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Shock and Awe from 9/11 to 9/11 America's Uncertain Future via Obama, Muslim Infiltration

by Eliana Benador

“In Islam, “Taqqiya”, and also “Kitman”, is a doctrine of pious fraud or religious dissimulation, derived from Suras such as III.28, whereby Muslims may under certain circumstances openly deceive infidels by feigning friendship or goodwill provided their heart remains true to Islam.”  Ibn Warraq, “Virgins? What virgins?” Prometheus Books, 2010 

Ever since the 90s, when Western liberals found themselves surrounded by Islamic fundamentalists,they thought the best option to try and solve their problems would be to seek refuge and moral support in the “moderates” of Islam.   

911_TO_911_SHUGHESRightfully, Americans then, just as much as Americans now, have been expecting that the so-called “moderates” be able to influence in a positive way the tremendously pernicious presence of radical forces in their midst and minimize the negative ripple effects of Muslim terrorism and its sequels. 

The very essence of the so-called “moderates” and the role at which they are most effective are, is at making friends, winning the hearts and minds and the confidence of American intellectuals, especially in the aftermath of 9/11. 

They convince and conquer the liberal media -eager to fulfill their self-defeating and suicidal misguided liberal purposes of ‘finding peace’ at any rate, even when there is only evil to be found. 

And, last but most certainly not least, those “moderate Muslims” have gained enough trust to enter government, think tanks, and even religious circles, where they endear themselves with authorities and heads of different think tanks and religious groups who are in their endless quest to find peace --regardless of the price tag. 

Indeed, one can find many so-called moderates that have gained access to the highest levels of government who, ever so trusting the good will they are presented with, have asked these individuals to serve on their task forces to prevent, yes, of all things, the expansion of Islamic extremism --but as of recently, their role has been enlarged to “bridge” the bad impression, the stress and anxiety that their terrorism causes in the indigenous population. 

It is in the work of French author, Caroline Fourest, that we will find the explanations we need. 

Caroline Fourest is a journalist who writes weekly for Le Monde in Paris.  She is a recognized author whose non-politically correct and courageous position, makes her an invaluable, authoritative voice and opinion when we have to deal and understand what actually is going on in the Muslim intricacy, as they unroll their red carpet of deviousness, and as shrewd fishermen cast their net into the sea --to catch fish, all kind of fish... 

In today’s media we find a plethora of articles devoted to white-wash Islam and their evilness --there we can read the emphasis used to convince whoever lends their attentive ears to them, that “being an orthodox Muslim is not being an “Islamist” nor a “radical jihadist.” Orthodox and authentic Islam is an inclusive, deep, beautiful and wisdom-based religion.”  Via sharia law, of course. 

The astute Mademoiselle Fourest, leads her readers into the intrinsic world of Islamic intellectual fundamentalism, in her book written in French, Frère Tariq, Brother Tariq, about Muslim intellectual, Tariq Ramadan. 

Examples galore exist, and in this case, Fourest shows with chronometric precision, how the art of duplicity functions, as she dissects with surgical precision the anatomy of Islamic subterfuges used to mislead newly found ‘friends’ with: equivocation, evasiveness, ambiguity, *euphemism, rhetorical device of redefinition of words --going to sins of omission and even brazen lies

Why and how is this possible?  What’s going on here? 

It is in the early 60s, that we find author Manfred Halpern who had studied Islamism -especially in Egypt, and which he called “neo-Islamic totalitarianism.” 

In Halpern’s words:  “The Neo-Islamic totalitarian movements are essentially fascists movements....  Like fascism, neo-Islamic totalitarianism represents the institutionalization of struggle, tension and violence.  Unable to solve the basic public issues of modern life --intellectual and technological progress, the reconciliation of freedom and security, and peaceful relations among rival sovereignties --the movement is forced by its own logic and dynamics to pursue its vision through nihilistic terror, cuning and passion....   The locus of power and the focus of devotion rest in the movement itself.  Like fascists movements elsewhere, the movement is so organized as to make neo-Islamic totalitarianism the whole life of its members.” 

The above is a heritage that not only Ramadan, but many others in our midst, are proud of, regardless of how much they defend “beautiful, peaceful, Islam.”  A gentle reminder: Taqqiya

The above, are also the objectives of, surprise, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. 

The case against Tariq Ramadan is massive: 

(1) At one point, regarding the death by stoning --he asked only for a (temporary) moratorium. 

