Grandma Got Screwed Over by a Republican: The Top 5 Attacks the Left Will Bring

Written by Michael Adeleke


Don't you hate those mean-spirited, heartless, hill-Billy Republicans? You know the ones I'm talking about? The kind who assault the air with vitriolic rhetoric, who preach jokes like American Exceptionalism and the Constitution, and who demagogue the issues of small government, deficit reduction, spending cuts, and tax breaks as if they knew what they were talking about. Don't they understand that LBJ and FDR were God's gifts to mankind to administer the kind of social change and freedom millions have fought for for years?

The aforementioned statement is mild compared to some of the incredulous attacks administered by the Left. It seems that we have been accused of everything under the sun with little or no credible evidence. So much for factual reporting. Here are the top five assaults you will see in the coming year, if you haven’t seen it already.

5.   Anti-Environment

For years, the Left has been accusing conservatives of being against the environment. The Right is pictured to be in cahoots with greedy, myopic corporations who dump pollution and waste into the hallowed atmosphere and onto Mother Earth for larger profit margins. Now, they will come up with a string of new attacks. The turmoil in Egypt has already caused soaring gas prices leading people, once again, to raise the issue of domestic drilling. Instead of addressing this issue and explaining why we cannot pump the billions of barrels of oil in Alaska and other American regions (they do realize that a good of amount of the oil is o the continental shelf away from the omnipotent polar bears), progressives will serenade us with the idea of “green energy”, President Obama being the cheerleading captain. They will fervently preach that we are against future, thriving industries like wind, solar, and aquatic energy; that we hate the ingenious ideas of solar shingles and high-speed rail – not to mention the Allen brothers from Michigan. Yes, I am being serious. These industries are being heralded as the saviors of America's economy and citadel for the next generation's jobs. Again, I am being completely serious.

In addition, the House Republicans will move to decrease the number of burdensome, job-killing regulations that our small businesses and corporations endure. The head of this list will be scaling back the power of the EPA. Of course. How could we have been so stupid? The EPA is not killing – excuse me, depriving the life of; need to watch my rhetoric - jobs but saving us from eager capitalists who foolishly attempt to grow the economy. Everybody knows that only the government can grow the economy. Right? We don’t need businesses making more money and opportunity, we have Bernanke. We’ll just make artificial money and be fine.  

4. Racists

The Tea Party is an egotistical, bigoted group of individuals hell-bent on spreading their message of hate and radical fundamentalism.” End quote. It’s a strange thing how one can tie conservatism to racism, as if Reconstruction just ended. They will say that our rallies are all white, (anyone see the rallies in Wisconsin?) whereas Democrats appeal to a much wider base, specifically minorities. What they will not say is that they have 1) marketed to them for years 2) shower them with programs and entitlements for votes and 3) are having their bases diminish as they gradually “see the light” and question the progress of their movement.

People are not stupid. What the left doesn’t realize is that most people are really starting to examine our nation’s state and are not being blinded by ideology and rhetoric. They are now going behind party lines to see what is really happening. (In a future article, I will expound on the various black conservatives many people have never heard of.) Isn’t it interesting while progressives hail all those who disagree with the President or oppose illegal immigration to be racist, the American People elected 11 new Hispanics to high-ranking positions and 3 blacks from the GOP? Possibly, the so-called leader of the “Racist Right”, Rush Limbaugh, has Professor Walter Williams often fill-in for him on his radio show. Mr. Williams is black. (Smirk. Smirk.)

Where is the outrage for the assassination of character on potential GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain? A Far-Left writer claimed that Mr. Cain was simply acquiescing to the demands of his “white masters” and that they needed a “monkey in the window”.  A monkey? Really? Nothing was done to Mr. “Sly” Sylvester for his comments of Condoleezza Rice referring to her as Aunt Jemima! As if that wasn’t enough, protesters at a recent Code Pink rally wanted to hang Justice Clarence Thomas and felt that he should be “sent back to the fields”. Unbelievable! (I suppose they needed to get some exercise outside after staying cooped up in their offices advertising on radical Islamist websites.)

Many forget how Planned Parenthood originated. One of the main reasons why Margaret Sanger founded the American Birth Control League (ABCL), that came to be Planned Parenthood, was to decrease the birthrate of the “unfit” so that the “fit” would be more plentiful. The chief “unfit” were African-Americans. When questioned about this, the left will decry that times have changed. Their definition of a racist seems a bit too convenient for me. 

