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Flash Mob Attacks: Personal Security Tips

RSN: After learning and seeing this new phenomena called "Flash Mob" attacks, we found practical ways to avoid them or if confronted with that scenario, knowing what to think and how to act. This can save your life, your family's and innocent citizens. Prevention is not a model to follow here, unless you are a recluse and never go to public places.• Therefore, PREPARATION is the only option.• Preparation, by its very definition, is REQUIRED. Currently, these attacks are from predominantly black inner-city youths using social networks to coordinate the location, time and who does what. Same tactics terrorists use. This model can move to other "gang groups", ethnic clans, and evolve into an extremely deadly end.

The following article and related links at the end are recommended reading and we ask you to do your own independent research.  Please email us your findings. 

Because of the very visciousness and life-threatening nature of these attacks, you must remove the mindset of "everything will be alright" or "hide under the table" defense.

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The Flash Mob Attack - How To Defend?

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - All eight suspects are in custody after a brutal attack in Five Points early Monday morning which left the teenage victim in critical condition, according to Columbia police.

CHICAGO, IL (WLS) -- The recent series of mob-style attacks on Chicago's Near North Side mark the first major hurdles facing Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago's new police superintendent Garry McCarthy. The latest attack happened Tuesday night. A witness tells WGN 15-20 teens beat and robbed two people at Chicago and Wabash

AKRON, OH -- Out of nowhere, the six were attacked by dozens of teenage boys, who shouted ''This is our world'' and ''This is a black world'' as they confronted Marshall and his family. 

NO. VIRGINIA -- Three people were beaten by mobs in Northern Virginia in two separate incidents that occurred within five minutes of each other on Saturday night, authorities said.

These events have consumed the discussion at most self-defense focused websites in the last few weeks.  Accompanying the discussion is the usual hand wringing regarding what to do if one is beset by a gang of thugs bent on your destruction. Well, I have my views on this which will no doubt shock the senses of the Doodley Doo Rights of the gun world.

First, this was not some group of young teenaged honor students.  In all cases it was a group of urban thugs.  Second, they were not there to practice for their debate on the ills of capitalism.  Third, they understand only one thing...violence.  So understand who they are and be ready to speak their language. 

1) Don't go to stupid places with stupid people to do stupid things.

Simple but often ignored.  Listen, we do not live in a fair world where everyone respects everyone else.  Nor where everyone gets along.  You may in fact be totally color-blind in a socio-ethnic sort of way, but not everyone is.  So even if your liberal sociology professor thinks it is a cool thing to take a stroll at midnight through a ethnically homogenous part of town (different ethnicity that you), it is still a stupid idea.

2).  Always have a method to defend yourself
Even if it is not socially acceptable, or in line with the rules of the day, having some sort of weapon is essential.  Right about now, some of the Doodley Doo Rights are screaming that I am telling people to violate the law.  Well, go and google these stories.  Look at the faces of the victims...specially the one on life support right now.  Put yourself in their shoes.  Your choice is to arm yourself in violation of the rules, or to take the raping, beating and robbery?  What would you choose?
3).  Avoid if you can
If you are standing around and see a group of twenty young urban thugs about two blocks away yelling, "kill whitey", and looking at your reflection in the store window, realize that you have not been in the sun in a while, here is my advice - "RUN".  If it looks like trouble, it probably is.  The gang is not there to debate the effects of american corporate expansion on the development of the urban neighborhoods with you.
4).  If you cannot avoid, attack...brutally and viciously.
This is not the time to worry about some goofball fear monger's articles about being sued, nor about anything of the sort.  It is time to deploy your weapons and attack the leaders.  Listen folks, there is disparity of force by the sheer number against you and the knowledge you have based on these prior flash mob events.
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