Right Side News Digest for the Week Ending April 23, 2011

Written by Rick Haymow


Right Side News recaps of this week’s most important news stories; these are chosen on three levels of criteria, which include relevancy, number of Facebook shares and hit counts.   We report on threats against our country, Constitution and our God-given rights as Americans, to live free from oppression and tyranny.  These threats come in many forms from an over reaching government to the growth of Sharia Law in our land.  Sharia Law is not compatible with our Constitution, and if Muslim people want to live here and become Americans, they are to embrace the Constitution and refute Sharia Law.

U.S. News:dartboard

Homeland Security News:

  1. U.S. Security Policy : Allen West, Doug Feith & Caroline Glick, with great video
  2. Another Obama Administration Cover-up? Dept of Homeland Security dances on the Freedom of Information Act pertaining to illegal alien crime….
  3. more Homeland Security

Islam in America:

  1. Why Islam is Taking Over America, this is this weeks best, over 300 Facebook Shares, and a must read.
  2. U. S. Church Giving Away Free Koransmy brain froze solid when I read that one! Happy Easter everybody…
  3. more Islam in America

Politics and Economics

  1. Dollar Replacement Beat Goes On ... and On. I don’t know about you, but email me if you would like info on buying silver or storing food….
  2. The University of Texas Straddles the Gold Bull. When I read this, my first thought was, TEXAS…yes, the “get it” and the other was, the amount of gold bars they bought, omg..…is this a precursor?
  3. more Politics and Economics

Top Editorials

  1. Patriot Act Unconstitutional
  2. Muslims Are Not a Minority
  3. Resurrection Sunday Dance, Budapest, Hungary

World News


  1. The Global Grand Jihad Marches: April 17, 2100, great compilation of the behemoth movement of Islam world wide, objection-total domination.
  2. Egypt: Muslims Riot Over Appointment of Christian Governor, if you are a Christian or a Jew, it’s tough out here!
  3. more world Terrorism


  1. Reconsidering the Brotherhood's Inevitability
  2. China and the End of the Deng Dynasty
  3. More Geopolitics..


  1. Dvar Torah: The Exodus' Lessons
  2. More Israel


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