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Russian TV Sounds Like Soviet TV

Russian TV Sounds Like Soviet TV

August 19, 2008
By Cliff Kincaid
Have you ever heard of Gloria La Riva of the Party for Socialism and Liberation?If you were a faithful viewer of Russia Today, an English-language TV propaganda channel for the Russian government, you would learn that she is running for president of the U.S. and ...

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Pimp this, Senator Obama

Pimp this, Senator Obama 
August 19, 2008
by Erik Rush
One of the fundamental (though perhaps not prioritized) questions people ask pertaining to presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama is that of what his ideas are for improving the lot of black Americans.
 Whether or not he feels a special affinity for this group (he ...

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Our World: Iran's American protector

Our World: Iran's American protector

Aug. 18, 2008
Caroline Glick

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates is the darling of Bush administration foes. Gushing about Gates in a recent column, Washington Post writer David Ignatius crooned, "Gates is an anomaly in this lame-duck administration.

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Pointless Credentials- Flashing the US Ally Card

August 18, 2008
Northeast Intelligence Network
By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst
"After the world watched how we backed our 'Allies' in Georgia, when we send out our US Ally Special Invitation Cards in the next upcoming military conflict, we shouldn't be too surprised at the 'Return to ...

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Has Mugabe Triumphed Again?

August 18, 2008
by Aaron Goldstein
For a brief period in 2008 it appeared that Robert Mugabe's nearly three decade stranglehold on power in the impoverished nation of Zimbabwe would finally come to an end. 

Last March the opposition, led by Morgan Tsvangirai, had won a majority of seats in ...

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Childhood's End

Britain, land of bleak houses and low expectations
Theodore Dalrymple - City Journal
Summer 2008
Britain is the worst country in the Western world in which to be a child, according to a recent UNICEF report. Ordinarily, I would not set much store by such a report; but in this case, I think it must ...

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Iran Mullahs' Blame Game

Friday, 15 August 2008
by Amil Imani 
It is a fundamental human trait to locate the source of anything bad happening and try to neutralize it. There are, however, times that the source of the harm cannot be pinpointed or when successfully recognized it cannot be eliminated. Failure to recognize ...

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The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs

August 15, 2008

By Vincent Gioia

U.S. could learn a lot from Putin
What would the world say if the United States invaded a country, like for example Iraq? Indeed, what would domestic socialists, i.e. Democrats, and the news media say about this transgression of sovereign national rights?

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Obama Confirms Relationship with CPUSA Member

Obama Confirms Relationship with CPUSA Member

August 15, 2008
By Cliff Kincaid

With the release of a 40-page "Unfit for Publication" report attacking Jerome Corsi's new book, The Obama Nation,it should be obvious that the media-backed presidential candidate, Barack Obama, is terrified of having his carefully concealed communist and foreign ...

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