(2) It has also been proven that Ramadan’s father was one of the founders of Swiss bank al Taqwa, closed in 2001, as it was found to finance terrorism. 

(3) To crown it all, it has also been proved that some other founders of al Taqwa were active supporters of Hitler during World War II. 

(4) In 2001, Ramadan also coordinated a meeting in Geneva with Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri and the planner of the terrorist attack against the World Trade Center in 1993,Omar Abdel Rahman. 

And, the list is endless. 

The press is flooded with articles galore showing an infinite wealth of goodwill words from Muslim leaders, reaching out to our community as we commemorate the ten years of the massacre of 9/11 by Muslim terrorists, who purposefully and with intent targeted specifically the site of our financial strength and power. 

Today’s headlines such as:  How 9/11 eroded our shared faith and American identity --sadly, give lip service to the fact that they are turning us, the victims into the culprits, while they turn the murderers into victims.

In order to manipulate the situation to their advantage, they do not hesitate to appeal to our own laws, and try to use them to legally continue the invasion of our country without opposition. 

They demand that “freedom of religion” be applied to them.  Sure.  I passed the other day in front of the mosque at East 97th (completed in 1997.)  It’s an impressive venue.  It made me realize that there is no church, no synagogue in all New York that has such a building.  It appears that there are well over 100 mosques in New York City and surroundings.  And yet, they are keen in building a huge complex a stone’s throw away from Ground Zero, the place where thousands were massacred, courtesy of Muslim terrorists and their enablers. 

Americans must understand that when the foremost patriots and Founding Fathers thought and created the Constitution, they would never have imagined that such “freedom of religion” would ever be granted to a religious group whose members have committed a massacre in time of peace against thousands of innocent American civilians. 

As a captain from the 9/11 firefighters said yesterday at an event:  “Within 40 minutes he lost over 320 firefighters. 

Thousands died in less than two hours. In the last years they lost roughly 800 firefighters from the consequences of 9/11.” 

And then he said this terrible words: “And we could not fight back!” 

My tears fell then, because this is what Muslim terrorism and the Muslim world does, they stab in the back and then they flee like cowards.  That’s called an assymetrical attack. 

Are we now supposed to believe and accept that Muslim radicals and their Muslim communities at large, who with their silence definitely condone their acts, to say the least, have changed vis-a-vis us...?  I think not. 

Going back to Mademoiselle Fourest, in March 2006, she and other leading intellectuals signed the MANIFESTO, a political statement in response to the violence against editorials depicting the prophet Mohammed and published by the Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, in 2005.  The Manifesto focuses, among others, against Islamist Totalitarianism.  It focuses on its comparison of Islamist ideology to Nazism and Stalinism.  The Manifesto displays a passionate defense of Western values, most particularly freedom of expression.  It gained wide publicity, for which she and the other 11 signatories, including Salman Rushdie, Ibn Warraq, Maryam Namazie, Taslima Nasreen, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, received death threats. 

American leaders, Muslim leaders, heads of think tanks, religious leaders of all denominations, Americans should not take lightly and always keep in mind the magnitude and implication of Taqqiya:  the legal right of Muslims to distort the truth in order to advance the cause of Islam. 

They dream of creating a totalitarian Islamic theocracy hoping that one day, as Hassan al-Banna, Tariq Ramadan’s grandfather and founder of the Muslim Brotherhood said:  “...the Islamic banner... waves supreme over the human race.” 

Americans should follow their survival instincts that have until now served them so well. 

Those “moderate” Muslims asking to hold hands with Americans to move into the future, far from modernizing Islam, are rabidly and frantically going to hold hands but rather to Islamize modernity in America and the Western world. 

Ever since young and feisty America entered World History, the world at large has looked for guidance at this giant young country. 

The spirit of America is not in her leaders but in her people. 

Americans do not need to think of doom and gloom and, then, of resilience. 

The resilience of Americans is not to rise in front of disaster. American resilience is the triumph of goodness, the triumph not over an imposed disaster, but the triumph of their will to succeed and go from strength to strength. 

Americans need to own their future as they have always had. 

May G-d, once more, in this day of remembrance instill wisdom and strength in the American people. 

For G-d and country.  

G-d bless America.

Copyright ©ElianaBenador   |   Art by ©StephenEHughes

EB-carlylepic-2Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global  strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador
 Associates. You can  find her at the Goodwill Ambassador or at her website, on Twitter, at her political page on Facebook and her business page on Facebook.

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