NPR Deliveries: The Government Always Rang More Than Twice

Written by Stan Strauss


IT IS GOOD that NPR has been "defunded." But the issue that’s much greater than NPR and its comrades in “public”-entertainment is . . . Government—especially the one besetting us now.

For all these many generations, we should never have allowed government to push its way into the radio and TV businesses in the first place, let alone into any business we say is “profit-making.” Washington, a people's  “business” we started and have since “owned,” has no business using tax dollars from us and the private sector, and then insinuate its political self into the private sector—more than ever America’s economic and political life-source.  The failed government-owned mortgage companies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, were a wake-up call we should have taken.  Most of us didn’t set the alarm and remained fast asleep in.  Who knew?

But I see we’re waking up and becoming wise to government’s decades-old agenda to spread its control lattice “over us,” over virtually everything, private sector included.

This is not the stuff of a Hollywood drama or of any “alarmist,” “conspiracy,” “there-are-Communists-under-every-bed”-thinking:  As if  some foreign entity, our very democratic government has been achieving some very undemocratic goals by some very undue encroachments into our society.  And it not about “Owning for Dollars” on the nation’s “Private Sector Show.”

Communications, Education—sources of information—our sources of food; sources of energy; sources of material things we need every day; how many worked-for dollars we must fork over, and must now “share”; the kind of light bulb we use. . . .  Not to mention the indelible rights printed on The Constitution facing dissolution.

As if that weren’t enough, we’re being hobbled, rounded up, and corralled even on state, city, and local levels, where we’ve allowed our ancillary governments to have still more say-so’s in how we live and conduct our daily lives.  Not to mention growing powers in  collecting “needed-revenue” from virtually every imaginable kind of source.  As in, “Which of the fee-codes on your phone bill are you asking about, Sir?  Oh, 4ME?  That’s ‘Cell-phone Sponsorship’. . .What’s that? It’s an additional charge on your monthly statement; it goes for families in need of a ‘government-sponsored cell phone. . . . Your cable TV bill?”

Against the backdrop of an appalling economic and political diorama, NPR is not a great threat.  The greatest public danger now sits in the National Control Room, hidden from public view:  Obama, his dutiful administration, and applauding Democrat House and Senate.  Here is today’s political agent of legislated and de facto control of America, the agent pushing to achieve control however, wherever, and whenever it can get it.  “Key” areas always first.

Let us hope NPR’s defunded taxpayer dollars signals the opening political shot in arresting government’s deepening control of our lives. This message has been made possible by an American grant-free taxpayer.

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