Jewish Enablers of the War Against Israel

Written by Steven Plaut


The assault against Israel involves a war of words and concepts which are just as deadly as the vicious  episodes of terrorist violence that punctuate daily life in the Jewish State.  A propaganda narrative casting Israelis as “Nazis” who are perpetrating a Jewish version of the Final Solution against hapless Palestinians has spread from the Middle East into the capitals of Europe, and is echoed in the “boycott and divestment” movement and “Anti-Israel Apartheid Weeks” on prestigious American college campuses. 

One of the most wrenching facts of this war against the Jews is the central role played by Jewish enablers of anti-Semitism.  These individuals, mostly in the universities (American and Israeli alike), have given protective cover to the revival of Jew-hatred, which gains momentum with each passing day.  The fact that these enablers are Jewish gives legitimacy to the hateful rhetoric about Jews and the Jewish State, and allows such ideology to flourish with utter impunity. 

“Jewish Enablers of the War Against the Jews” by University of Haifa Professor Stephen Plaut exposes these Jewish Jew-haters—this is the only label for them—for what they really are.  Plaut has written 20 searing portraits based on the words and deeds of these enablers, including figures such as the notorious Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein; the pseudo-rabbi Michael Lerner; and Harvard’s Sara Roy, an apologist for the terror group Hamas. This collection is comprised of Israelis as well, including Oren Yiftachel, who composes tracts purporting to show that his own country is a racist, apartheid state.

As Plaut’s work shows, these are not “self-hating” Jews; they hate both Israel and America.

SOURCE: FrontPage Magazine


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