27 Ways ObamaCare Increases Your Health Insurance Premium

Written by Linda Gorman

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Linda Gorman provides a much needed resource below.

Supporters of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act claim that it will reduce Colorado health care costs and health insurance premiums. Nonsense. Even economist Jonathan Gruber, an ObamaCare architect, estimated that it would increase premiums in Colorado’s individual market by 19 percent. Don’t be fooled when the businesses, bureaucrats, and non-profits who benefit from increasing your premiums choose to blame your higher costs on everything but the ObamaCare law.

Here is the list you’ve always needed.

In PDF form, the list prints on the front and back of one page. Brief summaries and references are included. It is published through the Independence Institute, and intended for public use.

---Linda Gorman is a Senior Fellow and Director of the Health Care Policy Institute at the Independence Institute, a state-based free market think tank in Golden, Colorado.

A former academic economist, she has written extensively about the problems created by government interference in health care decisions and the promise of consumer directed health care. Her articles on minimum wages, education, and discrimination appear in the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.

A frequent contributor to John Goodman's Health Policy blog, she is also a member of the Galen Institute's Health Policy Consensus Group and was appointed to the Colorado Blue Ribbon Commission for Healthcare Reform where she co-authored one of the Commission's minority reports. She holds a Ph.D. in economics.

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