What Is Going To Happen In September 2015? Why Are So Many People Storing Food And Supplies?


Have you noticed that there is a tremendous amount of Internet buzz about the month of September 2015?  Never before have I seen so much speculation about what would happen in one particular month.  Some people believe that we will see an economic collapse next month, others believe that there will be some sort of historic natural disaster, and others are convinced that the judgment of God is coming.  So right now, large numbers of Americans are stocking up on emergency food and supplies like crazy.  Personally, I have never been more concerned about any period of time as I am about the last six months of 2015.  Several weeks ago, I expressed my belief that chaos will begin once the summer ends.  These are the last days of “normal life” in America, and just about everything that we currently take for granted is about to be shaken.

A lot of people that I know have been storing up food and supplies like never before, but I didn’t realize how widespread this phenomenon was until I came across the following Natural News report

As reported by AllNewsPipeline.com (ANP), correspondents for the news site began visiting a number of survival food websites in July, with the goal of ordering some essential bulk food items that included potatoes, carrots, mangoes, peaches, powdered eggs and powdered milk, among other items. But the more they shopped, the more they found notices on the survival food sites stating that supplies were either low or temporarily out of stock.

Only, the warnings did not say that stocks would be immediately replenished; rather, the site reported, some food items would take weeks to restock.

Upon returning to those sites a few days later, the situation had become even more dire: Many sites weren’t even certain when stocks of some items would be replaced.

While both Preparewise and Buy Emergency Foods EXPECT these items to be back in stock in 3 to 4 weeks, the fact that both of these websites are experiencing overwhelming demand and currently COMPLETELY out of some of the most basic food groups should tell everybody a few things,” ANP reported. “Americans are buying up these products in HUGE numbers as more and more Americans have come to expect a reason to need these items at some point in the future.”

The mainstream media likes to mock “preppers”, but nobody is going to be mocking them when things really start falling apart in this country.

When there is a severe lack of food, ordinary people can start acting like wild animals.  Just consider what is happening in Venezuela right now.  In this video and this video you can watch average Venezuelans go into panic mode over just a little bit of food.

Will we eventually see similar scenes in this country?

Many Americans are also feverishly stocking up on physical gold and silver.  In fact, sales of gold eagles are up 50 percent compared to last year…

Gold Eagle sales for the first seven months of the year, increased a staggering 50% from 296,000 oz in 2014 to 443,000 oz in 2015. Most of the Gold Eagle buying took place in July with total sales for the month at 170,000 oz. Thus, Gold Eagle sales in July account for nearly 40% of total sales for the year.

So why is this happening?

Why are people so freaked out?

Well, more than anything else people are pointing to the month of September.  The following comes from a recent piece authored by Lisa Haven

It seems a lot of people lately are having a gut feeling that something “Big” is about to unfold, but no one knows exactly what it is. Maybe people are feeling that way because of the events that are taking place around them. From signs in the heavens, to military stockpiling, to politically disturbing events. There seems to be a confluence of activity both in the political and spiritual realm culminating in 2015 causing peoples alarms to go off. Could it be that people are feeling this way because of the eerie events that are culminating in September??

Like many others, I also have a feeling that something “big” is about to happen.

A recent YouTube video that was produced by Infowars examined some of the specific reasons why so many people are concerned about what is going to happen next month…

Pretty ominous, eh?

In the article that I quoted from above, Lisa Haven put together her own list of key events.  Some of these events have already happened, some are about to happen, and some will happen during the month of September itself…

  1. NORAD reopens Cheyenne Mountainafter years of closure due to worries about an EMP attack
  2. US Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage in all 50 states
  3. Star of Bethlehemappears on June 30th
  4. Talisman Saber Starts
  5. Pope Francis declares his desire to build a World Governmentand a New World Order
  6. The Temple Institute announces their plan to farm raise Red Heifer’s a precursor to the Building of the Temple.
  7. New York Stock Exchange crashes, United Airlines halts, Wall Street journalist siteand Chinese Market Shutdown
  8. Jade Helm begins July 15th
  9. Shemitah Year
  10. Jubilee year
  11. Blood moon Tetrad Concludes September 28th
  12. UN hosts their Agenda 21 Meeting Sustainable Developmentfor the Entire Planet (September 25-27) Pope Will Travel to New York and address Congress & attend the meeting
  13. The coming UN Proposal to make Palestine a state.

A pretty impressive list.  But before I continue, I do want to note one thing.  I do not believe that the Jubilee year begins in 2015.  In my research, I have come to the conclusion that Jubilee years begin in our calendar years that end in 29 and 79.  In other words, the last two Jubilee years began in 1929 and 1979, and the next one will begin in 2029.  Some time soon I hope to write an entire article about this.

But without a doubt, there is a very impressive confluence of events that all come together in September.  The following is an extended excerpt from one of my previous articles


September 13th – This is Elul 29 on the Biblical calendar – the last day of the Shemitah year.  Many are concerned about this date because we have seen giant stock market crashes on the last day of the previous two Shemitah cycles.

On September 17th, 2001 (which was Elul 29 on the Biblical calendar), we witnessed the greatest one day stock market crash in U.S. history up until that time.  The Dow plummeted 684 points, and it was a record that held for exactly seven years until the end of the next Shemitah cycle.

On September 29th, 2008 (which was also Elul 29 on the Biblical calendar), the Dow fell by an astounding 777 points, which still today remains the greatest one day stock market crash of all time.

Now we are approaching the end of another Shemitah year.  So will the stock market crash on September 13th, 2015?  Well, no, because that day is a Sunday.  So I guarantee that the stock market will not crash on that particular day.  But as Jonathan Cahn has pointed out in his book on the Shemitah, sometimes stock market crashes happen just before the end of the Shemitah year and sometimes they happen within just a few weeks after the end of the Shemitah.  So we are not just looking at one particular date.

September 15th – The 70th session of the UN General Assembly begins on this date.  It is being reported that France plans to introduce a resolution which would give formal UN Security Council recognition to a Palestinian state.  Up until now, the United States has always been the one blocking such a resolution, but Barack Obama is indicating that things may be much different this time around.

September 25th to September 27th – The United Nations is going to launch a brand new sustainable development agenda for the entire planet.  Some have called this “Agenda 21 on steroids”.  But this new agenda is not just about the environment.  It also includes provisions regarding economics, agriculture, education and gender equality.  On September 25th, the Pope will travel to New York to give a major speech kicking off the UN conference where this new agenda will be unveiled.

September 28th – This is the date for the last of the four blood moons that fall on Biblical festival dates during 2014 and 2015.  This blood moon falls on the very first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, it will be a “supermoon”, and it will actually be visible in the city of Jerusalem.  There are many that dismiss the blood moon phenomenon, but we have seen similar patterns before.  For example, a similar pattern of eclipses happened just before and just after the destruction of the Jewish temple by the Romans in 70 AD.


So what is going to happen this September?

Whatever it is, we don’t have very long until we find out.

Recently, there have been a few people that have come to my websites and have suggested that getting wrapped up in these things is wrong and that instead we should just “seize the day” and focus on enjoying our lives as much as we can.

Of course the truth is that it doesn’t do any good in the long-term to stick our heads in the sand.  If we willingly ignore the ominous clouds on the horizon, we do so at our own peril.

I think that all of us should consider these words that were recently penned by Larry Tomczak

Suppose you were born in the late 1930s. Reports are drifting your way about rumblings concerning Japan and its saber-rattling toward America. In Germany there is a firebrand on the horizon stirring the people to reclaim Germany’s glory. Rumors are circulating about a possible invasion of Poland. Winston Churchill is upbraiding his Prime Minister for declaring “peace in our time” after an ill-advised “deal” with Adolf Hitler. Economic storm warnings are increasing and rumors persist about possible rationing if war was to break out. A fascist dictator is coming to prominence in Italy named Benito Mussolini. Catch the drift of where I’m headed?

I am persuaded that we live in a similar period of history. A perfect storm is developing and this is not some surreal conspiracy theory. It is no exaggeration to say America is at a crossroads … in a meltdown … at a tipping point … experiencing unprecedented changes … observing our president act like a one-man wrecking crew to bring about his “fundamental transformation of America.”

Like Tomczak, I believe that we have reached “a tipping point” and that we are entering a “perfect storm”.

