Don't Release Lady Terrorist Ahlam Ahlam Tamimi, , Proud of Killing 16, including infants

Written by Joe Rowdy


The government of Israel has agreed to a transaction with the Hamas terrorist regime for the release of an Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, held hostage for more than five years. 

In exchange, Israel is asked to release more than one thousand prisoners, all of them terrorists, many of them convicted murderers who have been sentenced to multi terms of life imprisonment. The list is long, but one terrorist in particular - a woman of 31 - stands out. Her name is Ahlam Tamimi and she is serving 16 life terms for a massacre which she engineered and helped to carry out.

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Letter from Arnold Roth:

My wife and I have been ran ragged talking with journalists all day. We're explaining our principled objection to the Shalit/terrorists agreement.

Now that the Sabbath is about to descend upon us (Bo'i challa, bo'i challa) we have managed with some help (Judy - thank you) to compose a petition. We will not have time to get it circulating ourselves, and respectfully ask whoever can help us in North America and Europe to please help.

The petition is online at:


Murderer_Ahlam_TamimiThe logic is that if we can take one specific terrorist off the list, Ahlam Tamimi (pictured right), it may prompt a much more thorough thinking process about the real damage that will flow from this agreement. I wish I could expand here about the thinking behind starting such a campaign but we're out of time in multiple senses. The official Israeli version of the to-be-freed list goes out some time tomorrow (perhaps after Shabbat) via the Prison Service website. If we can get a substantial number of supporters by then, we may be able to have some influence over what follows next.             


Yes, we know today is the second day of Yom Tov for observant Jews in the diaspora, and Shabbat is about to take Israeli dati'im out of the game. These factors will of course negatively impact this initiative. Still, we hope we can get a strong start now, and then continue early next week. If you can go and sign today before the Sabbath begins, it may make a real difference.

Good wishes, Moadim Lesimcha and Shabbat shalom

Arnold Roth   --  

PO Box 23637 Jerusalem 91236 Israel

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