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There Are Other Ways To Campaign

There Are Other Ways To CampaignMaybe We Can Take Some Lessons
by Thomas D. Segel
Harlingen, Texas, October 24, 2008:  Texas has an early voting law.  That gave me the opportunity to hold my nose more tightly than in most elections, visit the polls and cast my ballot for the least offensive candidate running.  I did this with ...

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Business Tax in the United States Among Highest in the World

October 28, 2008
Right Side News:
I was reading Matt Moon's email today from  Now, I knew business taxes in the United States were high, and that is why businesses move out of the county. We need to decrease business taxes here in the United States to be competitive ...

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The Audacity of Humility Does Barack Obama have any? Does it matter?

October 28, 2008
Katherine Ernst 

The late Tim Russert once described his role on the venerable Meet the Pressthus: "I view it very much as a national treasure, and I am the temporary custodian and try to take care of it, and hopefully pass it off in good shape one day." That ...

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Obama Supporters Never Heard of Socialism?

October 28, 2008
 By JB Williams ©2008 USA  

In response to increasing efforts by local market journalists to ask the questions the national media refuse to ask, Barack Obama and Joe Biden are growing furious at news reporters who have the audacity to label Obama's socialist "wealth ...

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Obama Camp Blasts Drudge Report

October 28, 2008
Obama Camp Blasts Fox News, Drudge Report for Driving Socialism Complaints
Democrat spokesman statement and appears on 'America's Election HQ' to accuse outlets of 'trumping up' charges about redistributing wealth. 
By Jeff Poor

The Obama campaign has decided to employ the shoot-the-messenger approach in response to comments he made about claims his positions are socialist. The quotes come from a 2001 Chicago Public Radio interview where Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama lamented that the Supreme Court wasn't more proactive in redistribution of wealth as part of the civil rights movement.

     Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton came out with that defense on Fox News Oct. 27 broadcast of "America's Election HQ" and defended a statement he had made earlier in the day:

 "This is a fake news controversy drummed up by the all too common alliance of Fox News, the Drudge Report and John McCain, who apparently decided to close out his campaign with the same false, desperate attacks that have failed for months," Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton said in a statement issued Oct. 27.

      "America's Election HQ" co-host Megyn Kelly expressed her disapproval of Obama's camp for making the accusation.

      "You know what Bill - it seems that when I have you on and we talk about tough issues, issues that may be potentially tough for your candidate, this is what you do - you blame Fox," Kelly said. "You come out with the best defense is a good offense and start ripping on us. You should know that in the polls as recently as this month, in one taken by Rasmussen, the majority of Americans think that Fox is the least biased network out there. MSNBC was first, CNN was second. Fox was last in terms of bias. Your guy is believed to be getting helped by 70 percent of the press corps according to the latest Pew poll, but you complain when you think Fox has the nerve to confront his candidate with his own words."

      Burton maintained the charges of Obama's socialism were just an effort by Fox News to "trump up" a non-story. He told Kelly Obama's plans weren't "socialist" because giving a tax cut to 95 percent of Americans wasn't socialist.

      "But look, you know the bottom line is that the American people know Barack Obama has been crystal clear about his economic plans for this country," Burton said. "And if he gives a tax cut to 95 percent of Americans is socialist - I don't think that the American people agree with that. And so this notion that somehow Fox News has been fair on these points - it just does not hold up to the reality of this sort of coverage it has been getting."

      However, Burton's tax cut claim is not correct on two levels. First of all, as Politifact pointed out in the Oct. 21 Houston Chronicle - Obama's "tax cuts" do not provide a tax cut for "95 percent of Americans" "It's actually about 81 percent of all tax filers," the article by Angie Drobnic Holan said. And second, under the Obama plan, 63 million Americans, or 44 percent of all tax filers, "would have no income tax liability and most of those would get a check from the IRS each year," according to the Oct. 13 Wall Street Journal - hence the argument that Obama's policy are redistributive and therefore "socialist."

      The claims that Obama promotes "socialism" began with his now famous call to "spread the wealth around" in comments to "Joe the Plumber." Fox News and the Drudge Report were the first outlets to report on the recently discovered 2001 Chicago public radio interview in which Obama expressed disappointment that the civil rights movement didn't do more to establish "redistribution of wealth."


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Bolton: 'World Leaders See Obama as Soft, Untested, Weak and Very Naïve'

October 27, 2008
by the Editors at

Don't point the finger at us. The title of this piece is taken from statements by John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, who's spent much of his professional life - and certainly all of his tenure at the UN - ...

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Former FBI Director: Would Not Have Hired Obama

October 28, 2008
Exclusive: Former FBI In Charge of Operations - FBI 'Would Not Have Hired' Someone with Obama's Associations
The Editors of
Recently, FSM sat down with Buck Revell, former Associate Deputy Director of the FBI who was in charge of all FBI operations before ...

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Stuck in Time

October 28, 2008 
By Baroness W.
My Aunt and Uncle had an unusual marriage; they lived in separate homes and he visited on weekends, much like a college student, coming in with the dirty laundry on Friday nights and leaving with the clean laundry on Sunday evening as he headed back to the city ...

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Did The "Chicago Way" Work for Obama in Hawaii?

Did The

October 27, 2008
by Joan Swirsky
As I speculated in a recent article, Obama had a dual purpose in leaving his campaign for Hawaii. And whaddaya know? His plane had barely touched down from his trip to Honolulu - ostensibly to visit his ailing granny - when the Republican governor of the Aloha ...

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