I believe that the months ahead are going to dramatically change life in America and that we are entering difficult times unlike anything that any of us have ever experienced.

So what do you think the month of September and the rest of the year will bring?

Please feel free to join the discussion by posting a comment below…


Obama’s Climate Fascism Is Another Nail In The Coffin For The U.S. Economy

Obama-new-energy-podiumby Michael Snyder

Is Barack Obama trying to kill the economy on purpose?

On Sunday, we learned that Obama is imposing a nationwide 32 percent carbon dioxide emission reduction from 2005 levels by the year 2030.  When it was first proposed last year, Obama’s plan called for a 30 percent reduction, but the final version is even more dramatic.

The Obama administration admits that this is going to cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars a year and that electricity rates for many Americans are going to rise substantially.  And what Obama is not telling us is that this plan is going to kill what is left of our coal industry and will destroy countless numbers of American jobs.

The Republicans in Congress hate this plan, state governments across the country hate this plan, and thousands of business owners hate this plan.  But since Barack Obama has decided that this is a good idea, he is imposing it on all of us anyway.

So how can Obama get away with doing this without congressional approval?

Well, he is using the “regulatory power” of the Environmental Protection Agency.  Congress is increasingly becoming irrelevant as federal agencies issue thousands of new rules and regulations each and every year.  The IRS, for example, issues countless numbers of new rules and regulations each year without every consulting Congress.  Government bureaucracy has spun wildly out of control, and most Americans don’t even realize what is happening.

In the last 15 days of 2014 alone, 1,200 new government regulations were published.  We are literally being strangled with red tape, and it has gotten worse year after year no matter which political party has been in power.

These new greenhouse gas regulations are terrible.  The following is a summary of what Obama is now imposing on the entire country

Last year, the Obama administration proposed the first greenhouse gas limits on existing power plants in U.S. history, triggering a yearlong review and 4 million public comments to the Environmental Protection Agency. In a video posted to Facebook, Obama said he would announce the final rule at a White House event on Monday, calling it the biggest step the U.S. has ever taken on climate change.

The final version imposes stricter carbon dioxide limits on states than was previously expected: a 32 percent cut by 2030, compared to 2005 levels, senior administration officials said. Obama’s proposed version last year called only for a 30 percent cut.

In America today, the burning of coal produces approximately 40 percent of the electrical power used by Americans each year.

So what is this going to do to our electricity bills?

You guessed it – at this point even the Obama administration is admitting that they are going to go up.  The following comes from Fox News

The Obama administration previously predicted emissions limitswill cost up to $8.8 billion annually by 2030, though it says those costs will be far outweighed by health savings from fewer asthma attacks and other benefits. The actual price is unknown until states decide how they’ll reach their targets, but the administration has projected the rule would raise electricity prices about 4.9 percent by 2020 and prompt coal-fired power plants to close.

In the works for years, the power plant rule forms the cornerstone of Obama’s plan to curb U.S. emissions and keep global temperatures from climbing, and its success is pivotal to the legacy Obama hopes to leave on climate change. Never before has the U.S. sought to restrict carbon dioxide from existing power plants.

And we must keep in mind that government projections are always way too optimistic.  The real numbers would almost surely turn out to be far, far worse than this.

In addition, these new regulations are going to complete Barack Obama’s goal of destroying our coal industry.  In a previous article, I included an excerpt from a recent news article about how some of the largest coal producers in America have just announced that they are declaring bankruptcy

On Thursday, Bloomberg reported that the biggest American producer of coking coal, Alpha Natural Resources, could file for bankruptcy as soon as Monday.

Competitor Walter Energy filed for bankruptcy earlier this month, and several others have done the same this year.

Barack Obama has actually done something that he promised to do.

He promised to kill the coal industry, and he is well on the way to accomplishing that goal.

Of course Hillary Clinton thinks that this is a splendid idea.  She called Obama’s plan “the floor, not the ceiling”, and she is pledging to do even more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The following comes from the Washington Post

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton pledged Sunday that if elected she will build on a new White House clean-energy program and defend it against those she called “Republican doubters and defeatists.”

Clinton was the first 2016 candidate to respond to the ambitious plan that President Obama will debut on Monday. Details of the program, which aims to cut greenhouse-gas pollution, were released over the weekend. The new regulation will require every state to reduce emissions from coal-burning power plants.

And you know what?

The climate control freaks will never be satisfied.  Since just about all human activity affects the climate in some way, they will eventually demand control over virtually everything that we do in the name of “saving the planet”.  That is why I call it “climate fascism” – in the end it is all about control.

During the month of September, the Pope is going to travel to the United Nations to give a major speech to kick off the conference at which the UN’s new sustainable development agenda will be launched.  As I have documented previously, this new agenda does not just cover greenhouse gas emissions and the environment.  It also addresses areas such as economics, agriculture, education and gender equality.  It has been called “Agenda 21 on steroids”, and it is basically a blueprint for governing the entire planet.

Unfortunately, that is ultimately what the elite want.

They want to micromanage the lives of every, man, woman and child on the globe.

They will tell us that unless people everywhere are forced to reduce their “carbon footprints” that climate catastrophe is absolutely certain, but their “solutions” always mean more power and more control in their hands.

Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America, and he is doing it in hundreds of different ways.  These new greenhouse gas regulations are just one example.  Our nation is being gutted like a fish, and most Americans don’t seem to care.

What in the world will it take for this country to finally wake up?


Federal Judge Threatens To Hold IRS Commissioner, Justice Attorneys In Contempt Over Lerner Emails.

Judicial Watch

Lerner emails
Federal Judge Threatens To Hold IRS Commissioner, Justice Attorneys In Contempt Over Lerner Emails.

This was quite the week for those of us demanding that the Obama IRS be held accountable to the rule of law for its abuse of innocent taxpayers.  We received more documents that expose more Obama administration misconduct and lies in the IRS scandal. And a federal court judge threatened to hold the IRS Commissioner personally in contempt over the agency’s violation of his court orders.

U.S District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan threatened to hold the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service and Justice Department attorneys in contempt of court after the IRS failed to produce status reports and newly recovered emails of Lois Lerner, former director of the Exempt Organizations Unit of the IRS, as he had ordered on July 1, 2015.

During the a status hearing Wednesday, Sullivan warned that the failure to follow his order was serious and that the IRS and Justice Department’s excuses for not following his July 1 order were “indefensible” ridiculous, and absurd.”  He asked the IRS’ Justice Department lawyer Geoffrey Klimas, “Why didn’t the IRS comply” with his court order and “why shouldn’t the court hold the commissioner of the IRS in contempt?”  Judge Sullivan referenced his contempt findings against Justice Department prosecutors in the prosecution of late Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) and reminded the Justice Department attorney the court has the ability to detain him for contempt.  Warning he would tolerate no further disregard of his orders, Judge Sullivan said:

If there is further noncompliance, I will haul into court the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service to show cause why that person should not be personally held in contempt of court. I can’t make that any clearer.”

To read the transcript of the hearing, which I urge you to do, click here.

After the hearing, Judge Sullivan issued the following “minute order”:

At the July 29, 2015 status hearing, the Government agreed that the Court’s July 1, 2015 oral order from the bench was clear and enforceable.  Nonetheless, the Government reasoned it inappropriate to file a motion for reconsideration until a written order was issued.  As expressed at the hearing, the Government’s reasoning is nonsensical.  Officers of the Court who fail to comply with Court orders will be held in contempt.  Also, in the event of non-compliance with future Court orders, the Commissioner of the IRS and others shall be directed to show cause as to why they should not be held in contempt of Court.  The Court’s July 1, 2015 ruling from the bench stands: (1) the Government shall produce relevant documents every Monday; (2) the Government’s document production shall be accompanied by a status report that indicates (a) whether TIGTA has turned over any new documents to the IRS, (b) if so, the number of documents, and (c) a timeframe for the IRSs production of those documents. Signed by Judge Emmet G. Sullivan on July 29, 2015.

Back during the July 1, 2015, status conference, Sullivan had ordered the IRS to begin producing, every week, the nearly 1,800 newly recovered Lerner emails responsive to Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.  Despite the court order, the IRS did not produce any Lerner emails until July 15.  The IRS also failed to provide Judicial Watch weekly status reports of the Lerner email production issues, as also ordered by Sullivan.  Last week, Judge Sullivan ordered sua sponte the parties to appear for a hearing, after Judicial Watch raised concerns about the IRS’ failure to comply with his orders.