3. Merchants of Hate

It seems that the horrific account of a local radio show host mocking the cancer and claiming sexual promiscuity of Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch seemed to go relatively unnoticed – again, with Mr. Sylvester - ; yet, when Bill O’Reilly asks the President if he watches football, he’s a racist. How about this: Sir, you are the leader of the free world. Obviously, you are a very busy man. Do you have time to keep up with the exploits of the Raiders? But no, we get the ludicrous statement of “Muslims don’t play football”. I’m not so sure that Muslims play basketball either. (Oh wait, that did not fit into my point. He’s black now.)

Did we forget what the Far-Left said minutes – literal minutes – after the tragedy in Tucson. There was little sympathy for the victims or their families. Paul Krugman – the alleged economist – took to the New York Times and somehow managed to relate the depravity of Jared Lee Loughner with a target map on Sarah Plain’s website and other “right-wing nut job” paraphernalia and “vitriolic rhetoric”. I suppose you must have a degree from Princeton to substantiate such egregious claims. How again did he win a Nobel Prize? Same way as Obama.

Whether it’s illegal immigration, same-sex marriage, or Tea Party rallies, the right is constantly smeared for almost anything. Yes, I admit that there are percentages on the right who do hate or demean others. Yet, there are also percentages who believe that the President is a Muslim. The same way the focus group in Iowadoesn’t represent conservatives is the same way the right is not represented by the so called “merchants of hate”. 

2. Enemies of the Middle Class/Defenders of the Rich

In the lead up to the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts, the left spewed hatred for the alleged “tax cuts for the rich”. Politicians such as Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York claimed that Republicans were adding to the deficit with these cuts and putting our children in jeopardy. Contrarily, he said that both he and his colleagues were against these provisions as they are “for the middle class”. I suppose that he did not specify which middle class and was actually referring to the Chinese middle class.

As I digress, it is both apparent and urgent for us to see what is really happening. How can keeping the same egregious tax rate for small businesses and the most influential drivers of our economy – excluding the government – add to the deficit? The problem is the math used to arrive at such a conclusion. This logic is similar to the logic Governor Pat Quinn force-fed to my Illinois friends. These people assume that if you raise taxes by so much you will actually receive that money. Conversely, if you keep tax cuts or lower them you will actually lose that money. What about economic growth and new jobs or people finding new and creative ways of avoiding taxes – even moving? It simply doesn’t add up. Curse you John Maynard Keynes.

The class warfare rhetoric has got to stop. Most people do not care how much their neighbor makes. Why? They want a job or are thankful for one they have. The idea that we should pit people against each other, Americans versus Americans, is absurd. Remember: a rising tide lifts all boats. Supply-side economics is not just a theory but fact. It always works when administered properly.  Money does trickle down; yet, only if it is made.

Finally, what benefit is there in our so-called defense of the rich? Do the rich really need us? No! If the economy is lagging and there is little movement, these people can sit on their hands or go on vacation. At whose expense? Do these people feel a pinch? Do they need jobs? Are they struggling to make ends meet? We see that unless those connivingAmericans are active, everyone loses – well, everyone except for them. The laws in place discourage becoming rich. They don’t have near as much effect on those who are already rich. 

1. Downright Insensitive

The number one attack from the left is that conservatives are downright insensitive. They don’t give the backside of a rodent for anyone except their rich, white, hillbilly, gun-toting, Bible-carrying friends. Whether we want to kill Grandma by cutting Medicare of want young children of single mothers to die if we don’t support Obamacare, it’s the same old story. The Democrats are your friends. They’re here for you. They understand you and work to get what you deserve. You better watch out for those “insane in the membrane”, heartless Republicans. They’ll get you. They want you to work and support your family and pursue the American Dream on your own. I know right?

Conservative media outlets – mainly Fox News – have been branded as fear-mongers. Also we have heard that Fox News is a euphemism of racism, hate, and false reporting. In fact, any conservative media outlet isn’t even real news. And this is the least of our concerns.

A little known fact to most liberals is the amount of money conservatives freely give to those in need, Whether that is church, private charity, or grants, conservative contributions far outweigh those by liberals. (And hear I am thinking that liberal means generous. Well, with someone else’s money that is.) One side insists that the government should heal the social wounds, the other side goes out of their way to heal those wounds directly: to shake a hand, see a face, and witness a smile. Remember: people never have a problem spending someone else's money; however, they are a little hesitant to spend their own.

In times like these, we need to make sure what our goals are. The left will do all they can to cause internal conflict in the conservative camp. They will want us to argue about how much to cut, who delivers the speech after the State of the Union, and interview our leaders concerning the birthplace and religion of the President. These things, in the big picture, don’t matter – excluding how much to cut. That is: these things DO NOT MATTER! Our focus is getting America back on track and, this time, they won’t be able to derail us. 

Michael Adeleke is a high school senior and founder of the Young Conservative Writers Coalition. You can reach him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or follow him on Twitter @madeleke13.

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