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Racism is to Islam as Freedom is to America.

Many Americans have closely followed the rise of the so called “Arab Spring” in Egypt, Libya, and elsewhere, and listened to the nonsensical prognostications of democracy after the “evil” dictators are removed. Anyone having a cursory knowledge of the Qur’an would tell you that the likelihood of an American-style democracy springing-up in Arab countries with Muslim majorities is ludicrous, because the Qur’an explicitly forbids any authority other than Islam. Thus, there is no chance for Christians, Jews or Hindus, for example, of having a say in the government of a Muslim country. Muslims are racist in the extreme (at least from a nonbeliever’s viewpoint).

rightsidenews_301However, what is most disturbing are the plethora of United States government officials, including President Obama himself, who stood before this nation and told the bald face lie that democracy, “sweeping over the Mid East”, would flourish once Muburak and Gaddafi were removed from power. Ironically, they did this to win popular support for involving the United States in more war. Equally disturbing is the mainstream media (who fully supported our involvement), now reporting that the most militant members of Muslim society were taking over (in Egypt and now in Libya) and that our government was simply “mistaken” to have believed that democracy would take root, as they had originally reported.

When Obama said “democracy”, did he mean “democracy” such as the Germans had under the guise of Adolph Hitler’s dictatorship? After all, Germany had a clear democracy, if you take democracy to mean “majority rule”. Likewise, Muslims in Egypt and Libya ARE setting-up a majority rule “democracy”. The fact that it is premised on fascist sharia law, which discriminates against women and non-Muslims, is beside the point.

What should irk Americans is the fact that our government helped to place these anti-American regimes in power under false pretenses, to wit: lying to the American public about the likely outcome of the riots in the Mid East and North Africa to garner public support. Now, Obama supporters are quick to label people racist for criticizing Obama, but they don’t say a word about the fact that Obama misled the American people. It did not require a genie to foretell the disastrous consequences that would result from the Arab rioting; it just called for the application of common sense. What will now happen in an ever more destabilized Middle East is becoming obvious; there will be war and it will take a miracle for it not to become Armageddon.

Obama’s actions and inactions have tremendously jeopardized the safety of the American people (and the world), with no net gain for the United States. There is the question of the President’s ipso facto appointment of left wing Czars. There are questions about his methodical dismantling of the Constitutional rule of law and intruding on private enterprise. Finally, there is the lingering issue of his ineligibility to be President in the first place. There are more than enough compelling reasons for impeachment proceedings, if only there is a politician with the moral fiber to do what is right.

It has been suggested that addressing these issues would cause more harm than good. The reality is that ignoring these issues is tearing the country apart at its seams. The time for sweeping this mess under the rug is long gone. Nothing could do more to restore respect to the United States than the government asking the difficult questions and making the hard decisions about this disastrous presidency.

Cleaning house in Washington would be a giant step in the right direction. When push comes to shove, America is known for stepping-up to the plate and making the hard decisions. We stand at the crossroads and have never before had such an opportunity to reinvigorate the battered American psyche by simply doing the right thing. If we don’t do it now, we may never have the opportunity again. 

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