The developments come in Judicial Watch’s FOIA lawsuit seeking documents about the Obama IRS’ targeting and harassment of Tea Party and conservative opponents of President Obama (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. Internal Revenue Service (No. 1:13-cv-01559)).  Judicial Watch’s litigation forced the IRS first to claim that Lerner’s emails were supposedly missing and, then, that the emails were on IRS’ back-up systems.

The day before the extraordinary court hearing, Judicial Watch released the first batch (906 pages) of Lerner’s believed-to-be newly recovered emails. The new documents show that Lerner and other top officials in the IRS, including soon-to-be Acting IRS Commissioner Steve Miller, closely monitored and approved the scandalous handling of tax-exempt applications by Tea Party organizations and individuals.  The documents also show that at least one group received an inquiry from the IRS in order to buy time and keep the organization from contacting Congress.

We believe these emails were recovered by the agency’s own internal watchdog – the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).

Lerner sent a November 3, 2011, email documenting her concerns about the failure to process applications in a timely manner:

I’m getting a little nervous about the amount we have on our plate and how we are handling. I know everyone is working hard and juggling, but I am wondering whether the juggling decisions are being made holistically enough. We have only so many resources and things will probably get worse going forward. I worry that decisions about how to use the resources are being made without all the information…Something that may not seem important in Cincinnati, may be crucial in DC. Similarly, DC may be prioritizing its work based on what is sitting in DC when something sitting in Cincinnati should be the focus of DC work.

IRS Program Manager Cindy Thomas of the Cincinnati Exempt Organization office replied to Lerner a few hours later with an email detailing the pressure caused by the IRS’ Washington headquarters failure to move on the “advocacy cases.”  Thomas warned of litigation and admitted that she authorized a letter for more information that was sent to one of the complaining groups to keep it from contacting Congress:

The backlog of work involves advocacy organizations. As of about a month ago, there were 161 of these cases sitting idle and we probably have more by now. The control dates for these cases go back to the end of 2009 and all through 2010. We’ve been waiting for EO in D.C. to get us a guidance/reference document with lessons learned from the c4 and c3 cases they worked and coordinated with Judy Kindell and Counsel. We’re getting calls from POAs wanting to know who has put the halt on working these cases and threatening to contact their Congressional offices.  Just today, I instructed one of my managers to get an additional information letter out to one of these organizations — if nothing else to buy time so he didn’t contact his Congressional Office.  Soon, we’re going to start getting TAO’s [Taxpayer Assistance Orders] from TAS [Taxpayer Advocate Service] or declaratory judgment cases filed —- then, I guess everyone will decide its time to start moving the cases when we have mounds of additional paperwork to process along with the cases (adding even more work for us to do).

Another IRS lawyer responded to Lerner’s email with an admission that IRS’ Washington headquarters’ legal staff had hundreds of cases backlogged.  Michael Seto, who headed the Exempt Organization Technical Unit, acknowledged to Lerner on November 9, 2011, that there were 446 application cases open in the beginning of fiscal year 2012, with many open for more than two years.

The emails also show that Lerner and other top officials of the IRS were aware of complaints about treatment by Tea Party groups.  In response to a February 2012 complaint and request for briefing from Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) with the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee about, according to the IRS, a Tea Party organization that applied for exemption about 18 months previously and only “just recently” heard anything about the status of its application:  “When it did finally hear from us, [the IRS] apparently asked some fairly detailed questions and gave the organization a short deadline to respond.”

Miller, who was then-IRS Deputy Commissioner for Service and Enforcement, emailed:  “let me know if it’s a taxpayer I should know about.”  He also complained about the number of emails about the issue, writing:  “Will the emails never stop?”  Miller became Acting Commissioner for the IRS later in the year and was eventually forced out after the Obama IRS scandal became public in May 2013.

Lerner handled the subsequent briefing of Rep. Jordan, and a statement by the IRS in response did not mention backlogs, Tea Party targeting, or Lerner’s own concerns about the nature of the questions the IRS was sending to Tea Party applicants.

Another email shows that Miller delayed “guidelines” for handling the backlogged applications the very week after Lerner’s briefing of Rep. Jordan.  This same email chain, dated February 28, shows that, in a response to a complaint from Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) office about Tea Party application delays, Lerner admits:  “this is a very sensitive area.”

Just to review, it was back in May 2013, that the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) released an audit report confirming that the IRS used “inappropriate” criteria to identify Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations that had expressed opposition to the Obama administration’s policy agenda during his re-election bid. In May 2014, Lerner was held in contempt of Congress after refusing to testify at a congressional hearing about the agency’s actions. TIGTA has proven to be a real goldmine for the truth that the IRS has worked to conceal. Earlier this month, TIGTA released another report confirming that the IRS failed to timely search its back-up tapes resulting in 24,000 Lerner emails being destroyed.  The TIGTA report also confirms that IRS Commissioner John Koskinen delayed informing Congress (and the courts) for months about Lerner’s email issue.

Keep in mind that all of these developments come in response to your JW’s FOIA lawsuit seeking documents about the Obama IRS’ targeting and harassment of Tea Party and conservative opponents of President Obama.

Let’s be clear about what’s happening here.  These recovered Lerner emails had to be dragged out of the Obama IRS, which is still resisting a federal court order requiring disclosure of Lerner’s “lost” emails.  This material shows that the IRS’ cover-up began years ago.  We now have smoking-gun proof that top officials in the Obama IRS unlawfully harassed taxpayers just to keep them from complaining to Congress about IRS’ targeting and abuse.  No wonder the Obama IRS has had such little interest in preserving or finding Lerner’s emails.

I am grateful that Judge Sullivan made it clear that he would personally hold accountable IRS Commissioner Koskinen and Justice Department attorneys for any further contempt of his court orders in our FOIA lawsuit.  The missing and then-the-not-missing Lerner email saga is a stark example of the Obama administration’s contempt for a federal court and the rule of law.  That Obama administration officials would risk jail rather than disclose these Lerner documents shows that the IRS scandal has just gotten a whole lot worse.

Judicial Watch’s legal team, led by Director of Litigation Paul Orfanedes, deserves special kudos here.  Their legal brilliance and persistence in court, against an army of taxpayer-funded lawyers at the Justice Department and IRS, paid off once again this week.


NO Congressional GOP Leaders will Support Reducing Immigration


As U.S. census data projects that immigration will soon exceed all documented historical records, not one Republican leader in Congress supports the popular step of reducing immigration.

Green-CardEach year the United States admits one million people with green cards, their dependents and refugees, as well as half a million foreign youths sought by college administrators. Census data projects that, if visas are not slashed or halted, another 14 million immigrant settlers will arrive in the U.S. over the next decade.

Polls from Fox News and Gallup show that Americans — by a 2-to-1 ratio — want to see visa issuances reduced. A 2012 Pew Poll found that 69 percent of Americans want to place greater restrictions on who was allowed into the United States.

By the millions, federal visas are shipped out to many of the poorest and least-developed countries. As a consequence of this federal visa policy, today one in four Americans is either an immigrant or a child of an immigrant. Entire states, consider California and its 55 electoral votes, no longer elect Republicans. That’s at least partly because so many visas have been used to bring in foreign citizens who support big government.

A recent exposé published by Breitbart News documented that the Commonwealth of Virginia is being transformed by the post-1970 immigration wave, which has put the state firmly in play for even the most progressive politicians. The continued wave of new foreign job competitors has also helped keep prior immigrants and their children poor, making them more likely to depend on government services and less likely to pay income taxes.

Breitbart News reached out to every single Republican leader in Congress to ask if they would be willing to support any reduction at all in the record annual dispensation of new green cards and new foreign worker visas.

The Congressional Republican Leadership is comprised of ten members. In the Senate: Majority Leader

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Majority Whip, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), Conference Chairman Sen. John Thune (R-SD), Policy Committee Chairman Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY),  and Conference Vice Chairman Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) (R-MS). In the House: Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), Conference Chairwoman Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), and Policy Committee Chairman Rep. Luke Messer (R-IN).

Not one Republican leadership office was willing to even reply to the question. Every GOP leader’s office refused to answer, to express any support for reduced future immigration, or to offer any thought at all on the subject. It appears that not one of these public servants was even willing to engage on the issue of historic immigration transforming the electorate, school systems, and labor markets.

