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Muslim Viewpoint of Obama

Muslim Viewpoint of Obama
Barack Obama through Muslim Eyes

by Daniel Pipes
August 25, 2008
How do Muslims see Barack Hussein Obama? They have three choices: either as he presents himself - someone who has "never been a Muslim" and has "always been a Christian"; or as a fellow Muslim; or as an ...

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Rumspringen for Liberals and other assorted lefty folk

August 26, 2008
What might happen if Liberals had to start from scratch?
Found on Brutally Honest Blog
Posted his guest blogger Mommynator.

My mind sometimes works in a roundabout way. One thought will lead to another subject, leading to something completely different (a la Monty Python). And so ...

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Obama's Red Mentor Was a Pervert

Obama's Red Mentor Was a Pervert

By Cliff Kincaid
August 25, 2008
Covering a sensitive and explosive subject that has been off-limits for the major U.S. media, the London Daily Telegraph is now claiming that Communist Frank Marshall Davis was a strong influence over a young Barack Obama for nine years of his life, rather than ...

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Catholic Bishop Urges Anarchy

Catholic Bishop Urges Anarchy

Moves to Subvert Law Enforcement
  American Patrol Report

Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- August 21
Dobbs:The Catholic Church in this country is one of the strongest and the most outspoken advocates -- that is the Council of Bishops is the strongest advocate for open borders and amnesty for ...

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Fluorescent Bulbs and how CFLs Work

August 22, 2008
I read on The National Center for Policy Analysis website the following, and just keep reading, we have been HAD. I am going to the store in 2011 and buy a 10 year supply of incandescents.
Exerpt: Beginning in 2012, the manufacture and sale of incandescent light bulbs, starting ...

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Voting Conscience, Not Color

August 22, 2008
by Nancy Salvato
When Chuck Wilder on CRN's George Putnam show asked me what I was going to write about next, I said to give me a minute and I would think of something.  What I didn't say was that I wanted to write about the election, write something meaningful and from the heart.  ...

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The Artificially Inflated Self-Esteem of Barack Obama

August 22, 2008
by Frank Salvato

As we wind our way ever further down the agonizingly long road to the 2008 presidential elections one thing has become glaringly clear: Barack Obama has a pretty healthy ego. It goes without saying that most people who become politicians have a penchant for ...

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The Nugacity of Obama

August 21, 2008
by Aaron Goldstein

Barack Obama will undoubtedly wax eloquent when he accepts the Democratic Party nomination in front of 75,000 adoring acolytes at Denver’s Mile High Stadium on August 28th.  Obama will talk about hope, change, this being our moment and how yes we can.  His ...

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Dems Endorse Expansion of U.N. Power

Dems Endorse Expansion of U.N. Power

August 21, 2008
By Cliff Kincaid

Our media are running stories about the planks in the new 2008 Democratic Party platform but they've missed a big one-expansion of the power of the United Nations, and especially more U.S. involvement in U.N.-authorized military operations.

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