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Censorship May Open Our Eyes to China

August 9, 2008
by Nancy Salvato 

Reporters charged with covering the Olympics are now whining about "not knowing what they will be able to cover and not knowing how much the Chinese government will censor their online coverage." (1)

The fact that the mainstream media is even remotely surprised ...

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Andrew Cuomo's Civil Approach

12 August 2008
City Journal
by Nicole Gelinas
Andrew Cuomo's Civil Approach Where Eliot Spitzer produced headlines, the new AG produces results. 
New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has taken a refreshing approach to Wall Street's new round of misdeeds. Rather than casting himself and ...

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Nancy Pelosi's New Energy Plan-Breaking....The Rat Wheel Recharger

August 11, 2008
From Right Side News covering Wrong Side Nancy:
Subj: Nancy Pelosi----her energy plan to reduce our dependence on both domestic and imported energy supply and to reduce our dependence on all fossil and nuclear fuels. The RatWheel (side effects at end of article)

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OMG! We Have OIL! 18 Billion Barrels Off Shore, plus..

August 11, 2008
US Holds 18 Billion Barrells of Oil Offshore Held Hostage by Govt

Head Crackpot Nancy Pelosi and her minions in, they left DC, on vacation now....
American Energy Freedom Day-50 Days Away!
The RSC continues to gather signatures on a letter to Democrat leadership, urging ...

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Is America Made in China?

Is America Made in China?

August 11, 2008
By John W. Whitehead
Why would the president of the United States fly halfway around the world to watch four days of sports at the Beijing Olympics? George W. Bush is the first sitting American president to attend the Olympic Games on foreign soil.

This, despite the fact that ...

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Obama's Scandal is Bigger than Edwards'

Obama's Scandal is Bigger than Edwards'

August 11, 2008
By Cliff Kincaid
ABC News "chief investigative correspondent" Brian Ross has been reporting on John Edwards' adultery, but seven months ago Ross was telling the American people that the story of Edwards' cheating was a campaign "dirty trick" by sinister and unknown forces.

By ...

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A Nation of Entitlements

August 2008
Getting Spending Under Control
From The Heritage Foundation (free DVD, scroll down)       
It's a small world, all right. But big government spending on entitlements gives that old saw new meaning. 

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Energy Freedom Day Is Coming

August 8, 2008
Congress Should Let Restrictions on Offshore Oil Production Lapse
Ben Lieberman WebMemo #2016
 The Heritage Foundation

The clock is ticking on the congressional moratorium on access to billions of barrels of domestic oil beneath American waters. President Bush already ...

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Obama's Preemptive Indignation

August 8, 2008
City Journal
Nicholas Wapshott 
For a postracial candidate, he sure takes offense easily

What does the recent brouhaha about race in the presidential election tell us about Barack Obama? On the one hand, the scuffle has revealed him as more ruthless and cynical than he might like to ...

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