Because the visa dispensations are automatic, the record-breaking volume of immigration will continue ceaselessly as long as Congressional leadership refuses to call forward legislation to cut back on the green cards or corporate work permits.

A review of public comments and records reveals why Republican leaders will not publicly support any immigration reduction. The current crop of Republican leaders—the public face and private decision-makers for the entire Republican Party— have argued for substantial increases to the historic intake of new immigrant labor—a policy which would cause the United States to surpass immigration records with even greater force and rapidity.

In the Senate, for instance, while Senate Republican leaders gently and quietly opposed

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) unpopular immigration bill once it was assured of Senate passage, they grounded their statements of opposition in vague criticisms of border security. Public comments suggest they were supportive of Sen. Rubio’s effort to drastically expand the total level of immigration into the United States. The Schumer-Rubio plan would have handed out more than 30 million green cards to immigrants primarily from countries with little to no history of Western institutions, but Sen. John Barasso (R-WY) praised Rubio’s efforts to expand the labor supply in this way:

I’m [a] child of immigrants. That is the history of this country. Immigration is good and important for our country. Legal immigration needs to really be modernized. Marco Rubio is working on that… We need additional labor.

Barrasso’s state of Wyoming has a population of about half a million people. Ironically, if just 1 million of Rubio’s 30 million green card recipients had moved to Wyoming — instead of more likely destinations in eastern states such as Georgia and Virginia— Wyoming could suddenly, almost overnight, have the same politics as California.

Generations of rural traditions passed down from parents to children would be electorally crowded out by the new traditions of new arrivals. Barasso never explained why he thinks adding millions of laborers from mostly poor countries would improve schools, hospitals, or job markets in states like his own, or why it would be “important for our country” to resettle millions of immigrants with green cards from non-Western countries.

Similarly, Majority Leader McConnell indicated that he supports many of the open immigration policies in the Gang of Eight plan. Last year, at an event hosted by The Wall Street Journal CEO council, McConnell said, “What I think we ought to do is bust [the Senate Gang of Eight bill] up, [and] pass as much of it as we can.” Specifically, McConnell suggested that Congress begin by passing portions of the bill upon which there would be “pretty broad agreement” such as, “H-1B visa expansion and H-2A worker provisions.”

The H-1B visa is a visa popular with corporations that allows companies to replace Americans tech workers with foreign workers who’ll accept lower salaries. This recently happened at DisneySouthern California Edison, and Fossil Inc.

Today, as Rutgers professor Hal Salzman has documented, “Guestworkers currently make up two-thirds of all new IT hires.” In Senate testimony, when asked how the labor market would be affected if either Rubio’s Gang of Eight bill, Rubio’s new I-Squared bill, or Congressman Bob Goodlatte’s H-1B bill were enacted, Salzman replied that they “would provide enough guest workers to fill 100 percent of [IT] jobs.”

The H-1B visa also presents a pipeline for workers from Muslim countries to enter the United States in larger numbers.

Majority Whip Sen. Cornyn supports efforts to flood the market with these foreign workers as well; on Cornyn’s campaign website he declares: “We must expand the number of visas we provide to include both those with advanced degrees in STEM-related fields, as well those working in labor-intensive industries like construction.”

Another Republican leader, Conference Chairman John Thune (R-SD)— the man responsible for setting the message of Senate Republicans— slammed Governor Scott Walker for Walker’s popular declaration, “The next president and the next congress need to make decisions about a legal immigration system that’s based on, first and foremost, on protecting American workers and American wages… what [is our immigration policy] doing for American workers looking for jobs? What is this doing to wages? We need to have that be at the forefront of our discussion going forward.”

The Republican messenger-in-chief, John Thune, grounded his criticism of Governor Walkers’ blue-collar pledge by voicing what Thune said were the concerns of CEOs: “I think if you talk to businesses in this country, they need workers… We have a workforce issue in this country… so having a robust legal immigration process helps us fill jobs that otherwise wouldn’t be getting filled.”

What Sen. Thune refers to as a “robust legal immigration process” is what in many other countries would simply call mass immigration. It is unclear why Sen. Thune believes companies can’t hire Americans given that, as reported by the Center for Immigration Studies, there are more than 50 million working-age U.S.-born Americans currently without jobs.

Thune’s statement is also deeply unpopular, suggesting he is using his leadership position not to so much to deliver policies voters want, but to assist corporations who donate to the party. A poll from Kellyanne Conway found that a plurality of Americans would like to see an immigration pause reminiscent of President Coolidge’s immigration caps in 1924. Minorities living in the United States have had enough immigration as well. Hispanic voters by greater than a 6:1 ratio and black voters by nearly a 30:1 ratio believe that jobs should go to those already living inside the United States instead of importing new workers from foreign countries.

In the House, Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers co-authored the Republican House principles on immigration, which would have substantially increased future immigration to the United States.

The document read in part: “When visas aren’t available, we end up exporting this labor and ingenuity to other countries. Visa and green card allocations need to reflect the needs of employers… The goal of any temporary worker program should be to address the economic needs of the country.”

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy also appears to be supportive of increasing the number of H-1B workers provided to the world’s wealthiest corporations.

Politico reported Kevin McCarthy “has made frequent pilgrimages to Silicon Valley [and] befriended prominent tech players.” The article explains that the tech industry “is counting on those ties as it carves out a more entrenched role in Washington… Immigration, tech’s policy baby, still remains a tough sell… [but] the Californian [McCarthy] has backed a bill that would provide legal status to young undocumented immigrants who serve in the military [and he’s] spoken up in favor of high-skilled immigration.”

As Breitbart News previously reported:

“Silicon Valley never looks for somebody who is going to agree with us 100 percent of the time,” a CEO of a Silicon Valley industry lobbying group told Politico. “But we want someone who is willing to listen to us 100 percent of the time. And Kevin McCarthy does this.”

Yet perhaps no one better exemplifies the expansive influence of Silicon Valley lobbyists on Capitol Hill than Cathy McMorris Rodgers. McMorris Rodgers is Thune’s counterpart in the House and runs the messaging operation for the entire House Republican Conference.

While former-Congressman and immigration-booster Aaron Schock (R-IL) decorated his office to look like Downton Abbey, a visit to McMorris Rodgers’ House Republican Conference creates the distinct impression that it was modeled after Google— each room painted a different vibrant color, chalkboard walls filled with the doodles of mid-twenty year old staffers, and weekly caucus-wide polls conducted to determine such important issues as Republican staffers’ “favorite cupcake shop” in the city.

McMorris Rodgers’ GOP Conference Communications Director recently left to go work at Google, whose CEO Eric Schmidt, as Washington Examiner columnist Byron York noted, “has long advocated increasing the number of so-called H-1B visas, which allow those workers to come to the U.S. for several years and, in many cases, work for lower wages than current employees.” In an announcement email sent to Republican staff with the subject line, “A Googley Goodbye,” McMorris Rodgers’ former communications director wrote: “After five years on Capitol Hill, I’m taking my big hair and exclamation points toGoogle’s global communications and public affairs team!”

In a 2012 press conference with then-Majority Leader Eric Cantor, McMorris Rogers discussed the needs of big tech firms after passing legislation that would make it easier for some of them to hire foreign labor:

One of those companies [who will benefit from this bill] is Microsoft, located in Washington State that I happen to represent, and when I talk to Microsoft and many innovative companies they say we need those employees that have the training, the education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

As Breitbart News reported last year, “A week after former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates argued for amnesty and for an unlimited number of high-tech guest-worker visas, Microsoft announced it would slash 18,000 jobs.”

Breitbart News also reported in April of 2014:

On the day that Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers told a local newspaper that she believed amnesty legislation could be brought to the floor by August, she met with Satya Nadella, the new CEO of Microsoft.

“I believe there is a path that we get a bill on the floor by August,” House GOP Conference Chair McMorris Rodgers said last Friday. “We’re going to have to push that this is a legal status, not amnesty.”

In an interview with ReasonTV that same month, McMorris Rodgers expressed support for an open door immigration policy that would allow any corporation to hire any foreign worker it wants. McMorris Rodgers said, “We need to fix what is a broken immigration system, and those that want to come here for the short or long term can do so.”

