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Treason: Obama’s 'Gitmo Five'

Treason: Obama’s 'Gitmo Five'

You were already thinking it.


For Richard Nixon, it was a cover-up surrounding illegal wiretapping. For Bill Clinton, it was lying under oath about sex with an intern. Obama thinks he’s untouchable. He believes he’s above the law.

Evidently, he’s right.

What will it take for our spineless ...

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Dr. K, Wrong, Though Sincere

Dr. K, Wrong, Though Sincere

With the Bergdahl-Taliban swap, the administration elevates moral narcissism over objective reality.

This week on Fox News (here and here), the estimable Charles Krauthammer argued in favor of President Obama’s decision to swap detainees with a terrorist organization, indulging the administration’s ...

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Bergdahl, Here We Go Again

Bergdahl, Here We Go Again

Once again, the American people have been betrayed by the Obama administration and blatantly lied to by administration officials. The anti-American Islam-friendly Obama regime has unilaterally and in violation of U.S. law, traded five high risk Taliban leaders detained at Club Gitmo for a traitor ...

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Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff Interviews Sister Hatune Dogan on Christian Persecution

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff  Interviews Sister Hatune Dogan on Christian Persecution

Sister Hatune Dogan is a Syrian Orthodox nun. She was born in Turkey, but her family fled to Germany to escape persecution. She now works in the field to help persecuted Christians all over the world, especially in the Middle East.

Sister Hatune was one of the featured speakers at the “Solidarity ...

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Muslimsplaining Islamic Terrorism Away

Muslimsplaining Islamic Terrorism Away

As bloody bodies and smoke rise into the air after a cry of Allahu Akbar and a bomb detonation, each Muslim terrorist attack is followed by "Muslimsplaining" why the latest act of Islamic violence had nothing to do with Islam.

Sometimes the Muslimsplainers are Muslims. Often they aren't even ...

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Taliban-5 America-0

Taliban-5 America-0

By Col. Tom Snodgrass (Ret.), Right Side News

The Deal

President Barack Obama’s beleaguered regime has attempted to get the media spotlight off of its incompetent and corrupt mismanagement of the Veterans Administration health care delivery system by trading five high-level Taliban jihadist ...

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To Free Five Jihadists

To Free Five Jihadists

“It was an extraordinary day for America,” said National Security Advisor Susan Rice on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, referring to the announcement of a deal that would free Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from Afghan captivity after five years. Indeed it wasan extraordinary day: it was a day when we ...

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War Is Peace, Citizens Are The Enemy

War Is Peace, Citizens Are The Enemy

And the Constitutional violations just keep on comin’… Barack Obama isn’t just doubling down on shredding our founding document, he’s doing a boogie on it with a treasonous twist. Not just at home, but abroad — from the IRS scandal to Benghazi — his hubris and disdain for America is breathtaking.

Bill ...

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Unmasking the Imperial Presidency

Unmasking the Imperial Presidency

“Imperial Presidency” perfectly describes what the Obama Administration has become as it increasingly violates the limits on its power defined by the U.S. Constitution. Criticisms of how President Obama is overstepping his authority are now being heard from all sides of the political spectrum.

A ...

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