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Kicking Israel Under The Bus - Apologist Manifesto of Barack Hussein Obama

In another recent speech, President Obama regurgitated his far left, apologist manifesto. While millions continue to struggle through America's economic meltdown, crushing unemployment, free-falling housing market, and paralyzing gasoline prices, President Obama announced his generous plan to forgive billions in Egyptian debt and loan billions more to create jobs in the Middle East. (It sounds strangely reminiscent of his failed domestic stimulus package because it is.)

The President announced these enormous concessions despite widespread, bipartisan concern that Egypt, as well as other Arab countries, may wind-up being ruled by governments hostile to America.

Knowledgeable observers have been warning, since the very start of the uprising(s) overseas, that hostile entities, including the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda, may soon controll the Middle Eastern and African countries currently embroiled in political turmoil.

Credible critics of President Obama allege his actions are additional evidence of a gigantic "chip on his shoulder", which has plagued the President since high school in Hawaii. They say the President wants  America punished, for  years of discrimination suffered by African Americans. His plans seem to lean more toward the radical left's hatred of America "schtick" than the ideals of activist Afro-Americans..

Perhaps Mr. Obama's most absurd and revealing proposal was his demand that Israel surrender strategic territory secured during the 1967 war and return to the borders purportedly existing at that time. One could not list all the reasons this would be a bad idea for Israel, even given a thousand blank pages upon which to write. The most important reason is that implementation of the 1967 borders would eventually result in Israel's complete annihilation. Mr. Obama is either so arrogant that he thinks he can destroy our only real Middle Eastern ally – Israel, or, knowing that Israel would never agree to such a reckless, unilateral concession, he has some other undisclosed, potentially diabolical reason for making this outrageous demand. Either way, it is insanity on an international scale.

Fortunately, Israel is not about to roll-over like so many of the spineless and insincere American Senators and House members whom Obama regularly bamboozles and controls. Mr. Obama has finally jabbed his stubby finger into the muscular ribs of a worthy opponent. Patriotic Americans will join ISRAEL. We have been waiting a long time for this to occur. The Israelis are not like the "repubican" lapdogs, which are so familiar to Mr. Obama. He has finally bitten-off more than he can chew: Thank G-d!

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