Last year, McMorris Rodgers told KUMA-News, “There’s certainly been a broad coalition between the agriculture community, the faith-based community and the technology and other employers who need skilled workers… I’m hopeful that, over the next few months, you’re going to start seeing more of these bills move through the process.” The “skilled workers” McMorris Rodgers is referring to here are currently living in other countries.

Perhaps McMorris Rodgers’ desire for more foreign labor explains why the House Republican Conference has failed to message immigration.

As described by Congressional aides who spoke with Breitbart News, while Republicans had an aggressive nationwide push to pass Obamatrade, they have never had a similar media nationwide campaign to protect their constituents from unpopular, uncontrolled immigration: not on sanctuary cities, not on H-1B abuses, not on executive amnesty, etc.

One GOP aide said: “Republican leaders will not, I repeat, will not ever message on how immigration is hurting American workers because they support and want their business buddies to get more foreign workers.”

A second aide told Breitbart News, “I’ve received several press releases from Cathy McMorris’ Rodger’s office in Spanish, but I have never received a single release messaging on immigration’s impact. Even at the height of the DHS fight, I do not recall seeing a single internal email from Conference about how best our office should message on it.”

Members of Congress’ websites usually have a tab for issues where constituents can learn more about their position on each issue. A review of Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ website, however, could find no such tab for the immigration issue. Her website does outline her policy platforms on issues such as Education, Health Care, Taxes, and Technology. While Rodgers does not have educational material on her position on immigration, she does have a Spanish option for her website.

In late-2013, McMorris Rogers told Univision’s Ricardo Arambarri, “We must pass immigration reform. It’s a priority for Republicans, for Democrats.” In Washington leader-speak “immigration reform” means amnesty combined with more foreign workers on visas for big businesses.

McMorris Rodgers continued, “So I’m hopeful that we can pass immigration reform. We can get it right. And that is my priority between now and as long as it takes.”

Indeed, Congressional sources informed this reporter that just last month at a Republican Conference retreat for communications and legislative staffers, senior staff for McMorris’ Rodgers’ Republican Conference informed the group that so-called “immigration reform” was still an important legislative agenda item for the Republican Party.

Again: one can safely assume that “immigration reform” in this context does not mean the pause on future immigration supported by a plurality of Americans.


Geo-Engineering: Overcoming a Future Ice Age: Climate Change Weekly Report, August 2, 2015


ThClimate Change Right Side Newsis

TWTW is very brief. It focuses on two recent articles by S. Fred Singer of scientific importance: 1) Editor of Science Magazine Should Resign!; and 2) A Paradigm Change: Re-directing public concern from Global Warming to Global Cooling, and Geo-Engineering: Overcoming a Future Ice Age.

The normal TWTW will resume next week.

We are at the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness titled: “Myths, Superstitions, and Real Threats Confronting America.” Fred Singer discussed the threat of a new cold period. Ken Haapala discussed the National Climate Assessment.

Please note that articles not linked easily or summarized here are reproduced in the Articles Section of the full TWTW that can be found on the web site under the date of the TWTW.

1. Editor of Science Magazine Should Resign!
By S. Fred Singer, American Thinker, Jul 28, 2015

The 3 July 2015 issue of Science features a remarkable editorial by Editor Marcia McNutt. Titled “The beyond-two-degree inferno,” it suggests that an anthropogenic greenhouse (GH) warming of more than 2 degrees C (global average) will literally cause hell on earth, unless we can all agree to reduce emissions of the “infernal” GH-gas carbon dioxide – preferably before or at a UN-sponsored mega-confab in Paris in December. This much-hyped event, to be attended by nearly 200 national delegations and thousands of hangers-on, has even been endorsed in a papal encyclical, referred to, somewhat irreverently, as a “Pope-sicle” by my Virginia colleague Dr Charles Battig.

McNutt’s editorial claims a “global threat to food supplies, health, ecosystem services, and the general viability of the planet.” Yet none of these threats are supported by any scientific evidence — even from the usually alarmist UN-IPCC. She fails to remind us that atmospheric CO2 is the essential ingredient for sustaining carbon-based life on Earth. The low CO2 levels during the recent ice age severely limited the rate of photosynthesis; at slightly lower levels, we and almost all living things on the Earth’s surface would just starve and die. And she takes for granted that rising CO2 will cause significant Global Warming (GW), with all the usual calamities that are recited by climate alarmists — in spite of overwhelming evidence for absence of 21st-century warming.

As geologist Dudley Hughes wrote in May 2007 in Environment & Climate News, “[L]ittle publicity is given to the large number of qualified scientists who…contend that if CO2 plays any part in global warming, it is so insignificant that it can barely be measured, let alone be the major cause.” And: “[T]he claim that increased carbon dioxide is causing ‘global warming’ …has no more scientific foundation than the bloodletting of past generations.”

His words are backed by the five reports (in English) of the independent NIPCC (Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change), issued since 2008 and based on many thousands of references collected from peer-reviewed journals by nearly 100 well-qualified climate scientists; they included many papers ignored by the IPCC. The brief Overview-NIPCC volume of 2008 was translated into several European languages; the Chinese Academy of Sciences translated and published a substantial NIPCC summary volume in 2013.

But McNutt is not interested in listening to contrary evidence. “The time for debate has ended. Action is urgently needed.” What a strange position to take for the editor of a leading and (formerly) respected international science journal! She should resign her job and allow someone else to take her place — someone who recognizes that debate is essential for scientific progress.

Maybe McNutt really believes that GW has never really paused and that reducing CO2 levels can make a noticeable difference. That could happen only if she reads the evidence selectively and rejects all evidence to the contrary. Or maybe she is cynically playing along with current White House policy, even though it is completely uninformed and misguided, in the hope it will benefit Science mag and herself.

Yet another possibility is that she is naïve enough to believe that the world’s nations are actually worried about a small amount of climate warming; in reality, the game is about money and political power. She seems oblivious to the fact that China snookered Obama in their November 2014 climate agreement; but she seems really disturbed about India’s plans, and insensitive to that nation’s desperate need for reliable, secure, and low-cost electric power: “Unfortunately, [energy minister] Piyush Goyal … intends to double his nation’s coal production by the year 2019 to meet domestic energy requirements.” India’s CO2 emissions will soon match China’s and, together, will make irrelevant any emission reductions by the rest of the world; after all, it’s the global CO2 level that counts. Could someone please explain this to McNutt?

As for myself, I have decided to drop my subscription to Science and my AAAS membership; Science is the flagship journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. I guess I will continue as an elected AAAS Fellow; but I am no longer proud of that distinction. I suppose, also, that any future contribution to Science – even a Letter or a Technical Comment – will not be welcome as long as McNutt or someone of her persuasion continues as editor.

Has the global warming pause really ended?

The pernicious influence of Editor McNutt’s ideology-driven science can be easily recognized in the promotion given to a fairly routine scientific paper by NOAA climatologist Thomas Karl and coauthors; however, it has very important policy implications. After making certain controversial adjustments to the surface temperature record, the authors concluded that there had been no GW pause (a.k.a. hiatus or plateau), which many researchers had rather reluctantly accepted, but that there had actually been a continuing warming trend during all of the 21st century. Their paper was published in Science-Express on June 4, with a lot of the publicity usually reserved for major discoveries.

It was finally printed in the 26June issue of Science; the comments published in Science blog were almost uniformly negative, and questioned the authors’ motives rather than the technical details of their data adjustment. This is wrong, of course; with the 3July editorial at hand, such comments might have been better addressed to the Editor.

The several NIPCC reports can be accessed free of charge at www.NIPCCreport.org. IPCC reports are available at www.ipcc.de.A critique of the latest IPCC science report was issued as a Policy Brief in Oct 2013 and can be accessed at http://heartland.org/sites…

My initial reaction (of 4June) to the Karl paper in Science-Express is seen at http://www.americanthinker.com…

Independent comments from the Science blog were reprinted at

Technical papers questioning the Karl conclusions are forthcoming — but may not published in Science; one would want to look at other scientific journals.

To sum up: The GW plateau appears to be ongoing — and is as yet unexplained. We don’t know if or when it will end. Climate sensitivity of CO2 seems to be much lower than any of the IPCC models predict — perhaps even close to zero. Thus, any policies based on GH models can be junked; fossil fuels are not the cause of climate change. So much for McNutt’s policy prescription that “… every person need [sic] to … reduce carbon pollution [sic] by … adopting alternative energy technologies, … and capturing CO2 at the source.”

