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Who is Teaching America’s Best and Brightest?

Disguised as “Iran experts”, unsavory characters are operating at American universities advocating for policies favorable to the Islamic regime

The Islamic Republic of Iran, designated as a state sponsor of terrorism, has found yet another ally in its propaganda war.  Mullahs have systematically infiltrated America[i] and are using our institutions of higher education[ii] to launder their policies and influence US foreign policy toward Iran.  Evidence suggests that Iranian injection of cash and infiltration of American universities[i] by unsavory characters[iv] are maliciously designed[v] to:

  • Censor discussion of Islam, Hamas, Hezbollah and gross human rights violations
  • Cast the Islamic dictatorship in a favorable light
  • Alter decision making at the universities to align with the interest of mullahs
  • Appoint and hire regime sympathizers
  • Influence academic objectivity and produce biased research with a specific political agenda
  • Use universities as diplomatic arms of Islamic Republic
  • Serve as a platform to highlight the advantages of theocratic system of government
  • Serve as a platform to highlight the shortcomings America and its system of government
  • Intimidate into silence those opposed to the theocratic form of government

rsn_university_01Prestigious American universities are eagerly prostituting themselves for mullahs’ money[vi].  The Islamic government in Iran has aggressively given away millions[vii] of dollars, under the pretext of promoting Islamic culture and Persian language. America’s most prestigious universities such as  Columbia[viii],  Rutgers and Harvard University launder regime’s policies by hiring professors sympathetic[ix] to the Iranian dictatorship who unabashedly tout Hezbollah and Hamas as legitimate organizations and are anti-Semite to the core and get away with it [x].

In February 2009, the Princeton University hired a former top Iranian diplomat, Seyyed Hossein Mousavian[xi], who had direct ties to the assassination and murder of Iranian political activists in Germany. He is now working as an Associate Research Scholar in the Program for Science and Global Security at Woodrow Wilson School.  From 1989 to 1997, Mousavian held the position of Iran’s Ambassador to Germany, the most important representative of the mullah’s regime in Europe, coinciding with what is referred to as the Chain Murder years[xii].  Terrorism in that period formed the fundamental policy of the Iranian regime as it does today.[xiii] The victims included more than 125 writers, translators, actors, poets and political activists that were killed by a variety of means using the Iranian secret service and Hezbollah operatives.

While most of Islamic Republic officials have been involved in various acts of terrorism and human rights violations back home, Mousavian’s case has particular significance.  The assassination of four Kurdish dissidents in Mykonos restaurant in Berlin is among Mousavian’s accomplishments[xiv] as he was the highest ranking Iranian official in Germany and he supervised the 1992 Mykonos operation[xv] providing the necessary logistical support (weapons from the embassy) to the regime's hit squads.

The Berlin Court of Appeal found that the motives of the accused were political, because they advocated a fundamentalist regime in Iran and were ready to support their cause by murdering opposition leaders[xvi].  In his 395-page decision, the presiding Judge pointedly noted that the trial had proved “Iran’s political leadership had ordered the crime.”

The Iranian-American community condemns the disregard of the historic civic mission of American education by the United States’ institutions of higher education by tacit support of criminals like Mousavian and feels strongly that various U.S. administrations have wrongly favored appeasement of a terrorist regime for economic interests over America’s national security, moral imperative and defense of human rights.   With criminals like Mousavian and many others lecturing in America’s elite universities and influencing the education of America’s best and brightest, the mullahs are given a free reign to advance their agenda in the U.S.

However noble and laudable the purpose of hiring subject experts might be, when American universities become safe havens for terrorists and professors with past criminal backgrounds, who systematically justify the murder of Israeli citizens as "resistance," the search for truth is jeopardized and the honor of students and universities as centers of learning is compromised.

Whether or not the Islamic Republic exerts direct control over the use of its donations by influencing criteria for hiring and the nature of research conducted in these so called "studies" centers, Princeton has established a dangerous precedent by accepting funding from a benefactor whose stated motives are clearly inconsistent with our nation’s interests and values.


About the Author:

Arash Irandoost is the founder of Pro-Democracy Movement of Iran (PDMI) focusing on research, social, political and current events pertaining to Iran. He is an independent Iranian-American researcher who works to inform and educate about the threat posed by Islamic Republic and radical Islam. Dr. Irandoost maintains close contact with dissidents inside Iran as well as Iranian pro-democracy organizations and individuals outside of Iran. Dr. Irandoost has been published on numerous online and print publications such as New Media Journal, the American Thinker, Faith Freedom International, Free Republic, Israel National News, Right Side News, Kurd Net, Radio Farda, and the Global Politician.

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