ...

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NATO Is Losing in Afghanistan

April 4, 2008
by Cliff Kincaid

Forget about Iraq for a minute. We are losing the war in Afghanistan.

The big news out of the recent NATO summit was that some European nations balked at accepting new members that would offend Russia. But the bigger story is that NATO’s war against the terrorists ...

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Democrats Solution: Spend Lots of Your Money!

April 3, 2008
By Vincent Gioia
Have you noticed Democrat solutions to anything always involve spending more money and giving the government more control?

Democrat presidential contenders both want change for the country; and this campaign mantra seems to be appealing to many Americans, at least ...

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Will Europe Resist Islamization?

by Daniel Pipes
Jerusalem Post
April 3, 2008

[JP title:"A movie and a conversion:Europe begins to resist?"]
Some analysts of Islam in Western Europe argue that the continent cannot escape its Eurabian fate; that the trend lines of the past half-century will continue until Muslims become a ...

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In Spite of His Words: Rev. Jeremiah Wright

In Spite of His Words: Rev. Jeremiah Wright

April 2, 2008
By Marie Jon'

It seems that the image of Reverend Jeremiah Wright (former pastor of presidential candidate Barack  Obama) is being expiated after offending Americans with his inflammatory, bigoted and anti-American words.

The divinity wagons have been circled to protect the ...

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The Truth about Carbon Credits

April 1, 2008
By Vincent Gioia
Achieving a global carbon credit mechanism continues to be at the top of the agenda of the three contenders for their party's presidential nomination despite numerous scientific studies concluding that warming of the entire solar system is part of a natural cycle. ...

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Nazis in Zion?

Nazis in Zion?

The Left's Mischaracterization of Israel
 By Aaron Velasquez, Right Side News, 1 April 2008

The American right loves Israel. We love Israel because Israel is us. Israel has McDonalds, night clubs, a middle class, semiconductor plants, and nuclear weapons. The left hates Israel for exactly these ...

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Sometimes a choice is no choice at all

By Vincent Gioia

I have voted in every presidential election since 1956. Sometimes the choices were clear and sometimes not so clear but in every instance the choice was between one American and another. The differences among candidates were in political ideas, Democrat and Republican. What a ...

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Rachel Corrie & The Art of Palestinian Propaganda

March 28, 2008
by Aaron Goldstein

Last fall, when the first Boston Palestine Film Festival convened, I wrote the one thingthat Palestinians knew was propaganda and how to disseminate it. The same can be said for their non-Palestinian sympathizers in the West. In 2005, Guardian columnist ...

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