The two-degree limit is a political invention

The 2deg limit has nothing to do with science — and, in any case, is unlikely to be exceeded, or even reached, as things look now. As recounted in American Thinker, the 2deg limit was invented in Sweden as a pure guess — without any “evidence” from climate models that there might be some kind of discontinuity when global temperature (however it may be calculated) reaches the 2deg level.

However, the 2deg limit was widely adopted by politicians and became enshrined in folklore, when it was realized that it satisfied the “Goldilocks” principle — not too little or too large, but just right for political action against CO2, fossil fuels, low-cost and secure energy — and the economic growth all this made possible.

Consider: A limit set at 0.5deg will be dismissed with “We’ve already seen this — and nothing happened.” A limit at, say, 5deg may elicit a different kind of response: “It won’t happen soon — at least, not in my lifetime.” In fact, the whole concept of a global average is very vague; GH models tell us that warming will concentrate at high latitudes at night. So, Siberian winter nights might warm from minus 40deg all the way to minus 35deg. Is that bad?

Many economists have concluded that even a 3deg warming might on the whole be beneficial, even at the lower US latitudes, largely because of gains by the agricultural sector: longer growing seasons and fewer frosts, more rain, but mostly increased fertilization from higher atmospheric CO2 levels.

Ice ages are the real threat to mankind

The most recent glaciation covered much of the northern hemisphere with miles-thick ice and wiped out the Neanderthalers; its sudden end about 12,000 years ago led into the present warm interglacial period, which we call the Holocene. According to the Milankovitch astronomical calculations, the next glaciation is “just around the corner” — or at least a millennium or so away.

But even a “little” ice age, like one that ended only 200 years ago, would be extremely damaging to our civilization. Crop failures worldwide would lead to famines, disease, and many deaths. The December gabfest in Paris should be concerned about near-future cooling — not warming. And so should Editor McNutt.

She should be soliciting research papers that explore adaptation to an extended cool period, and ways its harmful effects can be overcome or lessened. Time to prepare may be short.

  1. A Paradigm Change: Re-directing public concern from Global Warming to Global Cooling
    By S. Fred Singer, American Thinker, Jul 31, 2015
    http://www.americanthinker.com/arti…I want to change public concern from Global (GW) to Global Cooling (GC). Presented here are three arguments in favor of such a drastic shift — which involves also a drastic shift in current policies, such as mitigation of the greenhouse (GH) gas carbon dioxide.My main argument relies on the fact, backed by historical evidence, that cooling, even on a regional or local scale, is much more damaging than warming. The key threat is to agriculture, leading to failure of harvests, followed by famine, starvation, disease, and mass deaths.Also, GC is reasonably sure, while GW is iffy. The evidence, again, is historical — from deep-sea sediment cores and ice cores. Our planet has experienced some 17 (Milankovitch-style) glaciations in the past 2 million years, each typically lasting 100,000 years, interrupted by warm inter-glacials, typically of around 10,000-yr duration. The most recent glaciation ended rather suddenly about 12,000 years ago. We are now in the warm Holocene, which is expected to end soon.

    In fact, we may have already entered into the next glaciation — as we can discover only in retrospect. (Past cycles suggest a very gradual cooling initially — with ice accumulation and a drop in global sea levels, a decrease in atmospheric CO2 into the cooling oceans and lowest temperatures occurring only much later in the cycle.)

    Archeological data show that the recent glaciation wiped out the Neanderthalers and much of the fauna that constituted their source of food. Most of humanity may not survive the next, inevitable glaciation.

    We need to consider also the warming-cooling (Dansgaard-Oeschger-Bond — DOB) cycles, which seem to be solar-controlled and have a period of approx 1000-1500 years; its most recent cooling phase, the “Little Ice Age” (LIA), ended about 200 years ago. For details, see Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 Years by Singer and Avery [2007].

    The LIAs are not nearly as severe as the major glaciations; yet they present an important threat to the food supply and to current civilization. Available technology seems adequate to assure human survival — at least in industrialized nations. The main threat is warfare, driven by competition for food and other essential resources. With nuclear weapons and delivery systems widely dispersed, the outcome of future wars is difficult to predict.

    Geo-Engineering: Overcoming a Future Ice Age

    In a word: the possibility of using technology to overcome a future cooling looks promising for both types of ice ages — with relatively low cost and low risk to the physical and biological environment.

    Geo-Engineering has generally been discussed in relation to GW — most recently in two reports issued by the US National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council. The schemes most favored include either reduction of solar intensity (by increasing Earth’s albedo (the fraction of solar energy reflected back into space) or reduction of the atmospheric level of carbon dioxide (under the unproven assumption that the increasing level of the GH gas CO2 is responsible for such a GW). Unfortunately, both approaches are costly and have undesirable side effects.

    With regard to the Milankovitch cycles, there is of course little chance of changing the astronomical parameters that influence the cycles. One can dream up engineering schemes to increase solar flux to the Earth’s surface — either by increasing solar intensity or by reducing general albedo. Both approaches are costly and risky.

    The most promising method is to find a “trigger” — a phenomenon that initiates the glaciation. The most common suggestion is a high-latitude snowfield that somehow survives summer melting. It can then grow from year to year in extent and thickness and develop into an ice sheet by a kind of positive feedback — thanks to the high albedo of snow and ice.

    The easiest way to locate such triggers is by digital comparison of successive images from existing weather satellites. This non-intrusive scheme costs very little and presents no risks of any kind; it is simply a software program that processes available data in a special way. It is fairly easy to establish an automatic routine to accomplish this task.

    Once such growing snowfields have been located, they can be covered with black soot to decrease albedo. The summer sun can then do its work. How much soot? A certain amount of experimentation is required to answer the question. The best way to produce and spread soot particles can again by found by experiment; it looks like a rather simple technical issue, akin to crop-dusting in agriculture.

    The problem appears to be rather different for DOB cycles; there may not be any triggers to initiate the cold phase of a cycle — although clues on timing may be derived from solar observations. These clues may simply be the time-history of sunspot numbers; but more sophisticated techniques to monitor the Sun are just now becoming available.

    The aim would be to eliminate the cold phase — or at least diminish it. The problem is rather complicated; judging from available but imperfect and incomplete data. Observations between 1400 and 1800 AD of the Little Ice Age show that cooling appears to be regional rather than global; in addition, the cold phase is not continuous but consists of decades-long frigid intervals, with warmer periods in between.

    Obviously, there is much scope here for research on how to ameliorate DOB cooling. One suggestion is to make use of GH effects. But CO2 is not the answer; its atmospheric lifetime is too long and its distribution is global — a poor match to what is required. In addition, CO2 effectiveness is questionable — or at least controversial — judging by the current temperature plateau (a.k.a. ‘pause’ or ‘hiatus’) that has lasted nearly 20 years — and perhaps even much longer.

    My personal suggestion has been to create regions of cirrus near the tropopause by injecting water in the form of mist or droplets, leading to ice particles — akin to contrails from aircraft. The scheme would create regions of strong GH forcing and seem to fit the twin requirements of regionality and moderate lifetime. How much water is needed? How often to inject — and other important but more detailed parameters? Again, we need to learn by experimentation.

    In my opinion, there is little doubt that a near-term cooling is among the major calamities facing the population on our planet; concern about global warming is entirely misplaced. A Little Ice Age (DOB cooling) may arrive within decades — perhaps much sooner. The end of our warm Holocene inter-glacial is rapidly approaching. There is no time to lose in preparing for survival. A paradigm change is essential.

    Instead of fiddling with apportionment of CO2 quotas among different nations, we should face realities: CO2 forcing of climate seems largely offset by internal atmospheric negative feedback. In any case, CO2 forcing is largely saturated spectroscopically; there is little chance of exceeding or even reaching the artificial temperature goal of 2 degrees that politicians have adopted.

    No effective quota system will emerge at the forthcoming climate conference in Paris in December 2015, as long as developing nations, like India, aim to overcome poverty by assuring their citizens of reliable, secure, and cheap energy from fossil fuels. The United States needs to learn this lesson also.

