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New York's Addiction to Wall Street

E. J. McMahon New York State's Fiscal Reckoning Long addicted to massive Wall Street revenues, Albany faces an agonizing withdrawal.

October 23, 2008
The financial-market implosion and the coming transformation of the securities industry will expose the fundamental flaw in New ...

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Californians Voting with Their Feet

October 23, 2008
Lawrence J. McQuillan

The state government's stifling economic policies are worsening the downturn and driving citizens elsewhere.

With the implosion of its storied investment banks and the future of Wall Street in doubt, New York will suffer the effects of the ...

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Obama Would Fail Security Clearance

Obama Would Fail Security Clearance
October 21, 2008
by Daniel Pipes
Philadelphia Bulletin
With Colin Powell now repeating the lie that Barack Obama has "always been a Christian," despite new information further confirming Obama's Muslim childhood (such as the Indonesian school registration listing him as Muslim), one watches with ...

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Obama, the Media, and the Legacy of the Swift Boat Veterans

October 23, 2008
The puzzle pieces are falling into place, and a chilling picture is emerging:  

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The Hidden Costs of Voting Early

October 22, 2008
Nancy Salvato

Voting early in the presidential election? Seems like a great idea to many Americans.

For folks who have done their homework and believe themselves absolutely certain that their mind is made up about who they want to win an election, there is probably nothing to ...

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Income Tax or Progressive Consumption Tax?

October 22, 2008
Tax Foundation
AEI to Discuss Progressive Consumption Tax This Friday
Conference Will Focus on Proposal to Replace Most of Income Tax with Consumption Tax
Washington, DC- Robert Carroll, Ph.D., the Tax Foundation's Vice President for Economic Policy and former Deputy Assistant ...

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Does the Truth on Obama's Birth Rest in Hawaii?

October 21, 2008
Obama Flies to Hawaii to Stop the Courts from Opening Family Papers containing his birth certificate or to visit his grandmother?

As Obama goes to Hawaii to visit his sick grandmother, I find it a bit more than a coincidence that there has been the Hawai’i Supreme Court was just ...

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American will Weep

American will Weep

October 21, 2008
Marie Jon
When all is said and done, if Sen. Barack Obama becomes President of the United States, I for one will not be celebrating. I know the real Obama; he is America's enemy, along with the party which has been bought and paid for by men like George Soros. He and other ...

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Mandating a Perfect World

Liberal-progressives' conception of social justice always requires the political state forcibly to impose some form of equality.

by Thomas E. Brewton
Social justice, in the catechism of the socialist religion, is no more than an exertion of raw power to force people to conform ...

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