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Islamic Conspiracy New Strategy : From 9/11 To Huma Abedin To Oslo

"Speaking the Truth in Times of Universal Deceit is a Revolutionary Act." George Orwell

After almost 10 years, do we really remember 9/11?

Oslo happened on 22/7/11  or  11/11 ........

There seems to be a concerted worldwide conspiracy by complacent governments and main stream media, to pull our attention from horrors in the face of terrorism coming from the Muslim world.  

  Their efforts to divert our attention and our minds from the connection between both of them, namely: Islam and the Muslim world on the one hand and the terror they produce, on the other hand.

Who will ever forget watching those television cameras, when US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton addressed the Yemenite media speaking about terrorism and smilingly said something like... "I want to be frank about the fact that there are terrorists operating from Yemeni territory today – many of whom are not Yemeni, some of whom, I am sorry to say, are Americans," Clinton told students, lawmakers and rights activists at a town hall meeting. (5th paragraph of the article.)

You might have realized that in the last months, there has been a decrease in the frequency of Muslim terror attacks on the West.  News that come from the Muslim world are mostly about their riots and rallies protesting their governments and some attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India -but much less in the West.

Let’s take a look at the timeline of Norway’s twin attacks, prepared by Associated Press, according to police and eyewitnesses:

—3:26 p.m.: A car bomb explodes outside the prime minister's office in central Oslo.

—Around 4:50 p.m.: Vacationers at a campground begin to hear shooting across the lake on Utoya, an island where the youth wing of the Labor Party is being held.

—5:38 p.m.: SWAT team is dispatched from Oslo. It drives, deciding that starting a police helicopter would take longer.

—By 6 p.m.: The team arrives at the lake, but it struggles to find a boat to cross over.

—6:20 p.m.: The SWAT team arrives on the island.

So, basically it took 3 long hours for the Norwegian SWAT team to take control of the situation, after over 90 dead...?  

Now, Norway is NOT a huge country -and besides, it is a very modern and extremely wealthy because of their booming oil industry -with all the possible latest progress available in technology and science.  

After the attack, supporters of the Global Jihad terror group claimed responsibility for what they called Norway's ''occupation of Afghanistan and the abuse of our Prophet Muhammad,” they said.

Later on, a man was arrested by the anti-terror police unit in Utoeya, identified as 32-year-old Norwegian national Anders Behring Breivik, also linked to the bombing in Oslo.

However, despite the fact that supporters of the “Global Jihad” terror group had claimed responsibility for the act, authorities and media seemed reluctant to accept that and have rather come with unique information about the perpetrator:

A Christian fundamentalist, we are told.  A free-mason, as well.  

And, it appeared that the attack had 'more [of a] Norway's Oklahoma City than Norway's World Trade Center' ... “It seems it's not Islamic-terror related,” a Norwegian official said.  

Until now, Norway played as middle man between the Arab world and the West, so much that Norway is considered the most anti-Semitic country in the West.

Having worked in the Muslim world, including Abu Dhabi and it’s oil company, it was common knowledge for us that Norway possesses the eighth largest oil reserves in the world.  

The country is also the third largest oil exporter, with approximately 2.15 billion barrels per day that secure earnings in the range of $40 billion per year.

At the same time, the North Sea, which stretches from Scandinavia through northern France, also gives Norway important gas reserves, ranking second behind Russia for the world’s largest gas exporter.

Oil and gas significant revenues represent over half of the government’s export revenue and, thus, its no exaggeration to say that its 4.9 million citizens enjoy very high standards of living.

At the same time, 2006 records show us that in Norway the “Liberal Party has suggested that NOK 2 million (USD 163,000) be earmarked as start funds for a cooperative program between Norway and the Muslim world. “This can help clear up prejudice, misunderstandings, or even sheer ignorance," said Liberal Party deputy leader Trine Skei Grande.

Norway with its wealth and its actions showed a keen interest in becoming one of the Muslim world’s best friends in the West.

Ever since the 1970s, tiny Norway (with a population of only 4.5 million) implemented Muslim immigration-friendly policies in the hope of providing an adequate environment for their newcomers.  