  2. PLEASE NOTE: The complete TWTW can be downloaded in an easily printable form at this web site: http://www.sepp.org/the-week-that-was.cfm…


    Please forward this Newsletter to those interested in Science and Environmental Policy. Thank you. Forward.

Answering Muslims Conference (Charlotte, NC) Part 2

Koran-cover-300x225Tom Wallace provides detailed history on how Islam came into existence and the problematic issues on the creation of the Qur’an and the Muslim scriptures as he spoke at an Answering Muslims conference in North Carolina.

Below are the “show notes” from the program.

Listen to the program HERE-mp3 download link and below are the “show notes” from this program.

Textual Discoveries About The Qur’an

There have been textual discoveries concerning the Qur’an which are devastating to Muslims. Muslims have been told don’t ask questions, if your imam says it is so, just accept it as true.

By the way, Islam is rehearsed in a foreign language, it is in Arabic. Only 15% of the Muslims in the world are Arabs. This means that the vast majority of Muslims recite phrases in Arabic that they don’t even understand. They are like a parrot reciting the Lord’s Prayer in English.

Their imam tells them what is true, and they have to trust that their imam. This is similar to traditional Catholicism with Latin. The point is that they are not to question, they are just to do.

Most Muslims have never studied their scriptures, nor have the studied the validity of their sculptures. Muslims come to the west and go to our universities where professors have developed the science of textual criticism to study the validity of the Christian Scripture. The more unbelievers study the Christian Scriptures, the more their validity is proven. This can be very frustrating to Muslims.

When Islam tries to stand shoulder to shoulder with Christianity they find their scriptures subject to the same textual criticism. When this happens Muslims start having a real problem because when these same principles of textual criticism are applied to the Muslim scriptures they can’t stand the scrutiny.

Lets start by looking at the originals.

There were seven oral versions of the Qur’an before they ever wrote down the first one. How do we know they were following the right one. They even admit that there could be disagreements on this. Listen to what the Hadith have to say:

“The Qur’an was sent down in seven dialects, so recite what seems therefrom..”

In other words he said, if it fits your dialect, then quote it, that is just fine. When they started to write it down they had these seven versions to deal with.

Uthman was the third caliph, and he was the one that ordered the writing of the Qur’an. Muhammad never commanded that the Qur’an be written down. It was to be memorized. The Qur’an often says recite this or say this. Those who memorize the Qur’an are called the Hafiz. It was quite a feat to memorize all 114 chapters of the Qur’an. Some of them had it memorized before the age of 12. They would spend all of their childhood memorizing the Qur’an. As you can imagine, those who memorize the Qur’an have special honor in Islam.

Under Uthman there was a battle where they lost 40 of those who had memorized the Qur’an. Out of fear of losing the Qur’an, Uthman ordered the Qur’an to be written down.

He said, “In case you disagree [with the chosen version] on any point of the Qur’an then write in in the dialect of the Quraish because the Qur’an was revealed in their tongue.”

This is an admission that there was disagreement between the various oral versions. They were told that in the case of theses disagreements they were to follow that version that was in Muhammad’s tongue.

The point I am trying to make is that there were, from the very beginning, disagreements between the various versions. How do we know that they followed the word of Allah?

After the Qur’an was written down, Uthman sent one copy to each Muslim province and ordered that all other Qur’anic material be burned. How can we check to see if they followed the right one?

The Bible doesn’t have these issues. We have many ancient manuscripts and we have the writings of early Christians who quote from the Bible. We can compare what we have today with those ancient manuscripts and quotes to see if God’s Word has survived intact. Since everything before Uthman has been burned, we have nothing to check out the accuracy of transmission of the Qur’an.

The earliest version of Qur’anic writings is that which is inscribed on the Dome of the Rock in Israel. There are only about 9 verses inscribed there.

The writings on the Dome of the Rock are written in the Navatien script. This is a consonantal language. They did not have vowels or diacritical marks. We need to remember that the Arabic language was in its infancy at the time of Muhammad. Many of the Arabs could not read or write. They were nomadic people. Their knowledge was passed on by oral tradition.

All of the written manuscripts are all 100 to 200 years after the life of Muhammad. Even the Hadith, which describe the life of Muhammad, were written at least 150 years after Muhammad. Many think that these things were recorded during, or shortly after the life of Muhammad. It truth there is a time that spans 3 or 4 generations. Is it possible that there were some embellishments to the story? I not only think it is possible, I think it is very likely. We have no qur’anic material that dates closer to Muhammad than 100 to 200 years.

When Muslims brought their copies of the Qur’an to be studied they thought they were bringing two of Uthman’s manuscripts. If they were copies from Uthman they would have been in  Navatien script. They were in the Kufic script. This script is from the late 700’s If they were Uthman copies they would have been from around 650. The difference is more than 100 years. They don’t have a manuscript that goes back to Uthman, yet they have been claiming that they have Uthman originals.

Another thing about the Qur’an is that it is filled with plagiarism. Remember, Muhammad was inventing a religion. He borrowed a little of this and a little of that from existing religions. A lot of it was Old and New Testament stories taken from Jewish and Christian Scriptures. He kept a lot from the paganism of his day. For example, the Hajj is the continuation of pagan practices of Muhammad’s day. The difference is that today they circle the Kaaba with clothes on. Before Muhammad they did it naked.

Lets look at some of the plagiarism. There is a story in the Qur’an about what Cain did after he slew Abel. Cain didn’t know what to do with the body of Abel. He saw a raven burying a nut, and from this he got the idea to hide the body by burying it. Muhammad did not get this from God. He plagiarized it from a targum that was written early in the 3rd century.

In the Qur’an we also find Solomon’s bird air-force. According to the story, Solomon had a bird that came up missing. According to Muhammad, Solomon’s bird would pick up rocks and throw them on the enemy. The next day he found out that the bird had gone over to the Queen of Sheba, and had told the Queen all the greatness of Solomon. This is why the Queen came to visit Solomon. He plagiarizes this from the Second Targum of Esther, which was written in the 2nd century. The Targum of Esther says when the Queen came into the palace of Solomon there was a mirror on the floor. The Queen thought it was water so she lifted  up her skirt to walk across the water and revealed her hairy legs.

According to the Qur’an, Jesus was not born in a stable. The Qur’an teaches that He was born in the wilderness under a palm tree. Again, this comes from an extra-biblical writing from the 4th century.

The Qur’an also contains a story about Jesus making a bird from some clay. This, again, comes from earlier writings and was not original with Muhammad.

Listen to the program HERE-mp3 download link and below are the “show notes” from this program.

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Islam and the Antichrist

I want to look at how Islam fits the antichrist religion. I studied Islam for 3 years before I ever spoke of Islam and the Antichrist. I wanted to be sure that I understood their doctrine before I started talking about this. All I can give you here are the highlights.

In Islam’s prophetic teaching they are waiting for three people;

  • The Mahdi – This is their messiah.
  • The second person is Isa – The Muslim Jesus, the servant of the Mahdi.
  • The Dijal – The Muslim false prophet.

When you look at Islamic prophecy it is like looking at the Book of Revelation in a mirror. Everything is the exact opposite. Their Mahdi is our Antichrist. He will do the things that the Bible attributes to the Antichrist. Their Isa fits very well with what we read in Revelation 13 about the second beast, the false prophet. The Muslim Dijal, who they think is the false messiah, fits with the Bible’s description of the true Messiah.

This reversal of roles is interesting. Their Mahdi will war with our Messiah.

Most of the teaching on Islamic prophecy is with the Shiites. The Sunni follow it, but the Shiites are passionate about it.

The Sunni don’t believe that the caliph, the supreme ruler of Islam has to be a direct decedent of Muhammad. The Sunni make up about 80% of the Muslims in the world. They have the correct doctrine on this issue. There was no indication from Muhammad that his successor had to be of his bloodline. His first successor was Abu Bakar, who was Muhammad’s best friend. He was not related to Muhammad. Interestingly enough, he did end up being Muhammad’s father-in-law. Muhammad married Abu’s daughter when he was about 50 years old. The daughter was only 6 years old at the time of the marriage. The marriage was consummated when she was 9.

Pedophilia is wide spread in Islam. They have their Prophet as an example.

In the Bible, the term “antichrist” is never given to the person. The “antichrist” is mentioned 4 times in the Bible, and always in the epistles of John.

