News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (December 19-25, 2012)

Written by The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center

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The bus in Tel Aviv after the explosion Twenty-seven people were wounded in the terrorist attack three of them seriouslyThe bus in Tel Aviv after the explosion-- Twenty-seven people were wounded in the terrorist attack, three of them seriouslyThe quiet in Israel's south continues. Since November 21 no rockets or mortar shells fired from the Gaza Strip have hit Israeli territory. Palestinian civilians continue defying IDF forces along the security fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip. 

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This past week Palestinians twice attacked IDF soldiers in the Jerusalem region. Palestinian violence against Israelis in Judea and Samaria has been on the rise since Operation Pillar of Defense and especially since the UN upgraded the status of the Palestinian Authority.

Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip continue to implement the understandings reached at the end of Operation Pillar of Defense. Since 2300 hours on November 21 no rockets or mortar shells hit Israeli territory.

Rocket Hits in Israeli Territory since the Beginning of 2011[1]

270 12 e1 1288421319

Annual Distribution of Rocket Fire[2]

270 12 e2 443018705

Palestinian Wounded near the Security Fence

After a short interlude of quiet, there was another defiant gathering of Palestinians who were not agricultural workers near the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip. The IDF force attempted to disperse them by firing for crowd dispersal.

When that did not help, the force fired at the legs of the Palestinians (Ynet, December 21, 2012). According to Palestinian reports, five Palestinians were wounded.

Following the incident, senior figures in Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad accused Israel of "violating the understandings" reached at the end of Operation Pillar of Defense.

However, Mahmoud al-Zahar said that it was unnecessary to respond to "little violations" by one of the sides, but added that violations demanded a response and that Hamas would have to discuss the issue with Egypt (Safa News Agency, December 21, 2012).

On the other hand, Musa Abu Marzouq, deputy chairman of Hamas' Executive Committee, said that at any given moment the continuation of "Israeli violations" was liable to bring about the collapse of the agreement (Alresala.net website, December 23, 2012).

Increase in Violence in Judea and Samaria


Tel Aviv Bus-Bombing Terrorist Network Exposed

Military Display of the National Security Network in the Gaza Strip

The national security network of the de-facto Hamas administration held a military display in the streets of Gaza City. Before it began the operatives met with Abu Obeida al-Jarrah, the national security commander. The operatives marched through the streets armed with light arms and RPG launchers (Hamas forum website, December 20, 2012). The display was apparently intended to demonstrate the ability of the de-facto Hamas administration to control the Gaza Strip after Operation Pillar of Defense.

Military display held in the streets of Gaza City by the national security network via Hamas forum website December 20 2012Military display held in the streets of Gaza City by the national security network (Hamas forum website, December 20, 2012)

 Speech by Fathi Hamad, Minister of the Interior of the Hamas Administration

Delegations Continue to Arrive in the Gaza Strip

According to a Human Rights Watch Report, Palestinian Rocket Fire into Israeli Territory Violated International Law

Perpetuating and Inculcating the "Victory Narrative"

In the town of Beit Hanoun on December 19, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas' military-terrorist wing, inaugurated a wall featuring the pictures of senior terrorist operatives who had been killed by the IDF over the years. Among them were Ahmed Yassin, Ahmed al-Jaabari and Salah Shhadeh. The ceremony was attended by Hamas terrorist operatives.





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