However, time has gone by and there are no significant signs of Muslim assimilation to their new host country, but on the contrary, their mostly Pakistani community remains non-assimilated, segregated-by-choice and discontent.  In other words, it has become what experts would call a “fertile breeding ground for terrorism” in the heart of peaceful and “humanitarian” Norway’s capital, Oslo.

Other important issues touching a nerve within the Muslim world are the Oslo accords between Israel and Palestinians, signed in 1993.

But Norway also has troops in Afghanistan -and because of that, Ayman al-Zawahiri made threats against Norway then.  

Mullah Krekar, founder of the Al Qaeda-linked-terror-group Ansar al-Islam had issued death threats against Norwegians politicians if they chose to deport him.

To add one more ingredient to this melting pot: A Norwegian newspaper re-printed the infamous Propher Mohammad cartoons -those that were first published in Denmark.

I do not believe for a second, that Muslim extremists and Muslim terrorists who knew and planned the massacres of 9/11 in America, have stopped wanting to inflict serious damage to Western civilization.

While I have no tangible proof right now, there are symbols and signs that appear throughout the Oslo attacks, such as the use of an American “detail”:  the Oklahoma City bombing style -used for the first part of the attack against the government building.

The fact that the killer is, allegedly, a Christian fundamentalist and had some connection with freemasonry, which is based, partly, in Jewish principles.

In the past, in Israel, some Muslim terrorist bomb attacks have been committed on some few occasions by Muslims disguised as Israeli policemen or as Orthodox Jews.  

So, I am wondering what would stop the school of evil 9/11 planners to engineer an attack by a local man from Norway, to perform this massacre and give it enough appearance that it’s a Christian fundamentalist -when in reality it may all well have been as perfectly planned as those airplanes that hit the Twin Towers, the World Trade Center, 10 years ago.  

After all, this time the venue and the victims were chosen among the least guarded places and on friendly ground, where the majority, including government authorities and police, are ready to cover the traces of their proteges.

Main stream media, as if they had received instructions, is adamantly defending Muslims as if their terrorism would be owned also by all other religions in the world:  For instance, Al Jazeera’s “Norway, Islam and the threat of the West,” or “Norway’s mass killer pursuing anti-Islam crusade” and “Arab world outraged by Norway attack allegations.” Where “Muslim web surfers are reported to accuse the ‘terrorist Zionist state’ for attack.  Tough luck though because terrorism for decades has had the incomparable Muslim signature.

And, just ‘why’ would anyone who is anti-Islam rather go and kill innocent Norwegian youth...?  So, he says one thing but the acts are actually what could result from Muslim terror attacks.

And, here, some more telling details: The killer is said to have been planning the attack since 2009...  Sure, there were loads of details to think about, to plan, to foresee, to learn and to practice...  Just as I said above, like in 9/11 -less the planes...

And, lastly, the one detail that although I am no ballistic expert, reminds me of other similar scenario where Muslim terrorists are the culprits:

He used “Special bullets for maximum internal drainage...” "These bullets more or less exploded inside the body. All the energy of the bullets was deposited inside the tissue," Dr Colin Poole, head of surgery at Ringriket Hospital in Honefoss northwest of Oslo, said. "They inflicted internal damage that's absolutely horrible."

Sadly, it sounds similar to the shrapnels Muslim terrorists use when they attack as well innocent civilians in Israel, on any regular sunny day.

Muslims went wild because we thought immediately it was their terrorists who perpetrated, once more, this massacre.

I believe it’s just one of their greatest master plans.

After all, the victims were not Muslims.

And what a better way to convince the world they are innocent if they play the role of the victim rather than the one of the attacker, for those who want to believe them.

But one thing is sure. It’s time that Norway, Europe, the US and the West at large stop babysitting the Muslim world and let them be accountable for their bestial actions or they will never enter civilization.    

And I may be wrong.

But, what if I am not?

EB-carlylepic-2Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is former President of Benador Associates, and a national and international political analyst and global strategist. You can follow her at the Goodwill Amabassador , or her website The World As I See It.  Follow her on Twitter  @ElianaBenador and her political page on Facebook

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