Indoctrination through Public Education

Written by Jeff Bayard

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We all know that public education has become the classroom for indoctrination by the leftist politically correct in our nation.  Recently we came accross a film that zeros in on this critical issue.  Do you send your kids to your local public school?  Even if you are not a Christian, this film is a real eye opener.

FACT: There are now at least 8 sexual indoctrination laws impacting children in every California public school. There is no parental opt-out. See more..and no child is exempt. See these bad laws, then rescue your child.


See the Film: IndoctriNation, clips below.IndoctrinationMovie

Here’s a list of cases in recent years where teachers used duct tape on school children. So very sad. Please share IndoctriNation with family, friends, and neighbors.




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