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Save your Property from Flash Mob Attack

The police informed that a "flash mob" robbed a Maryland convenience store within a minute and the police suspects that it has been organized through the Internet. This has become an alarming issue where the teenagers are involved in plundering the stores and it has emerged over several cities across the states. But now the authorities are using a specific tool to identify the miscreants involved in the crime.

Surveillance video showed that a group of teens walked into a store at the middle of the night with the intention to plunder the store. These young people ransacked the store in less than a minute.

According to the video, minimum 28 different individuals have been spotted in plundering the store. The police have already posted the video in the and requested the public to identify the perpetrators.

The police have not yet arrested the suspects who have been identified but they are still hopeful that the public can help them locate the individuals on the tape. Some investigators believe that Internet played a great role to organize the robbery whereas other disagrees on it.

Other Flash Mob Reports and Editorials:

victimInitially, the “Flash mobs” is applied to the gatherings organized by social media sited or e-mails or text messages. But now the congregations of the young people have some sinister motive.

The sources revealed that some local people have been involved in these illegal actions. Large group of people have been arrested after the attacks in Cleveland, Chicago and Washington, D.C. Therefore, the police patrolling has been increased around these cities because of the growing crime.

The technologies and social networking sites have been used as a platform to provoke people to commit acts of criminality.

 The police and the intelligence bureau got governmental support to regain control over the situation. They are also planning to prevent people to communicate through social networking websites or communication services if they have been found plotting violence, disorder and criminality.

Thus you need to be careful and proactive before these miscreants plunder your store. Immediately lodge complaint if you identify the criminals in order to save your property from flash mob attack.

Teresa Smith is a regular columnist and editor with a few financial communities and websites. Besides this, she maintains her own blog and contributes articles on various finance topics like unsecured debt consolidation, how to get out of a payday loan, debt settlement and debt consolidation process. She also contributes articles on other finance blogs and sites as guest author.

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