The American Conservation Ethic: The Principles of Conservation

Written by The Heritage Foundation

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Change Is Overdue | Environmental Policies Increasingly Ineffective: Congress is spending more and accomplishing less to protect America's environment and use the nation's natural resources wisely. Since the 1970s, environmental public policy has jeopardized the environment and American liberty by empowering and enlarging distant bureaucracies, imposing inefficient and restrictive mandates, and crippling free markets.

Policies Don't Address Environmental Realities: Many federal laws and rules are outdated. Some have accomplished significant environmental improvements but need to be revised to better address outstanding challenges. Implementation of others has strayed far from intended purposes for little environmental improvement in return.

Real Environmental Reform

The American Conservation Ethic

The American Conservation Ethic applies the tried and true values of rights and responsibilities to conservation with eight guiding principles:

A Constructive Way Forward

For more information, please visit http://www.heritage.org/research/projects/environmental-conservation.

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