And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. 1 John 4:3

Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. 1 John 2:18

Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. 1 John 2:22

For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist. 2 John 1:7

The sum of these verses tells us that the essence of antichrist is the denial of Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

Most of us were taught that the antichrist religion was Catholicism. How does what we have just read from the Scriptures fit Rome? It doesn’t, does it? I am not trying to defend Catholicism, but it does believe that Jesus is the Son of God. The deity of Christ is a major precept in the Catholic religion.

I will not let Catholicism completely off the hook. There are a number of things that the two religions have in common. If there is any other religion that venerates Mary more than the Catholics, it would be the Muslims.

Muslims have prayer-beads like the Catholics. I forget if it is the 43rd or 47th bead on the Muslim prayer-beads is the great deceiver. The Bible tells us who the great deceiver is.

The three people the Muslims are waiting for fit the Bible in reveres. Islam fits as the antichrist religion because it denies the deity of Christ, Jesus as the Son of God, and God as the Father. This is a hallmark of the Islamic faith.

We also find the the great whore of Revelation Chapter 17 fits Islam. The first thing we need to see is that the whore is not a person, it is a location. Verse 18 tells us that it is a city.

And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues. And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire. For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled. And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth. Revelation 17:15-18

The waters upon which the whore sits are the peoples and nations of the earth. Verse 3 tells us the city is located in the wilderness.

So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. Revelation 17:3

I have not been to Mecca, but I have been to Rome. I can assure you that Rome is not a wilderness. We think this is talking about Rome because it is built on seven hills. If the seven hills are figurative, as is the water and the whore, there are seven towers around the Kaaba in Mecca. Also, Mecca is in a mountainous region. This could also be the seven mountains.

The Kaaba in Mecca was called Ba-Bell in old times. It is interesting when we think of Babylon.

Within Islam there are a lot of sexual images. Even the Kaaba there is a sexual image. On the south-east corner there is the black stone. It is in a silver encasement that is designed to look like a female part. The Kaaba is also known as the womb. It is supposedly the birth place of the earth.

If this is the location of the great whore, the system that teaches the denial of Jesus being the Son of God and God the Son, this would fit with the teaching of Revelation 17.

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The Four Steps To Refute Islam

The first step is to speak the truth in love.

But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ: Ephesians 4:15

We shouldn’t be silent, we should speak up. This has been  our problem as Christians for too long. We complain about things and say someone should speak up, yet we have not been the salt and light we are called of God to be. However, when we do speak, let’s speak the truth in love.

The Bible tells us we are to take care that the ministry of the Gospel is protected from blame.

Giving no offence in any thing, that the ministry be not blamed: 2 Corinthians 6:3

Our speech is to be seasoned with salt.

Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Colossians 4:6

This means that what we say needs to be palatable. Sometimes Christians blast out a message that sounds hateful because it is not seasoned with salt.

There are times when things must be said and done with force. An example is when Jesus overturned the tables in the Temple. We need, however, to speak the truth in love.

The Bible also says:

Let not then your good be evil spoken of: Romans 14:16

We must be careful in the tactics we use to communicate the Gospel message.

A saying that has served me well over the years is “you are seldom persuasive when you are abrasive.” This goes with the old adage is that you attract flies with honey, not vinegar.

The second step to refuting Islam is divide and conquer. There are two steps to this. First you divide or separate the people from the religion. If you speak out against the people when you try to refute Islam you give them ammunition to all you a bigot. You must attack the ideology and not the people.

Secondly, you want to divide the religion from the Sharia. After Muhammad’s death there were four schools of Islamic jurisprudence that developed. In the 1400’s they came together and developed a standard for Islamic law. It is called the Reliance of the Traveller (their spelling). It is one of the strongest and most credible tools you can use. In the front of this book we find the seals of the Saudi government, the Jordanian government, and the largest and most prestigious Islamic university in the world. This is the standard of Islamic Sharia law. If America knew what Sharia law really is, it would be forcibly rejected.

The third step is to use their words against them. I have been on national radio for 4 years exposing Islam. I have never once been challenged on what I say. This is because I quote their own words. We need to use their words against them.

Here is the legal definition of jihad from the Reliance of the Traveller:

(O: Jihad means to war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada signifying warfare to establish the religion.

When Muslims try to tell us that jihad is just a personal struggle, they are using deception. This is only a partial truth.

This legal definition of jihad is from the most accepted Sharia Law book in all of Islam, “The Reliance of the Traveller.”

Who is obligated to fight in jihad?

.09.4 Those who are able bodied men who have reached puberty and are sane.

It then goes on to say that those who aren’t able to fight perform jihad through those who do by providing support money.

The objectives of the jihad are:

Jihad .o9.8 The caliph makes war on Jews and Christians and Zoroastrians.

This is from the primary Islamic legal book.

We need to understand that 1,400 years ago Islam declared war on all non-believers, especially Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians.

The Reliance of the Traveller always quotes its sources, the Qur’an and the Sunna, because that is where their doctrines come from.

One of the Hadith, which are also considered authoritative by Muslims, says:

The Messenger of Allah says, “I have been commanded to fight against people until they testify that there is not god but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger.”

Let’s look at apostasy in Islam. Leaving Islam is the ugliest form of unbelief. It is one thing to be the Kufar, but it is quite another to leave Islam. Islam teaches that when a person who has reached puberty and is sane leaves Islam, he deserves to be killed. It is the obligation of the caliph or his representative to ask him to repent and return to Islam. If he refuses he is immediately killed.

What happens to the person who kills him?

o8.4 There is no indemnity for killing an apostate (O: or any expiation, since it is killing someone who deserves to die).

Christians don’t kill those who leave Christianity. This is completely foreign to Christianity’s teachings.

This is what honor killings are in Islam. For example, when a daughter is not following Islamic law in her dress or conduct, the father is to keep the honor in his family. He does this by killing her. If he doesn’t do it, and someone else has to do it for him, it brings shame on him.

One  of the most famous Islamic clerics was bemoaning the fact that the laws of apostasy are not being upheld when he said:

If they had gotten rid of the apostasy punishment Islam wouldn’t exist today.

What a revealing truth. He is telling us that Muslims don’t stay with Islam because they are convinced of the truth of Islam, but out of fear of death if they leave. Nice religion, isn’t it?

We need to remember that one fourth of our world is born into this deceptive religion. They need to be liberated from it. Praise be to God, we have a book, the Bible, that will liberate them if we can get them into it.

The fourth step is forming compelling arguments. How do you make common sense arguments in a world without absolutes?

The world we live in says there are no absolutes. The first question to ask when this is said is, is your statement absolute?

Another thing that is said when we make judgments concerning Islam is that it is un-Christian to judge. The Bible teaches that we are not to be hypocritical in our judgment, but it does not teach that we are not to judge.

The first thing you need to do is bring up something so evil that everyone who is reasonable would call it evil. If you bring up something like this, and the person cannot admit that it is evil, you may as well close up shop and go home.

Hitler slaughtered a total of 17 million people. Ask them if this is evil? Most people would agree that it is. They will agree that this is something we don’t want in our nation.

The next thing we do is show the similarity between Islam and Nazism.

  • Both have a doctrine of supremacy.
  • Both rule by dictatorship.
  • Both believe in world domination.
  • Both kill those who disagree with them.
  • Both kill Jews.

Should we outlaw Islam from America? What is the right approach? Can we, even if we wanted to, outlaw Islam in America?

We have a constitution which give us freedom of religion. The First Amendment has the phrase “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” When our founders were considering this amendment there were several rough drafts. Patrick Henry had come up with an exception clause for the First Amendment, which said:

Unless, under the color of religion, any man disturb the peace, the happiness, or the safety of society.

The founders already knew about Islam, America’s first war on foreign soil was against Muslims. They discussed putting this clause in the amendment and decided against doing so because it would have been redundant, There were other laws which protected these things. Maryland did adopt it in their constitution, as did Virginia.

The last principle in refuting Islam is to borrow credibility. You may not be an expert on Islam, but that doesn’t mean you can’t speak out against it. Use the experts that are out there and quote them. Better yet, use Islam’s words against them by quoting Islamic authorities.

As I close, let me make a suggestion. There is a grass roots organization called Act for America. It is there to defend our country from the onslaught of Islam. There are chapters all over America. Find the Act for America chapter closest to you and see if you can get involved.