PDMI Letter to Mayor Jimmy Delshad

Written by Right Side News


PDMI Letter to Mayor Jimmy Delshad Mayor Jimmy Delshad
City of Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills, California

Dear Mayor Delshad,

I'm writing to you on behalf of all Iranians who are desirous of secular democracy for Iran and are of the firm conviction that the current regime in Iran cannot be reformed and regime change is the only option for our motherland.

Hooshang_AmirahmadiPresident_Mahmoud_AhmadinejadWe applaud your decision on the cancellation of your AIC event at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel hosted by The AIC’s president, Mr. Houshang Amirahmadi with  established ties to the criminal regime in Iran. Mr. Amirahmadi is an Iranian regime insider and close associate of its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  While Mr. Amirahmadi claims to aim for a sustainable dialogue between the United States and Iran, his unofficial objective has been to create a lobby web to further the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran and safeguard regime's survival.

Mr. Amirahmadi, unashamedly and irresponsibly, is quoted as saying: "a large part of the problems between Iran and the US are not based in reality, but are based on myths. The problem of terrorism is a true myth. Iran has not been involved in any terrorist organization. Neither Hezbollah nor Hamas are terrorist organizations. . . The Iranian president’s problem is with Israel, not with America."

As a loyal servant of the regime, Mr. Amirahmadi disingenuously denies Islamic regime's role as the world's "central banker of terrorism" and its explicit sponsorship of Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda,  by calling it a "myth."

Dear Mayor Delshad, in June 2009, the world watched as regime's thugs violently suppressed thousands of Iranians who were calling for transparency and accountability in their government.  Two years after Iran’s brave citizens took to the streets, the struggle for civil liberties and fundamental rights and regime's blatant violation of human rights continue.

Iranians are being executed for crimes based on dubious charges and without the due process guaranteed under Islamic Republic's own constitution.  Religious and ethnic minorities are intimidated and imprisoned, while women’s rights activists, human rights defenders and labor leaders are targeted for retribution for seeking human rights for themselves and other Iranian citizens.  By barring many of Iran’s most accomplished artists, journalists, and academics from working, and forcing many to flee their homeland, the Iranian government restricts the space where free thought and expression can flourish.

We applaud your decision for saying no to regime lobbyists and supporting all Iranians who wish for a government that respects their human rights, their dignity and their freedom. 

Your decision sends a clear message in rejecting and holding accountable those regime apologists such as Houshang Amirahmadi that are assisting a criminal regime to continue its abhorrent existence by violating  human rights and depriving their citizens of the opportunities and future they deserve, for financial gains and self interest.

Thank you!


Dr. Arash Irandoost, Founder
Pro Democracy Movement of Iran (PDMI)

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