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The best way to loose weight and get in shape

One of the best successes I had getting in shape was the combination of three key components which cannot be separeted: 1) protein supplements, 2) a good diet and 3) regular exercise.

 I was 55 years old and I had slowly been gaining weight over the past 10 years, and at 5’9”, got within 2 pounds of 200. Seeing this, it was time to act. 

My first step was joining a local gym, and there were several in my area. After shopping around, checking the facilities at each one, I just chose the cheapest one. I didn’t need tennis courts, sauna, or swimming; I just need weights, cardio, and a good clean environment.

My regime started every morning before work.  A small breakfast 30 minutes before workout, and a small protein shake afterwards, followed by 4 small meals throughout the day. Replacing the standard “3 meals a day” with 5 or 6 smaller meals, boosted my metabolism and burned more fat while increasing strength.

My exercise routine began with 15 minutes on the stationery bicycle, since the impact on my knees would be gentle. At the age of 55, I used the “cardio” setting and my initial goal was to hit and maintain 135 bpm.   After 15 minutes of a good warm-up, I had the week scheduled out.

So, my daily was legs on Monday, arms on Tuesday, back on Wednesday, chest on Thursday and shoulders and abs on Friday. On the weekend, Saturday is yard day, and Sunday is a day of rest, as it should be.

My daily regime gave me focus and structure and also enhanced self-discipline. Over a 6 month period I lost 15 pounds and increased my metabolism so I was no longer tired late in the afternoon. 

My cholesterol levels improved along with a lower blood pressure, and my doctor gave me a big thumbs up! 

So, if you need to get in shape, you can do it.


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