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'Terrorists' Are Not Islamic Extremists! They Are Merely Religious Muslims!

Jihadists Are Mischaracterized As Islamic ‘Extremists’ and ‘Radicals,’ But They Are Simply Practicing Their Religion In Accordance With Its Fundamental Politico-Religious Doctrine, Hence They Are ‘Religious Muslims’

By Col. Tom Snodgrass (Ret.),
Right Side News

The Essence Of The Islamic Politico-Religious Belief Doctrine

Politicians and the media ‘chatterati’ are constantly mischaracterizing Islamic jihadists as ‘terrorists,’ ‘extremists,’ ‘radicals,’ ‘fundamentalists,’ and every once in a while they prefix the characterization with ‘Islamic.’ While ‘Islamic fundamentalists’ is probably the description that is closest to the truth out of these common characterizations, in actuality jihadists committing violence in the name of Islam are doing exactly as the prophet of Islam, Mohammad, and their god, Allah, directed them; consequently they are just ‘religious Muslims.’ There can be no doubt about his intent when Mohammad instructed his followers:

Sharia o9.0 O(3): “I have been commanded to fight people until they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah, and perform the prayer [that is, the shahada, which is the Islamic creed of allegiance], and pay zakat [zakat are charitable alms only given to poor Muslims or used for funding jihadist ‘holy’ war]. If they say it [the shahada], they have saved their blood and possessions from me, except for the rights of Islam over them. And their final reckoning is with Allah''

Since in Islamic theology Mohammad is considered the ‘perfect man,’ who is to be emulated in every respect by all Muslims, Allah’s commandment to him to fight a jihadist ‘holy’ war against non-believers in Islam can be considered to be incumbent on all practicing Muslims that are striving to please Allah.

Furthermore, in the Quran Allah also dictates jihadist ‘holy’ war against anyone who does not submit to Islam:

Quran 9:29: “Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day[Islamic eschatology]and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger[Mohammad]have made unlawful[that is, do not practice Islamic Sharia legal jurisprudence]and who do not adopt the religion of truth[Islam]from those[Jews and Christians]who were given the Scripture  [the Jewish and Christian Old & New testaments] – (fight) until they give the jizya[Muslim submission tax levied on conquered non-Muslims]willingly while they are humbled.” 

The prophet of Islam and the god of Islam have laid down a jihadist ‘holy’ war commandment in no uncertain terms. When the religion’s prophet and the god have made evangelization by violence a fundamental tenet of belief, it would seem that Islamic practitioners have no choice.


Islamic ‘holy’ war jihadists are ‘religious Muslims’ simply practicing their religion as instructed by their prophet and their god. They are not ‘terrorists,’ ‘extremists,’ radicals,’ or ‘fundamentalists.’ We should not mischaracterize them as such because, in doing so, we blind ourselves to the true nature of the enemy who is attempting to force upon us the choice of (1) conversion to Islam, or (2) surrender to live in accordance with Islamic Sharia law, or (3) fight to the death.

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Col Thomas Snodgrass USAF Col. Thomas Snodgrass, USAF (retired) served over a year in Peshawar, Pakistan, working with Pakistani military intelligence. During his year in Vietnam he daily scheduled 130 U.S. Army and Air Force intelligence collection aircraft. In his final overseas tour he was the U.S. Air Attaché behind the Iron Curtain in Warsaw, Poland. In total, Col. Snodgrass was variously an Intelligence Officer or an International Politico-Military Affairs Officer serving duty tours in seven foreign countries, as well as teaching military history and strategy at the Air War College, US Air Force Academy, and USAF Special Operations School during a thirty-year military career. Additionally, he was awarded an Air Force scholarship to get a history master’s degree in revolutionary insurgent warfare at the University of Texas, as well as being granted a year's educational sabbatical to teach and to write about international relations on a graduate school level as an Air Force Research Associate at the Center for Advanced International Studies, University of Miami, Florida. Following the Air Force, Col. Snodgrass was an adjunct professor of military history for ten years at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Arizona.

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